Application Of Thermowood For Home And Company Landscaping

Thermowood for Landscaping in finland

When we talk about decoration design, we mean interior and exterior design as well as the outdoor space design, such as garden. This is especially true for villas and backyards. Suppose you have a villa in the north of the country and you are looking for landscaping. There are certainly some very attractive ideas for the purpose, but using wood for landscaping will be a very beautiful option because it will bring the space of this part of the building closer to nature and as a result, it will increase the beauty and tranquility. Surely the question arises in your mind whether wood, as a natural material, will not suffer from corrosion, decay and discoloration under environmental conditions? The answer is yes! There are a lot of problems with using wood. But using thermowood for landscaping would be the best option.

How is Thermowood Produced?

Recently, very beautiful and attractive styles have been developed for landscaping, which mainly use wood to design the outdoor space. However, as wood is very sensitive and will rot and even be attacked by pests due to climate change, so thermowood will be more suitable for landscaping. To prepare thermowood, it is necessary to go through the following steps:

– First, the appropriate wood must be selected. Thermowoods are made from soft and hardwoods in various designs, colors and textures. Therefore, when using thermowood for landscaping, you should go for the items that have the most resistance to environmental conditions.

– The selected woods are then placed in vacuum furnaces with high pressure and temperature. Inside these furnaces, the temperature gradually increases to the range of 180 to 220 degrees Celsius. The wood must then remain at the same temperature for a specified period of time. Due to the vacuum conditions inside the kiln, fire will not occur in the wood texture.

– In the next step, it is time to reduce the temperature inside the furnace, for which purpose it should be done gradually, and also water vapor should be used to cool the wood.

How is Thermowood Produced?

The Most Important Advantages of Thermowood in Landscaping

Do you know why, among the great variety of woods, experts strongly recommend the application of thermowood for landscaping? The characteristics that this type of woods acquire during high heat and pressure processing make them more suitable for landscaping:

– High Resistance to Rot and Erosion

Timber that is placed outdoor is exposed to environmental conditions such as sunlight, temperature changes and wind all year round. All these factors will affect the longevity of wood. But thermowoods have a very high resistance to decay and are therefore the best option for landscaping.

– Resistance to Pests and Insects’ Attacks

There are definitely many pests outside the building, such as termites, spiders and ants, which can damage the wood texture. On the other hand, the humid weather in the north of Iran will provide the conditions for fungi to attack the wood. For this reason, your wood will not last long inside the yard. But using thermowood for landscaping will not be a concern in these cases.

– Resistance to Impact and Breakage

Thermowood is so strong and durable that it is even known as the best earthquake-resistant material. Therefore, using thermowood for landscaping will ensure that the wooden structures in the green space or exterior decoration will not crack or break.

– Environmentally Friendly

To provide wooden structures and equipment, many trees need to be cut down in the forests to meet the needs of the wood industry. However, if you use thermowood for landscaping or interior and exterior decoration of the house, due to the long shelf life, you will be sure that there is no need to change the wood in short periods of time and this is a step towards protecting the environment by preventing the immethodical felling of trees.

– Thermal Insulation Thermowood

Thermowood is used to build pergolas, outdoor coffee shops, roof gardens and even the space around outdoor swimming pools. These woods, along with their characteristics, are considered the best thermal insulation. Therefore, in winter, spaces designed with thermowood will still be warm, and at the same time, energy dissipation will be reduced.

– Beauty Aspects

In designing the yard of a villa or building, there should be harmony between the chosen style and the natural elements in the environment. The application of wood makes the beauty of this space more and as it is closer to nature, it brings more tranquility. Since thermowood has a high resistance to weather conditions, you can easily use this wood for landscaping and duplicate the grace of this part of the building.

The Most Important Advantages of Thermowood in Landscaping

Washable Thermowood

Any equipment that is outdoors will get dirty over time because of air pollution and dust. Moreover, in winter, wind and rain will make the appearance of the exterior decorations dirty. Therefore, you need to clean the equipment in your villa or building every certain period of time. If wood is used to make this equipment, you will be limited to cleaning it. But with the help of thermowood for landscaping, there are no such restrictions for you. because you can easily wash the wood, without worrying about getting rotten or swollen.

– Easy Installation

Those who use thermowood for landscaping believe that it is very easy to work with such woods because they will not crack or break with severe blows and pressure, and on the other hand, it is easier to polish these types of wood.

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