Buy Pine Wood Planks in Finland [Pros & Cons] Price 2023

Pinewood in Finland

Despite the advancement of science and technology and supply of various materials for construction and interior design, wood still has its special place in the home industry and it is interesting to know that in recent years, the usage of different types of wood in furniture and even the facade of buildings has increased. The use of pinewood in Finland is very common in various industries.

Due to its specifications and benefits, this type of wood has been so popular in the Finnish wood industry. In this article, we will talk about the use of pinewood in Finland, its characteristics, and also the benefits of using pine wood.

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Pine Wood Planks

Pinewood in Finland – Introduction

Pine wood is one of the woods that is widely used in the woodworking industry. In the first step, it is better to have a general knowledge of the pine tree. The pine tree is one of the evergreen plants that is also found in abundance in our country. But it is interesting to know that this plant is native to the northern hemisphere and is cultivated, all over the world, in order to create green space or be used in the wood industry.

This tree is one of the tallest trees on the planet, but it also has a very long life span. The leaves of the coniferous pine tree and its wood are very thick. This thickness of wood is one of the most important factors that has increased the use of pinewood in Finland.

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Characteristic of Pinewood in Finland

About 100 species of pine trees grow in Finland. Finnish pine wood is known by the name Pinus Silvestris. The Finnish pine tree grows in the most difficult conditions.
The most difficult conditions are: to withstand severe frost, extreme heat and lack of nutrients. Finland is the land of half the sun and it is the best environment for growing pine trees. Therefore, Finnish pine wood timber is of the best quality.

Characteristic of Pinewood in Finland

The characteristics of each type of wood indicate its efficiency range in each industry. In this part, we will talk about the attributes of Pinewood:

  • Pinewood is known as one of the types of soft wood, but this does not mean that pinewood has a very low resistance strength and as a result, it will rot quickly under environmental conditions. Pinewood, while soft, has been introduced as one of the strongest types of soft wood in the world. In fact, pinewood has a high degree of flexibility and bendability and also a long-term function, and therefore it has a special value among carpenters.
  •  If you look closely at the pine tree, you will observe small and very smooth veins in this wood. Due to this beautiful design, pinewood in Finland is widely used in the furniture industry; Because it increases the smoothness of the result and makes the beauty of the wooden furniture multiplied.
  • Another feature of Pinewood is its very high durability. As mentioned, although pine tree has soft wood, it is very strong.
  • Also, the paintability of Pinewood in Finland is very high, and as a result, carpenters and manufacturers in the wood industry can easily change its color, based on the purpose for which they use it. However, the colors, mostly are not applied on this wood, and only polished oil is placed on it, to make it shiny and more beautiful.
  • Another reason for the attractiveness of Pinewood is its light color. If you look closely at the pine tree, you will notice that the background color of the tree is light and there are shades including cream, yellow or white. This color combination makes it really attractive.
  • One of the most important reasons that makes Pinewood to be known as a strong tree is the resistance to shock or environmental stresses such as sudden changes in temperature. As a result, its vulnerability is reduced. In other words, pinewood will have the least susceptibility to environmental conditions.

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Characteristic of Pinewood in Finland
best pine wood in the world

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Advantages of Pine in Finland

  • Due to the beautiful color of pinewood and also the knots on it, it is possible to match wooden furniture made of pine with other components of your decoration. In other words, if the wooden furniture in the house is made of pinewood, you can have different types of decoration styles whenever you want.
  • Working with pinewood is very easy and that is why Pinewood in Finland is known as one of the most important wood materials in the woodworking industry; Both interior and exterior decoration.
  • As one of the most important advantages of Pinewood, it is necessary to know that this type of wood is affordable, and perhaps, one of the reasons for the popularity of Pinewood in Finland is the low cost of this type of wood; Because pine tree is available almost all over the world and they are an extensive source of wood materials for the industries.

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Applications of Pinewood in Finland

Applications of Pinewood in Finland

Wood is generally used for molding, decorative items, furniture, construction, cabinets, and other similar cases. As you know, one of the most common usages of Pinewood in Finland is related to construction, which we will introduce below:

  • In the construction of cabinets, specialists can apply multiple pine panels on each other; In other words, they can form a multi-layer wood board. As the color of Pinewood is amber and there are streaks inside it, stacking the panels will increase the beauty of the cabinet.
  • The high flexibility of pinewood and also its paintability has made it possible to use it for covering cabinets, doors, and windows. In addition, it is suitable for creating decor and also photo frames.
  • Pinewood in Finland is widely used for flooring. This wood has a soft texture and at the same time has a high resistance, especially against moisture. Therefore, if this type of wood is used for flooring, you will have a very soft floor that does not feel hard and fragile, and at the same time, you will make certain that due to its high durability, the life of the building floor will be longer.
  • It is interesting to know that Pinewood is even used in the paper industry.

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Different Types of Pine Trees

The pine tree is one of the evergreen tree species that has a very wide range of scattering. As mentioned, the pine tree in our country is known as one of the most important and main plants in the green space, because it has a long life and due to its evergreen nature, is suitable for different regions.

The color of the pine tree varies from white to yellow, depending on the environmental conditions in which it grows. Therefore, due to its soft texture, color diversity, and high strength, pinewood in Finland is known as one of the most important and widely used types of wood. For example, Siberian Pinewood is one of the most common types of Pinewood that has a smooth surface and uniform texture and is used in the furniture industry, interior design, musical instruments as well as engraving.

In the meantime, because the color and thickness of different types of Pinewood are different, each type has a distinct application in the wood industry.

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Is pine wood waterproof?

No. Not all woods are resistant to moisture; Therefore, they need to be waterproofed using special materials. If you want to increase the life and durability of wood used in furniture, ceilings and floors, you need to use special waterproof primers.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view. Pine wood is a type of timber that is vulnerable to moisture. Perhaps the question arises for you how long is the life of a pine tree? We recommend using its waterproof type for your home decoration. Use this method to increase the shelf life of pine wood.

Is pine wood waterproof?

Finland Wood Company with a team of experienced specialists in the field of recognizing different types of wood, are ready to offer you a variety of wood products. For consultation from our experts, you can call the company numbers or use the online chat service of the website.

can pine wood be used in a fireplace?

Yes. You can use Finland pine wood for the fireplace. But keep in mind, pinewood is softwood. As a result, they produce less heat and burn faster.

Is Pine Wood Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

The use of wooden cabinets for the kitchen will be a great choice to beautify the interior decoration design, especially since in today’s homes, the kitchen is visible from the living room and other parts, and as a result, this type of cabinet affects the beauty of all parts of the house. Among the types of wood used to make cabinets, pine wood is a very good choice.

In fact, in answer to the question of whether pine wood is suitable for kitchen cabinets or not, we should say that pine tree is known as one of the most common woods for cabinet making, especially since its price is lower than other woods and makes reduce the final cost of the work.

Also, the color of this wood is light and if you are looking for elements to make the space brighter, pine wood will be a good choice. Of course, when using pine wood for kitchen cabinets, you should keep in mind that this wood is sensitive to scratches and if a small impact is applied to these cabinets, fine scratches will be seen on the cabinets over time and this issue affects the beauty of cabinets. Therefore, be more careful in maintaining wooden kitchen cabinets with pine wood.

Also, since pine wood has a light color, it is better to clean all cabinets every week with a suitable cloth. Of course, when cleaning wooden cabinets, you should be careful not to go for chemical detergents and water. The same wet cloth is enough to clean stains and dust on the cabinet top. Otherwise, over time, surface stains on the wood will stabilize and it will be very difficult to remove them.

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How Long Does Pine Wood Last?

Regarding the durability and lifespan of pine wood, we should examine the degree of hardness of this wood. Pine wood can be classified as relatively hardwood. As a result, it is at a very good level in terms of durability. Of course, there are also harder woods than pine wood. For example, carpenters believe that the hardness and therefore the durability of oak wood is higher than that of pine, but this does not mean that the durability of pine wood is lower.

However, if you have decided to use pine wood to make cabinets and furniture, it will be a good choice because it is suitable enough in terms of the degree of hardness. Pine wood is very resistant to thermal shocks, and this reduces its vulnerability and increases its durability.

Is Pine Wood Suitable for Furniture?

The most common use of wood in the woodworking industry is the use of this natural material to make furniture. Few people can be found who are not interested in wooden furniture. Woods vary in color, pattern, and texture, and this increases the efficiency of the wood. When choosing wood for furniture, we must consider several factors, such as the degree of hardness, usability, natural colors and designs in wood, the degree of resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations, as well as resistance to insects.

Given that pine wood is abundant in finland, the question may have arisen for you whether pine wood is suitable for furniture or not? Although pine is a relative hardwood species, if you compare its texture with broadleaf trees, you will find that pine wood is softer than them. The softness of the wood texture and at the same time its very high durability and strength, as well as the tooling capability of pine wood, are among the most important factors that have made this wood suitable for furniture.

Also, the high number of pine wood in the country makes wooden furniture made of pine wood cheaper. Another advantage of making furniture with pine wood is the variety of designs and colors of wood. The pine tree is light in color and there are very delicate patterns on it that make your furniture look more beautiful.

If after a while you decide to change the color of your furniture, there is no limit for you in this regard, because the pine tree has a very good paint ability and you can apply any color you want on your furniture with high gloss and transparency.

As mentioned, pine wood is moderate in terms of hardness. In other words, it is relatively hard, with very high flexibility. Therefore, there is no limit for artists to carve on this wood and they can perform all kinds of inlaid designs on pine wood.

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finland pine wood company

Wood industry has made remarkable progress in the last century and its products can be seen in human life. Our company is the largest private wood processing company in Finland, exporting more than 70,000 cubic meters of wood annually worldwide. Half of Finland’s forests are pine forests and about a third are spruce forests. If you are looking for Finland pine wood company, you have chosen the right path. Contact us now. Our company is one of the exporters of pine wood in Finland.

best pine for firewood

Common types of pine trees used for firewood:

Southern Yellow Pine, Eastern White Pine, Western White Pine, Sugar Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Jack Pine, Norway Pine. Pine wood is suitable for firewood and has low to medium heat. It burns easily. But be aware that this type of wood is resinous and has a lot of soot. It may blacken your chimney walls.

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  2. Australian pine has a higher quality, of course, in my opinion.
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