Types Of Wood Plastic Composite Cladding [Manufacturer List] 2023

Wood Plastic Composite

Wood is one of the materials that has been with him since the beginning of human life, and humans have historically used it to heat the environment, cook food, build construction, and make weapons. In other words, wood can be called one of the most important natural materials that have different applications in human life. That is why with the advancement of science and technology, different types of wood such as Wood-Plastic Composite have entered the market and have been utilized for different applications.

You may be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of using Wood-Plastic Composite are. In this article, we will provide you with complete information about Plastwood, its applications and the benefits of using Plastwood.

using Wood-Plastic Composite

What is Wood Plastic Composite? (wood plastic composite cladding)

First, let us introduce you Wood-Plastic Composite. Certainly, not many people are familiar with this type of wood. As mentioned, wood has different applications in various industries, and due to this range of efficiency, sometimes it is not possible to use raw wood for construction, or sometimes the application of raw wood shortens the life of tools, structures or equipment made of this natural material. It is at this time that techniques such as the production of plastwood will arise in minds.

Plastwood consists of wood, thermoplastics and additives that these additives include colorants, coupling agents, foaming agents, lubricants and UV stabilizers. The thermoplastics used to make Plastwood are new and recycled plastic materials, including polypropylene or polyethylene.

It would be interesting for you to know that some sawdust and wood fibers are used to make plastic wood. In other words, this part of the wood, which has no efficiency for making decorative and wooden items, can be used under a specific process, and as a result, it will be a great help to preserve the environment.

Plastwood will be environmentally friendly

Compatibility with the Environment

You may think that as additives and plastics are used to make plastic wood, the wood obtained will ultimately cause serious damage to the environment. But experts in this field believe that Plastwood will be environmentally friendly in several ways:

  • First, to make it, wood fibers are used in various industries. Just look at the carpentry to see how much sawdust and wood fibers have accumulated inside the workshops. Instead of throwing away these materials and cutting down many trees again, they can be used to make plastic wood.
  • On the other hand, no waste is generated during the production of Plastwood, so it will ensure that the ecosystem or even groundwater will not be damaged.

Of course, it is necessary to point out that the only harmful substance for the production of Plastwood is carbon dioxide, which will heat the environment due to the intensification of the greenhouse effect, so in the factories that produce wood plastic composite cladding, filters must be installed to trap carbon dioxide and pollutants before the air escapes, and thus to prevent ecosystem pollution.

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Advantages of Wood-Plastic Composite

Advantages of Wood-Plastic Composite

As we have stated in several articles, the special characteristics and advantages of each type of wood make their range of performance different. The most important advantages of using Plastwood are:

  • This type of wood is very resistant to pests, insects, fungi and molds and therefore in environments such as the north of the country where such organisms are found in abundance, Plastic wood can be easily used to design the interior and exterior of the building.
  • Also, the resistance of this wood against moisture is very high and as a result, it will be a suitable option for building a villa or any other type of construction in wet areas.
  • As mentioned, Wood-Plastic Composite is environmentally friendly, especially since its materials are recyclable, so the natural environment will not be damaged.
  • Since Plastwood is an excellent insulator against sound and heat, it is an ideal choice for facade design, especially because it prevents energy waste and this will be an effective step in maintaining the health of the environment.
  • The type of material used in the construction of plastic wood has made it fire resistant.
  •  The durability and strength of Plast wood are so high and it can have a useful life of several years. Some experts believe that the useful life of Plast wood will be at least 30 years.
  • Another interesting point is that Plast wood is washable, so if this wood is used to cover the walls or floor of the building, even if you pour liquid on it, you can easily wash it without worrying about getting swollen.
  •  Plast wood is very resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and will not change color or rot. For this reason, it is also used in the exterior of the building.

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most important uses of Plastwood

The Most Important Applications of Plastwood

Before using wood for different purposes, its properties and problems should be examined and then it should be determined what functions each wood can have. For instance, the most important uses of Plastwood are:

  • This wood is used to make building floors, wall paneling, facades, partitions and even wooden fences.
  • Since Plastwood is very resistant to environmental conditions, for this reason, it will be used to make pergolas, wooden benches, wooden frames and even dropped ceilings.
  • Plastic wood cladding is resistant to moisture and water. It can be said that it is a suitable option for the outdoor space.

Wood-Plastic Composite Price

How much is wood plastic composite price? Definitely one of the most important issues for everyone is the price of plastic wood. Since various additives, plastics and different types of sawdust are used for making a wood-plastic composite, so in determining the price, attention must be paid to the type of material used inside the plastwood. Given what has been said, it is not possible to consider a specific price for Plastwood and you should refer to reputable companies at the time of purchase to get the best material.

For information about plastic wood effect cladding price list, contact us.

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How long does composite cladding last?

Unlike other veneers, composite wood veneers have a long life and durability. They do not need expensive maintenance or replacement. Its maximum useful life is 25 years. Plastic composite cladding is a suitable and durable option for use in construction.

Is plastic cladding cheaper than wood?

These are the most common questions customers ask our experts. The cost of composite wood veneer is slightly more expensive than wood veneer. But if we want to compare the cost of repairs and maintenance with wood, we can say that the price of plastic covers is more affordable than wood.

Does composite cladding need an air gap?

We recommend leaving this work to experts. But if you want to install the composite coating yourself, make sure that there is an air space between the composite coating and the wall. There should be no moisture left between the wall and the covering and it needs to have an air passage.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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