How to Install Wooden Flooring

How to install wooden flooring

The great variety of building flooring has made it possible for people not to be limited in their choices. It is interesting to know that in recent years, wood flooring has been very popular because woods have a great variety in terms of color and design, and on the other hand, different designs of wooden flooring are compatible with a variety of interior decoration styles. So there will be no limit in this regard. Installing wood flooring requires precision and, of course, a great skill so that the sheets of wood do not loosen over time. In this article, we will tell tips on how to install wood flooring and of course how to maintain them. Follow us to learn more about this topic.

Steps of Installing Wooden Flooring

Installing wood flooring has its own steps compared to other coatings that are used for the floor of the building, and that is why we have to go to people who have high practical skills when doing the work because it affects the beauty of the floor after finishing work. On the other hand, the sheets will be installed very carefully and as a result, they will last longer. The steps of installing wooden flooring are as follows:

1- Build Flooring

The first step is to prepare the place where the sheets of wood are going to be installed, which is called the flooring stage. In this regard, you should observe a few important points:

– The floor of the building must be completely clean. The presence of rubbish and even dust interferes with the installation of wood flooring and the work process does not go well. So level the floor completely and clean all the rubbish on it.

– The time spent between the flooring stage and the installation of wood sheets should be enough, so that the materials used in the flooring of the building will get dry and the maximum humidity inside them should not be more than 12%.

– A very important point is to isotherm parquet with ambient temperature. Even if the best and most durable woods are used and you are sure that expansion and contraction do not occur due to temperature changes, it is still wise to keep the woods in the environment where you are going to install the flooring 48 hours before installation. Make sure that the temperature of the wood is equal to the ambient temperature and so, it does not change volume during installation.

2- Installation Stage of Wooden Flooring

After the flooring stage is done and you made certain the floor of the building does not have more than 12% moisture, you can install wood parquet:

– The floor must be thoroughly cleaned again. So use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining dust.

– To install wood parquet, you have to start from a corner and exactly from the edge of one of the walls in an orderly way and continue this path until the end.

– Of course, it is necessary to mention that the distance between the first sheet of wood and the wall should be one centimeter and to cover this part, sheets of wood with a thickness of one centimeter should be applied.

– The methods of installing wood parquet are different and you can ask the installer to apply all the sheets parallel to each other or to proceed perpendicular to each other. In either case, you can ask the person to place the sheets of wood next to each other, depending on the design you have in mind.

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Tips for Installing Wooden Flooring

– In the first step, you have to calculate the floor area and order the wood sheets based on it so that you do not run out of wood during the work, because if you encounter this problem, the possibility to find the same sheets again is low and this will make the floor of your building look sloppy.

– In some buildings, an underfloor heating system may be installed. This should be taken into account when choosing wood, and on the other hand, the heating system should be turned off for at least a week before installing wood flooring.

– In old houses where there are pipes or frames on the floor of the building, the pattern of cutting the wood is completely different and round saws should be used to easily install wood parquet around these parts.

– One of the most important points in installing wood flooring in the building is the disinfection stage. Often people who do this will ask you to disinfect the environment by spraying, because if there is an insect egg on the floor, the insects may damage the wood texture after installing the flooring. In this case, your money and efforts will be wasted.

– It is possible to install wooden flooring on a variety of building substrates. For example, if the floor of your building is made of cement, you only need to make it smooth and even. It also may have been made of ceramic. In this case, you do not need to remove this coating, but you should repair it and when the surface is completely smooth and without defects, start installing wooden flooring.

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Wood flooring installation tips

To choose wood for flooring, you should go to specialists and consultants. Woods are different in terms of material and quality. Some of them are very strong and are a good option for flooring, like thermowood. But some types of wood do not even have the strength to withstand the impact of a small object, and when a device falls on the floor, it quickly cracks or seems to get scratched. We recommend you to go to reputable centers to buy woods for flooring. Unfortunately, some sellers do not pay attention to the quality of their products and finally, the customers will suffer heavy losses. We suggest if any of your acquaintances and friends have already installed wooden flooring, get help from them or even visit reputable sites so that you can get tips by contacting professionals in the field of buying and installing wood flooring.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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