In recent decades, we have seen the usage of different types of wood, even for designing the interior decoration and exterior of the building. Since modern styles have been invented for decoration design, people have a great acceptance of wooden facades; and especially for the design and construction of villas, they go for this natural material. Therefore, investors in the wood industry must know different types of wood in order to meet the needs of people. Plywood, for example, is one of the most common and widely used wood materials among carpenters, and in this article, we will introduce you to the characteristics of plywood, how it is made and the applications of this type of wood.

What is the Meaning of Plywood?

First we need to know how plywood is made. Suppose we have very thin layers of wood sheets. These layers, due to their small thickness, do not have the necessary efficiency and can’t be useful alone. If we stick these thin layers of wood on top of each other, a product called “Plywood” is produced which will have very high strength and durability. To make plywood, thin sheets of wood must be glued to each other, with heat and pressure, through very strong adhesives. In general, four types of adhesives are used to produce plywood, which are:

– Adhesive Type A

This type of adhesive is made of phenol-formaldehyde resin, which is used to produce moisture-resistant plywood. This adhesive is very resistant to moisture and therefore is used for outdoor spaces. Accordingly, this type of plywood can be easily used for the exterior of the building because it is highly resistant to environmental conditions, especially moisture.

four types of adhesives are used to produce plywood

– Adhesive Type B

This type of adhesive, which is made of urea-formaldehyde resin, is also used to design plywood, suitable for outdoor use.

– Adhesives of type C and D

Although this type of adhesive is also made from urea-formaldehyde resin, it can only be used for internal purposes. It is interesting to know that the difference between type C and D adhesives and type B adhesives is the usage of melamine in type B adhesives.

The Most Important Features of Plywood

– The first and main feature of plywood is its strength and durability. In the production of this product, thin sheets of wood are used and, under a certain amount of pressure and heat, through using glue, these sheets are placed on top of each other. Therefore, they have a lot of resistance and can easily withstand high weights.

– On the other hand, they have easy applicability in nailing process

– Also, these wooden products are quite resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

– Another feature of plywood is the stability of the dimensions of this wood product and if there are drastic changes in the environment, you will not see contraction and expansion in the wood. So you can be sure that the dimensions and size of the wooden furniture made of plywood will not change. That is why this type of wood is used for building facades.

– It is interesting to know that the endurance strength of plywood is much higher than ordinary wood.

Introducing Different Types of Plywood

One of the most important issues in this topic is to know the types of plywood and their applications in the wood industry. Certainly, based on the number of layers, the type of wood used and the production method, the applications of plywood in the industry will also be different. Accordingly, plywood boards are divided into several categories:

– Plywood for Construction

The first type of plywood is a type that is used in construction and even facades, due to its very high resistance to environmental conditions, especially moisture; and on the other hand, its durability, strength and pressure tolerance. This type of plywood is made of adhesive type A and its most important characteristics are:

• The strength of this type of plywood is very high.

• High resistance to environmental conditions, chemical agents and even corrosion.

• Its applicability is very high and it does not crack or break during nailing process.

• It will not change dimensions in different temperature conditions.

– Indoor Plywood

The most common use of indoor plywood is for interior decoration, as well as decorative objects. Type C or D adhesives will be used to make this type of plywood. Of course, it should be noted that if plywood is prepared with adhesive type C, it can be used in wet areas. The most important specifications of indoor plywood are:

• Possibility to be utilized conveniently, without modern equipment

• Having beauty in color and design and therefore the possibility of being used in interior decoration and decorative objects

• High efficiency in the wood industry

• Easy applicability in nailing process

– Outdoor Plywood

Outdoor plywood can be used in non-structural panels or veneers, which are made of adhesive type A or B. Before using this type of plywood, reinforcement operation should be performed to avoid fungal attacks. The most important features of outdoor plywood are as follows:

• No change in wood dimensions, under environmental conditions

• Very diverse application

• Easy applicability in nailing process

• Possibility to be utilized conveniently, without modern equipment

– Marine Plywood

Another type of plywood that is produced through adhesive type A is a three-layer marine board, which is used to build boat hulls as well as offshore projects. Also, another application of marine plywood is in painting; because it has the possibility of being beautifully painted and glossed. Among the characteristics and features of marine plywood are:

• It has size stability against environmental conditions.

• This type of plywood is very high impact resistance and strength.

• As mentioned, marine plywood can be painted.

• It is very easy to work with marine plywood and you do not need to have modern and advanced equipment.

The Most Important Applications of Plywood

The Most Important Applications of Plywood

As you can see in this article, there are several types of plywood in the market, each one with its own characteristics. Even the difference in the type of adhesive can make the variety and applications of plywood more. Therefore, according to what has been said, the most important applications of plywood are:

– Some types of plywood can be used to design interior and exterior decoration.

– Some types of plywood are a very ideal option for making decorative items and even furniture.

The most common usage of plywood is for making boats and even equipment in offshore projects.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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