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Application of thermowood in interior decoration

Thermowood in Interiors

If you are thinking of the interior design of the building, you may want to use wood for wall coverings, flooring and decoration. As you know, wood is used in decorative items such as ornamental objects, furniture, cabinets and the like, and these elements will be part of the interior design. Certainly, this question arises […]

Hardwood Timber – Types & Price


As our knowledge of wood types increases, we can certainly better understand the reasons for the differences in the appearance of wood as well as its structural features, and therefore take more care to maintain wooden products. Woods are divided into two categories: hardwoods and softwoods; So, they have diverse efficiency in different items. Carpenters […]

Disposable Pallet

Disposable Pallet

One of the most important issues in various industries is the transportation of manufactured products, agricultural and export products. There are several ways to do this. For example, some items are packed in cardboard boxes, but others will require a wooden pallet. In the past, it was thought that wooden pallets were the same wooden […]

Largest manufacturer of plywood sheets & boards


In recent decades, we have seen the usage of different types of wood, even for designing the interior decoration and exterior of the building. Since modern styles have been invented for decoration design, people have a great acceptance of wooden facades; and especially for the design and construction of villas, they go for this natural […]