Which Wood is Best For Façade? Amazing Ideas For Wood Facade Cladding in 2023

Wood on Building Façade

The design of the building façade is one of the most important issues that should be taken into consideration during the renovation, reconstruction, or design of a new building. Installing wood for facades is one of the ways that has been popular in recent years to build villas in the north of finland.

If you research a little bit on the Internet, you will find that for the architectural embellishments, various methods and materials are used, but wood application in the façade is one of the most attractive ideas that make your building look very stylish and special and also closer to nature.

What are the benefits of facades?

Because of this simple attraction, it has been used to build pergolas and wooden cafeterias. To get more familiar with the benefits and disadvantages of installing wood on façade, don’t miss this article.

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Can Wood Be Used for Building Façade?

Can wood be used as exterior walls? Let’s start by looking at whether a wooden façade is possible and how long it will last. Ordinary people think that the wooden façade should be changed every few years and may even need to be repaired during the year due to damage. But this is absolutely wrong.

If you research the wood industry, you will find that experts in this field use different woods for a variety of purposes. The thickness of the woods, their degree of hardness and the degree of resistance of the woods to moisture and insect vary in different woods, and this makes the range of the function of the woods distinct. For example, if you are going to use a wooden façade to design your interior decoration, you should definitely go for very durable wood with a long shelf life. So experts will help you in this regard.

types of wood for facades

But also it is necessary to know that sometimes processes are applied on wood that will increase its resistance to environmental conditions. As an example, thermowood can be mentioned.

If different woods are placed in furnaces with high temperature and pressure and completely vacuumed for a certain time, without catching fire due to high temperatures, all the moisture and insects in the wood will be removed and this wood will be very resistant to temperature fluctuations, sunlight and even humidity and insects.

Therefore, for the wooden façade of the building, thermowood will be the best option. Given what has been said, applying wood in a façade is possible, provided that the appropriate wood is used.

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wood facades architecture

Advantages of Wood Installation for Façade

If you have just decided to build a new house or you want to renovate a building, the engineering teams will definitely consider the wooden façade of the building among their suggestions for you.

Of course, the general public still opposes the design of wooden facades because they claim that wood is a natural material and rots very quickly. Due to this false mentality, we want to talk in this article about the advantages of using wood in the cladding of the building. Of course, you can also get more specialized information from design engineers so that you can design a wooden façade, without any worries.

When you see a wooden portal in buildings, especially in the villas of northern finland, you will suppose that wood doesn’t have much stability and strength, and after a short time, it will lose its beauty due to the change of climatic conditions; so it is not worth to pay money for a short term view. But you should know that applying wood to building façade has several advantages:

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advantage of using wood for façade
  • The first advantage is to make your building portal more attractive. Definitely, the beauty and attraction of wooden façade cannot be found in other materials such as stones. In particular, in the north of the country, there is a forest environment and wooden villas make you feel more relaxed. Wood will bring you closer to nature.
  • The wood strength will be very high if you utilize a type of wood that is resistant to sun rays, humidity and pests. For example, Thermowood is very suitable for the installation of wood for the façade and it is being widely used. This type of wood has a very high level of resistance and because of the operations it has gone through during the production process, even temperature changes can not affect it.
  • Another advantage of using wood for cladding is compatibility with the environment. If these woods are caries, there are still a lot of uses, and for example, they can be used for disposable pallets. Ultimately, even if wooden timbers in the building façade are not useable anymore, they can turn into lower quality timbers, which, of course, have their own functions.
  • As you know, wood is one of the most important insulating materials against sound and heat. So installing wood for the façade is wiser. Given that unfortunately, in the last few years, the problem of energetic losses has increased, this issue will damage the environment. Therefore, applying wood in the building portal will help reduce energy consumption as well as bills costs. On the other hand, as mentioned, due to sound insulation, the wood keeps the interior space of the building away from urban noises.
  • The wood used in the façade is made in different designs and colors, and combining these woods next to each other will create a lot of beauty.
  • Definitely, working with wood is much easier than stone, and therefore the cost of installing wooden portals is less than the stones ones. In this regard, your building facade will have a lower-cost design.
  • On the other hand, the wood used for building façade can be painted. So you can change their color whenever you want.

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When designing the outside of the building, you have many options in front of you. For example, the use of paint, wallpaper, stone and wood are among the most widely used items by design engineers for interior design. The features of the wooden façade have made it popular among the people. In the following article, we will explain the advantages of the wooden façade:

  • The purpose of interior decoration design is to make the home environment more beautiful and increase the comfort of the space. Therefore, design engineers use elements and tools that can increase the tranquility of the environment. In the meantime, the use of natural materials has a very effective role, and since wood is the most important natural material, its use in the façade will be relaxing. Especially if it is applied with the natural color and texture.
  • – Since woods are very diverse in terms of design, color and even texture, they will give a special and unique appearance to the façade of your building.
  • The woods used to design the façade of the building have a very high resistance to temperature changes. This means that heating or cooling the house environment does not cause the volume of wood to change, because if the volume changes, in addition to cracking the wood, the position of components will fall apart and there will be gaps between the timbers.
  • On the other hand, the wood used to design a wooden façade has a high moisture resistance. It does not matter if you use wood to design the walls or you want to design the floor of the building completely with wood. In any case, their moisture resistance is high and if water spills on the wood, they will not get swollen.
  • One of the problems that the general public faces in using wooden tools is the attack of vermin such as bedbugs and termites, but you should know that the wood used in the façade of the building is definitely resistant to fungus and mold as well as insects.
  • As mentioned, thermowood is mainly used to design a wooden façade. Since these woods will be produced at high temperatures, so all harmful and allergenic compounds are removed from them, and as a result, the wooden façade will not cause any allergy for family members.
  • Another advantage of a wooden façade is the possibility of replacing or moving it. Suppose you have decided to move your house, but you still want to have the wall’s wood. In this case, the wood can be gently removed from the wall and transferred to a new location.
  • Since the wooden façade is paintable, you can change its color over time.

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Tips to Install Wooden Façade

In the last few years, among the styles provided to design a building, the wood has a special place and people prefer to design even a small part of their building architecture with wood. According to the popularity of this style, it is necessary to know a few points.

  • As you know, woods are different in terms of resistance, degree of hardness, as well as flexibility. In general, woods are divided into two types: softwood and hardwood, which, of course, concerns their polishing ability and method. In any case, for façade, you should go to the types which have a lot of resistance to climatic conditions and biological factors, including insects and pests and fungi, otherwise, in less than a few years the wood will be rotten and you must repair the building portal.
  • Also, the method of installation is very important, and when you are supposed to use wooden boards for your building, you need to know what tools will be more suitable for installation. For example, there are special adhesives for this purpose or you need to use specific nails. You shouldn’t forget that a strong infrastructure for wood is very important too, especially when you use it in the building façade and you need to pay special attention to this point to prevent the timbers from falling.
  • When installing wood for the facade, be sure to pay attention to its design and color. This is very important in terms of beauty. We suggest that you consult with designers and experts in this field and verify the different styles before you decide to use wood for the facade. Placing wooden timbers on top of each other can create a very attractive appearance for your building.

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cost of wood installation on building Façade

The Cost of Installation

One of the issues that are definitely important for all people is the cost of wood installation on building Façade. This depends on several factors, including the quality of the wood used, the type of wood, the amount of wood needed, the design style, and even the necessary tools for applying the woods. So before you start, ask the engineering team of the design company for a brief estimate of the costs and then finalize your decision to install wood on the building façade.

Regarding the cost of a wooden façade, you should pay attention to the type of wood and also the amount of wood in the building façade. These two are definitely among the most important factors that will determine the final cost for you. For example, thermowood will be more expensive, but you should not forget that using thermowood in the façade will increase the durability and will not be damaged, so you will have a beautiful and lasting appearance for the amount paid.

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wood facade house

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

Finland Wood Company with a team of experienced specialists in the field of recognizing different types of wood, are ready to offer you a variety of wood products. For consultation from our experts, you can call the company numbers or use the online chat service of the website.

What is the difference between cladding and façade?

Yes, building cladding and building facade are different. You may have thought that both are used for the same purpose. But it is not so. We are here to explain the difference between facade and cladding. Building facade is related to building appearance. They use different facades such as wood to make the exterior of the building. But the cladding is a thin decorative sheet that is used only to decorate the exterior of the building.

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Wooden Façade Applications in the Building

In addition to residential buildings, wooden facades are used for commercial complexes, shopping malls and office complexes, and even shops.

The great variety of woods in terms of strength, color, design and also their texture has increased the range of wood efficiency for decoration design. Wooden facades are also used in villas in the north of finland. You may think that in northern climates, wood will rot easily. But this mentality is wrong. For these buildings, as in other areas, thermowood is used.

It is even interesting to know that in these areas, the exterior of the building is also designed with wood because thermowood is very resistant to environmental conditions and sunlight and will not rot in this regard.

Even if you want to design your yard, you can use a wooden façade. The construction of benches and pergolas in the yard or on the grounds of the complex makes the outdoor space much more beautiful, in addition to having space for family and friend gatherings.

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wood facade detail

Which wood is best for façade?

The best wood for installing the facade of the building is red cedar and thermowood. These two types of wood have high strength. They are also good sound insulators and provide comfort to the residents.

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