MDF wood advantages

MDF wood and interior decoration

One of the different types of wood that is widely used in interior decoration is MDF wood. Nowadays, most people use MDF to make cabinet, bed and closet decorations. The efficiency range of MDF wood is very wide and it is used in offices, residential buildings and shops. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of MDF wood, its disadvantages and the range of effectiveness.

As this wood has many uses in interior design, it is better to get the necessary information about different types of MDF wood before making your final decision.

What is MDF Wood

Have you ever wondered what MDF is and how it is made? Certainly, ordinary people are just thinking about buying MDF wood to design their homes. But if you increase your knowledge of this wood and you know the production process, you can even recognize that your interior designers have utilized an original MDF in your house. MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard and it is produced from fine pieces of softwood and hardwood. As the woods used to make MDF are different, so their degree of hardness and color will also be different.

How is MDF Wood Made?

As mentioned, MDF wood is a processed product from raw wood. For this purpose, softwood and hard pieces of wood must be arranged first. Then the pieces of wood are interconnected together and some resin and wax will be added to these units. Combining small pieces of wood with resin and wax, they are exposed to a very high temperature and they endure a high degree of pressure. Under such conditions, a medium-density fiberboard will be obtained. The pressure applied to produce MDF wood is obtained by atmospheric pressure or water vapor pressure.

Advantages of MDF Wood

What are the advantages of MDF? Suppose you want to change the decoration of your kitchen or office and to this aim, you need cabinets. There are a variety of materials to choose from, such as MDF, wood or artificial stones, and many people want the interior of the home and office to have a natural color and appearance. For this reason, they go for MDF with wood-color veneers or natural wood. There are definitely some benefits in using MDF wood instead of raw wood for the kitchen and office design:

Features of MDF wood

– The most important advantage of MDF wood is environmental protection. If you have ever studied carefully the production stages of MDF wood, you will notice that this wood is made from recycled wood chips. Therefore, the use of MDF wood not only reduces the need for wood and therefore the need to cut down trees, but even useless pieces of wood are not discarded and are used to produce different types of MDF.

– In terms of costs, it will be cheaper to buy different types of MDF wood than raw wood.

– Resin and wax are used in the production of MDF wood, and the presence of these chemical components makes it possible to have no problem with the attack of pests and insects such as bad bugs or termites.

– One of the advantages of MDF wood is the stability of its dimensions in different temperature conditions. For this reason, it will be much more common to use MDF in the kitchen.

– MDF wood has a great variety in terms of design and color, so in designing the decoration of a part of the house or kitchen, you will encounter a wide range of MDF wood.

– If you applied MDF wood for the interior design of home or work and later, after a few years, you decided to change the design, you can buy special veneers and easily stick them on MDF surface, without worrying about the cover to get peeled off.

– It is very easy to work with MDF wood and you can easily apply any shape and pattern on MDF wood.

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Applications of MDF Wood

What Are The Uses of MDF? MDF wood can be used to make furniture, beds, cabinets, bathroom doors, flooring of buildings and even store shelves. But you shouldn’t forget that MDF wood has a completely different resistance, depending on the type of raw wood, adhesives used and also the production process, and you must inform the seller about your purpose of buying MDF, so that you can make the right choice.

Application of MDF wood

Disadvantages of MDF Wood

In addition to its advantages, MDF wood has some disadvantages, which we will explain in the following.

– One of the most important disadvantages of MDF wood is the problems that arise for builders during its construction. In the production process of MDF wood, the wood chips need to stick to each other with special adhesives. During this process, a gas called formaldehyde is produced, which is very toxic and harmful to humans. But it should be mentioned that this gas is produced only during the manufacturing process and the application of wood in the home or work environment will not be a problem.

– MDF wood indeed has a very high resistance, but if there are problems such as breakage, cracks or scratches on it, it will be much harder to repair than other woods.

– Unfortunately, MDF wood is not resistant to moisture at all, and if you use MDF wood in your kitchen, be careful about the MDF cabinets under or around the sink. If a little water is spilled on the MDF wood, dry it immediately so that it will not swell.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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