Buy Pine Wood Planks in Finland [Pros & Cons] Price 2024

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Pine wood is not a good idea for making furniture in my opinion. Because it scratches easily. But it works great for building decoration and facades.


How long does pine wood last?

finland wood

It depends on how you care for this type of wood. Protection against moisture and impact are effective during the shelf life of this wood


White pine is very suitable for use in wooden furniture. It is also used to make all kinds of desks.


Australian pine has a higher quality, of course, in my opinion.
This wood is used for difficult projects because it has a high resistance to moisture.

Raj Ahir

we want to buy raw wood from Finland directly from forest in bulk size so could you please give me details to whom we can reach out for India supply , full vessel load can work for us.

sal david

(Pine wood) is one of the most famous and at the same time the most popular woods in the world.


Can pine wood be easily damaged?

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Pine wood is of high quality, but its wood is easily damaged and scratched.


How long does pine wood last?

finland wood

This quality wood can last up to 15 to 20 years


What has occupied my mind is whether does pine get harder with age?

finland wood

If you plan to use it for flooring, it is a good option. Pine wood is soft but hardens over time.


Pine wood is the cheapest wood and is a great idea for flooring.

kebbeh mamadi

hi my Name is kebbeh mamadi i live in Berlin
i am intrested in the Pine timber 40fit contena
to export it to gambia

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