Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallet

In this article, we want to introduce one of the wood products called wooden pallet. As you know, wood is one of the most important natural materials that is used in various industries to make various items. One of the most common uses of wood is to make pallets. Do you know what a pallet is and what a wooden pallet is for? If you follow us in the rest of the article, you can get the answers to these questions and, of course, get acquainted with the advantages of wooden pallets.

What is a Pallet?

First of all, it is better to introduce the pallet. Maybe this term is unfamiliar to you or maybe you know it in other words. In general, pallets are very strong structures that are used in industry to transport products. Pallets are made with a variety of raw materials such as wood, plastic, or even metals. As mentioned, pallets are used for transportation; So in different industries, suitable pallets should be provided based on the weight of the cargo, so that they can bear the weight of the load. But our goal in this article is to get acquainted with the wooden pallet and its applications. In the following article, we will provide more details.

What is a Wooden Pallet

What is a Wooden Pallet?

As the name implies, different types of wood are used to design and build wooden pallets. If we want to study the history of pallets, we have to go back to the beginning of World War II. When the Americans decided to move the ammunition and equipment needed by the troops, from the United States to the battlefields, they faced two serious problems: the transfer distance was long and transportation required a lot of costs. So, at that time, producing wooden pallets came to their mind, and they were able to replace wooden pallets with clubs and wooden boxes, at a very reasonable price. As a result, they came over the problem and could transport their items very quickly and affordably.

The purpose of making pallets is to use them for transportation. Therefore, those types of wood should be used that are very high in terms of strength and durability, and thus, can provide safety in transportation. Wooden pallets are designed in different sizes and each size has a distinct application.

Suitable Wood for Pallets

Before buying a wooden pallet, you have to analyze your purpose. What materials are to be moved through the pallet? For example, if we want to use wooden pallets in heavy industries, the most durable and resistant woods, such as oak, must be used. However, in cases where the strength of the wood is not very important, low-quality wood can also

be used; Because wood, with the highest level in terms of quality, is first used to make interior decoration items, furniture and facades. In Iran, most pallets are made of pine wood. Therefore, when buying a wooden pallet, be sure to ask the seller about the wood material.

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The Signs on the Pallet

When buying different types of wooden pallets, be sure to carefully check the signs and symbols that are placed on them. But this question will surely arise for you: what do each of these symptoms mean? In this section, we will explain them:

– IPPC Mark

One of the signs you see on a pallet, suitable for international shipping is “IPPC”. This mark indicates that the pallet is free of insects and does not contain any material to attract insects. On the other hand, there is no contamination or disease in this palette. This is important to prevent the dispread of pests and diseases from one country to another.

– HT Mark

In Canada and the United States, pest control is performed to produce some types of pallets. For this purpose, wood must first enter the heating stage; The appropriate temperature for softwood is 56 degrees Celsius and for hardwood, 60 degrees Celsius. The heating time is 30 minutes, which is done in special furnaces. This mark on the wooden pallet indicates that the pallet is free from any pest and disease.

– KD Mark

Another step in making a wooden pallet is the drying step, because the moisture inside the wood creates the conditions for the growth of fungi, pathogens and pests. Companies that carry out the 56 ° C drying step in addition to the pesticide stage, will affix both the KD and HT markings on their pallets.

– MB mark

One of the methods of preparing wooden pallets free from pests, especially pine, is the method of using methyl bromide, which is known as the MB method. If you see this mark on a wooden pallet, we strongly recommend avoiding to purchase it. Although, in many countries, this method of pest control is obsolete, because hand contact with this substance poses many dangers to the workforce. But unfortunately, methyl bromide is still used in some areas to control pallet pests.

Important Advantages of Wooden Pallets

The Most Important Advantages of Wooden Pallets

As mentioned, structures for transportation, are made of different materials. But now the question is that among the structures, why do wooden pallets have a special place for transportation? In answer to this question, we must explain the advantages of wood pallets:

– Affordable Price of Wooden Pallets

– This instrument weighs less than other transport structures

– Equilibrium between objects inside the Wooden pallet; this is due to high friction between the object and the surface of the pallet

– Very long life for wooden pallets; if it is properly maintained

– Easy repairs for wooden pallets – Shorter time to prepare wooden pallets

Disadvantages of Wooden Pallets

Each of the transport structures has its own advantages and disadvantages, and wooden pallets are not the exception in this point. The most important problems of using wooden pallets are:

– Some types of wooden pallets, depending on the type of wood used, change dimensions due to environmental conditions, and this makes the size of the pallet smaller or larger.

– As wood is a natural material, it will gradually break down and wear out due to environmental conditions. But it is worth mentioning that how wooden pallets are stored, has a significant impact on their shelf life.

– Another disadvantage of using a wooden pallet is the difficulty of cleaning it. If these pallets get dirty, they are not as easy as plastic or metal pallets, to clean and can be attacked by fungi or bacteria.

The most important applications of wooden pallets

  • Wooden Planter box
  • indoor herb garden
  • pallet chairs and tables
  • bookcase wood
  • coat rack wood
  • shoe rack wood

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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