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As our knowledge of wood types increases, we can certainly better understand the reasons for the differences in the appearance of wood as well as its structural features, and therefore take more care to maintain wooden products. Woods are divided into two categories: hardwoods and softwoods; So, they have diverse efficiency in different items. Carpenters and traders in the wood industry are well aware that an important and basic condition for using wood in various applications such as furniture, interior decoration design and even exterior is durability, and for this purpose, the hardness of wood must be considered.

In this article, we want to introduce you to the most popular hardwoods, and of course, before that, we will explain the characteristics of hardwood.

most popular hardwoods

Hardwood Characteristics

When we talk about the hardness of wood, we mean its durability. Some people think that the hardness of wood is indirectly related to the degree to which it is easy to polish. While this is a misconception and, in most cases, it is easy to do very delicate work on hardwoods. Therefore, the obvious difference between softwood and hardwood is its durability and strength. Hardwoods will have their own special functions because they are very resistant to impact and environmental conditions.

But this question arises how can one understand the hardness of wood? For this purpose, a wood hardness test known as the “Janka hardness test” must be performed. The higher the degree of the Janka test is, the higher the hardness of the wood, and consequently, the greater resistance to breakage, cracks and scratches will be. With that said, woods that have a very high hardness are a good choice for building flooring.

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The Janka hardness test is performed by first selecting a stick of 2*2*6 inches, and then inserting a 0.444-inch-thick steel bar halfway into the board. The amount of force required to insert the bullet into the wood indicates the degree of hardness.

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Introducing the Most Popular Hardwoods in the World:

Now it’s time to introduce the hardest woods in the world. Certainly, trees that grow all over the world, depending on the climatic conditions and the environment in which they are located, will differ not only in terms of growth but also in terms of wood texture and degree of hardness. Therefore, one of the most important issues in the wood industry is the introduction of the hardest wood in the world. In the following article, we will provide you with a list of the hardest woods in the world in order of difficulty.

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Luciano Malo Wood

The hardest wood in the world is called Luciano Malo wood. Because the hardness of this wood is very high and it cannot be easily cut even with an ax. It is also known as “ax-breaker” wood.

Joyak Wood

The second hardest wood in the world is called Joyak wood, which is less hard than ax-breaker, but unfortunately, this wood is endangered, and for this reason, the Environmental Protection Organization has strict rules in using this wood.

Acacia Wood, Australian Acacia, or Cambodian Acacia

Acacia is a native Australian tree that has a dark reddish-brown color in appearance and this beautiful color of the wood has increased its attractiveness and popularity among hardwoods.

Brusimum Wood

Before we get into the hardness of this wood, it is better to first talk about wood design. This wood is also known as snake bark wood. If you look at the design on the bark of the tree, it looks exactly like the body of a snake, which will make the wood more attractive. Therefore, Brusimum wood is known as one of the most expensive woods in the world due to its high hardness and special and amazing design.

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Guaiacum or Tree of Life

It is interesting to know that this tree is known as a jewel among all other types of hardwoods. A Wood with a very ideal degree of hardness and beautiful design and color that is very reasonably priced. So it is very valuable among carpenters and traders in the wood industry.

Alhagi or Camelthorns

This tree is also known as the camel razor tree. In fact, the camel razor tree can be called one of the acacia tree species. This tree is found in abundance in the forests of South Africa. The reason for naming it is the giant and very sharp spines that exist on the body of the tree and have the status of protection for the tree.

African Blackwood

The reason for naming this wood is its black texture. If you cut the tree crosswise, you will notice a huge difference between its inner and outer colors. The inside of the wood is completely black and the outside layer, like other trees, is brown. Also, it should be noted that African blackwood, in addition to very high hardness, also has a high price, so it is used to build wooden structures and very special designs.

Iron Wood or Black Iron Wood

The tree belongs to the Rhamnaceae family and is native to South Florida, the Caribbean and Central America. One of the important reasons for the popularity of this wood is its color spectrum, which can be seen on the wood from red, orange, purple and brown. This wood is very resistant to rot and even to termites.

Mexican Ebony

Mexican ebony wood, also known as rosewood, is another hardwood that also has a very high resistance to rot and termite attack.

Anadenanthera Colubrina Wood

This wood is known as one of the acacia species that has a very high degree of hardness and is actually introduced as one of the most popular hardwoods in the world.

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The Most Important Applications of Hardwood

In this article, we tried to introduce you to the most popular hardwoods in the world. Certainly, the number of hardwood trees in the world is higher, and we only went to the most popular types, which in terms of appearance, degree of hardness and even in terms of price, they have more special conditions than other hardwoods. But in general, due to the degree of hardness, they are mainly used for interior design, the exterior of the building, wooden structures, furniture, musical instruments, stairs, landscaping, flooring and wall design. It is noteworthy that in choosing hardwoods, the design and color should also be considered. For instance, hardwoods, which have very special and beautiful designs, are mainly used for the interior of the building and also furniture and musical instruments; because, in addition to hardness, they have a very beautiful texture and color.

The Most Important Applications of Hardwood

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The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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