Is cherry wood a good wood?

Everything about cherry wood

As you know, wooden tools have always been of interest to humans, especially since this material has many applications in the art world. That is why wood is known as one of the most important elements in human life. It is enough to pay attention to all the furniture in your house, you will definitely see a trace of wood among the furniture. Of course, to produce wooden tools, different types of wood should be used based on their color, thickness and strength. For example, do you know the usages of cherry wood and what tools can be produced, using it? Read this article carefully to know more about the characteristics of cherry wood as well as its functions.

Introducing Cherry Tree

The cherry tree is known as one of the fruit trees that is definitely cultivated in different parts of the world, such as Iran. The color of cherry trees varies, but the most popular type of cherry in the wood industry is the black cherry tree, which is mainly grown in parts of the United States as well as on the east coast. It is interesting to know that cherry wood is known as one of the best and most valuable types of wood in the industry, which is very popular due to its high strength and also its special color. The older the cherry tree is, the darker its color will be and the more attractive it becomes. In fact, to use cherry wood in the wood industry, especially in furniture production, they wait for the color of the tree body to be darker, because in this case it has a very special beauty and will be a good option for home decoration.

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Benefits of cherry wood

The Most Important Characteristics of Cherry Wood

Before any type of wood enters the industry, especially the furniture and home decoration industry, its characteristics must first be examined because wood is a natural material and will be strongly affected by environmental factors including heat, cold, rain and also insects. Therefore, experts in this field analyze the properties of different types of wood and then determine in which industry, for example, cherry wood should be used. The most important properties of cherry wood are:

– One of the most important and in fact the main characteristics of cherry wood is its very high durability and strength so that it will have a very high resistance to rot.

– Cherry wood has a very high paintability, which means that you can even easily change the color of the wood to your desired color in the industry. But, most carpenters and experts in the wood industry prefer not to change the color of the wood and they use only polished oil to maintain its natural beauty.

– Definitely, the hardness of cherry wood is very important for everyone. In terms of hardness, cherry wood is located in the middle place between walnut, oak and maple trees as well as pine and cypress trees. This means that the hardness of cherry wood is more than pine and cypress and less than walnut, oak and maple.

– As mentioned, cherry wood changes color over time, and this feature makes it have a special place in industries such as furniture or the production of decorative items and home decoration. Therefore, based on the desired color type, harvest time can be different. What causes the cherry tree to change color is the impact of ultraviolet rays on the body of the plant as well as the climatic conditions of the area.

– Another feature of cherry wood is the flexibility and high formability of this tree. In other words, cherry wood can be very well polished and that is why it is used for marquetry, perforation, wood carving and even for making accessories such as home decoration and furniture.

– The paintability of cherry wood is very low, which means that if you pour colored liquid on the wood, it will not remain on the wood. For this reason, cherry wood is used for veneer and even for parquet.

– Perhaps one of the most important features and advantages of cherry wood is the ability to repair this type of wood. As we know, every type of wooden device may have a problem, including breakage or scratching, and may need to be repaired. Fortunately, cherry wood can be repaired and with the help of a reliable specialist, you can easily repair it.

Certainly, to work with cherry wood, you must be very careful and observe the hygienic aspects in the workplace, because cherry sawdust can cause respiratory allergy problems for humans. But cherry wood does not contain any allergens when it is polished, and wooden utensils made of cherry wood do not cause any problem for people.

– If you have ever observed the cherry tree wood closely, you will notice the homogeneous and straight texture of this wood. When using cherry wood in the industry, be sure to pay attention to the direction of the lines on the pieces of wood, because, as mentioned, these lines must be in one direction. Therefore, pieces in the same direction must be placed next to each other. Experts in the industry should pay attention that the uniformity of the design on the pieces of wood is maintained when they are placed next to each other, and as a result, the final product looks beautiful.

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Applications of Cherry Wood

As mentioned before, in order to use different types of wood in different industries, its properties must first be examined. Due to the features mentioned for cherry wood, this wood is mainly used for making furniture, kitchen cabinets, wooden floors, wooden artworks, musical instruments, veneers and even for making wooden spoons. Another reason that has increased the efficiency of cherry wood is the change in color of the wood-based on age and also environmental conditions, which with age will turn dark reddish-brown. Of course, based on the final purpose in the industry and the desired color, it is possible to change the harvest time of wood.

Application of cherry wood

Despite the wide range of usages mentioned for cherry wood, it is important to know that each type of wood, due to its special characteristics, will have a special place in one field more than others. For example, as the color variety of cherry wood is high and on the other hand, it has a very high resistance and flexibility, cherry wood is known as one of the best materials for making furniture.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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