4 Use Of Termwood Wood in Interior Decoration + Photo of Thermowood Idea in The Interior Of The House

Thermowood in Interiors

If you are thinking of the interior design of the building, you may want to use wood for wall coverings, flooring and decoration. As you know, wood is used in decorative items such as ornamental objects, furniture, cabinets and the like, and these elements will be part of the interior design. Certainly, this question arises that among the different types of wood, which one is the best option for interior design? In this article, we are going to introduce thermowood for indoor application.

Termwood Wood in Interior Decoration

Do You Know Thermowood?

Wood is one of the most important natural materials that is used in the construction of various types of equipment, interior and exterior design. If you go to carpentry factories, you will find that different types of wood are categorized and carpenters will use the right wood based on the purpose of the work. In the meantime, you will definitely see different types of thermowood. Thermowood is made of hardwoods or softwoods, and therefore their range of usage is quite different.

But now the question arises: what is the difference between thermowood and other types of wood? When it comes to using wood for the interior of a building, you may have the mentality at first that wood has a very short lifespan and will change color, will rot or will be attacked by pests over time. If you use thermowood for the interior, such problems will not occur at all. In fact, if raw wood is exposed to high temperatures and pressures, it will have a high resistance, which will lead to the production of thermowood.

To produce thermowood, you need furnaces that increase the pressure and heat in vacuum conditions. Once there is a vacuum inside the furnace, there will not be the possibility of inflaming, due to the high temperature. Following the process of production, the temperature and pressure inside the kiln should be gradually increased until it reaches a temperature between 180 and 220 degrees Celsius. Then, for a certain period of time, the wood remains in the same temperature range, after which the temperature must gradually decrease.

Making Amazing Wooden Walls

At this stage, water vapor will also be used. Depending on the temperature range set, the color of thermowood and therefore, its strength varies. Woods that tolerate higher temperatures will be more resistant and darker in color.

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thermowood for the interior design

So, as you can see, using thermowood for the interior design is one of the best options to have a beautiful, durable and lasting decoration. Ensuing this article, we will explain the advantages of thermowood for interior design.

The Most Important Advantages of Using Thermowood in Interiors

In modern designs for interiors, wood is known as one of the main materials and is even used for wall coverings. Fortunately, as the variety of woods are different in terms of strength, color and texture, and also there are now very durable types of wood, such as thermowood in the market, the application of wood in decoration is easier. In the following, we will talk about the features of thermowood which make it more efficient in the indoor usage:

Most Important Advantages of Using Thermowood

  1. As mentioned, thermowood is quite resistant to rot, moisture and discoloration. So you can even use thermowood for the floor of the building, because then you are sure that if water spills on the floor, the wood will not get rotted or swollen. On the other hand, this wood does not change color over time. So you can always enjoy the beauty of the decoration.
  2. Also, the variety of thermowood colors is very high. Softwood and hardwoods, in different colors and designs are used to make thermowood. Also, due to the diverse temperature range for making thermowood, they are very diverse in terms of color. So if you want to use thermowood for the interior decoration, you can definitely use different models and styles based on your taste.
  3. Another feature of thermowood is the stability of dimensions. Different types of raw woods expand and contract due to temperature changes, and this will change their dimensions. But there is no such issue for thermowood and when heating devices are used in winter, increasing the temperature of the house will not have any effect on the size of the wood.
  4. One of the issues that are important for all people to use wood in interior design is the non-toxicity of wood. However, some woods contain toxins that can cause allergies to the human body. But during the process of making thermowood, the toxic substances inside as well as the gum are completely drained from the wood, so you will not have to worry about using thermowood in the interior decoration and you can safely make your baby crib from thermowood.
  5. Thermowood is a very good thermal insulation. Therefore, using it on the floor of the building or wall covering, will be a good choice to reduce the amount of energy waste and on the other hand, energy consumption costs will be much lower.
  6. As thermowoods are very resistant to impact and breakage, so using them for flooring will be the best choice.

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The Most Important Functions of Thermowood in Interiors

Based on the features mentioned for thermowood, this type of wood can be used for various purposes in interior design:

  1. The most common uses of indoor thermowood are for floors, wall coverings, furniture and kitchen cabinets.
  2. You can also use this wood for stairs in the interior of the building. For duplex houses, a very beautiful wooden plot with a stylish design can be used for stairs, and thermowood will be the most ideal option.
  3. It is interesting to know that you can use thermowood to design the pool and sauna as well, because it has a very high moisture resistance.
  4. Due to the high resistance of thermowood to moisture, you can also use it in kitchen cabinets.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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