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Plane Tree Wood

Advances in technology have made it possible for human beings to use wood for various purposes, including interior and exterior decoration design, making wooden tools, making industrial tools, and so on. What makes wood so effective is the variety of woods available.

For example, plane (also called sycamore and plantain) tree wood is one of the most widely used types of wood, which is also very popular in Finland and is used for various purposes. In this article, we will introduce the features and applications of plane wood. This will definitely be useful for you, especially if you work in the wood industry and you want to know exactly what plane wood is suitable for.

Introducing Plane Tree

Plane tree is known as one of the oldest trees in Finland. If you visit Chaharbagh Abbasi in Isfahan, the beauty of sycamore trees will be really impressive to you. Tall and towering trees beautify both sides of the street. Of course, plane trees are also found in other parts of the world. In general, sycamore is a tall tree with broad leaves that changes the color of its leaves according to the season. The best environmental conditions for plane trees to grow are near streams and wetlands because they need enough moisture. Of course, this does not mean that plantain is a drought-sensitive plant.

It is interesting to know that the plane tree, despite being moisture-friendly, can withstand drought for several years and survive in these conditions.

Introducing Plane Tree

Properties of Plantain Wood

Among the different types of wood that are highly used in the industry, we should mention the name of sycamore wood. This tree, in addition to being very glorious and making the green space beautiful, also has an excellent and impressive quality in terms of function. The high strength and durability of plane wood have made it known as one of the best materials in the wood industry. In general, the most important properties of sycamore wood are:

  • Plane wood is in the group of semi-hard and semi-heavy woods and it is fine-textured, straighten warped and homogeneous.
  • If you cut this wood crosswise, you will notice many ring patterns inside it, but unfortunately, due to the closeness of the color of these rings to each other, we cannot recognize the annual rings.
  •  In general, when we cut the trunk of the tree crosswise, the outer wood is yellowish-white, which changes to a pale orange color due to exposure to air. But the inner wood is pinkish gray. In the radial section of this wood, you can see the reddish-brown designs of flies, which really give a remarkable beauty to the wood.
  •  In cross cuts, we see rays that are in the form of embossed bright lines but are not visible to the naked eye. You must use a hand-held magnifying glass to see these rays.
  • One of the reasons for the popularity of plane wood is its beautiful design. In addition to the variety of colors in it, the patterns and oyster-shaped spots that can be seen in the sycamore wood have caused artists to choose this wood to make decorative items and even furniture. On the other hand, as the exterior part is white, if there is a problem with the wood while working, it will be easily visible. Therefore, artists can easily see any defects inside the sycamore wood when carving.
  • The polishing and painting ability of sycamore wood is excellent. Although it is recommended to use plane wood with the natural color, in any case, you can change the color and polish according to your taste.
  • As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the strength and durability of plantain wood are truly unparalleled, so we can use this wood in the manufacture of devices that require high tooling capability, without any worries.

Properties of Plantain Wood

Applications of Sycamore Wood

Considering the characteristics mentioned for sycamore wood, it is natural that the efficiency of this wood in the wood industry is very high. Plane tree is used to make a variety of industrial tools, building doors, especially doors of religious places that require very thick wood, veneers, musical instruments, furniture, tables and chairs.

On the other hand, in the art of marquetry, mosaic work, inlay making and miniature, sycamore wood will be a very ideal choice because in addition to making the appearance of the decorative device more beautiful, the tooling capability of a plane tree is excellent.

Applications of Sycamore Wood

The Price of Sycamore Wood

One of the most important issues in using wood to produce all kinds of wooden tools is the cost. Of course, the quality and beauty of the wood are among the most important factors that affect the final price. Although sycamore wood is abundant in Finland, it is known as a special wood and we should look for this specialness in its properties. The high strength and durability and beautiful colors and designs that exist in it have made the plantain wood very popular for decorative items’ production and interior decoration design.

Therefore, the price of sycamore wood will be different based on the species, type of device made, market price, the amount of delicacy used on wooden tools made of sycamore, etc. But in any case, you should go to reputable stores that offer the best wood, especially if you are going to use it for mosaic, miniature, inlay and also marquetry art.

Is sycamore wood wand rare?

Yes, sycamore wood is rare and expensive. Sycamore wood is known as the rarest wand wood in the world. Of course, other woods are also used to produce wands. But the most important and most used wood for making wands is sycamore wood.

Sycamore wood for sale

Wood is one of the materials that has been used a lot since ancient times until today. In the old days, wood was used mostly for building materials, but nowadays, wood is mostly used in the manufacture of handicrafts. To buy Sycamore tree wood, first contact our experts through communication channels. We have sycamore lumber for sale.

How much does Sycamore wood cost?

The price of Sycamore wood is variable and changes daily. Another point regarding the price of Sycamore wood is the choice of wood type. Obviously, the price of lumber is not the same as the price of slabs.

One of the important points in buying Sycamore wood is to pay attention to the dryness of the wood and the percentage of moisture in the wood. If the wood you buy is wet and not so-called dry wood, you will have extensive problems in the future.

Sycamore Wood Slab

Sycamore wood slab is one of the most important materials for making wooden items. The word “slab” means a page. This term has become very popular among artists and carpenters in recent years. Wood slabs are obtained from the cut trunks of trees after cutting. And usually the tree trunks are cut with special saws to different and desired sizes

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