HDF Wood Vs MDF – Differences, Usage, Density And Cost Comparison

HDF wood vs MDF
Wood is a natural material obtained from the trunk of a tree. The wood is cut from some trees and then processed in the factory. Wood is used for various purposes, including making sofas, wardrobes, beds, and even construction.
The production process of MDF, which means medium density fiberboard, and chipboard are almost the same. Their difference is that the primary material of MDF is fibers instead of sawdust.
Is HDF wood a good wood?
Is HDF wood better than MDF?
In the rest of this article, we will examine the production method, features and disadvantages of each of these items.

What is MDF?

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) was invented in the United States and became widely used in Europe in the late 1980s.
 MDF is mainly used in the furniture and floor cover industry, as well as in interior design.
Other fields of application of MDF board include doors, use in the automotive industry and the building industry.
What is MDF?
The boards can be used as cover, laminate, or other cover. The boards are produced in thicknesses of 1.2 mm to 60 mm. The density can vary between 600 kg/m3 and 1200 kg/m3.
 Boards with a density of more than 800 kg/m3 are commonly known as HDF wood. They are preferably used as carrier boards (laminate floor cover) for the flooring industry.

What is HDF-high density fiberboard?

What is HDF wood and where is it used? HDF derives its name from “high-density fiberboard”.
It is a wooden board made from wood fibers that is used in furniture and interior architectural applications.
Hdf wood products are produced from 2.2 mm to 50 mm thickness in accordance with EN – DIN 622 standard and in publication class E1.
HDF industrial wood is often used to make indoor and outdoor furniture. For example: wall panels, furniture, room partitions, doors, also used as wooden floor cover due to its stability and high density.
HDF wood is a revolutionary product in the production and carpentry industry. It is a wooden board made from wood fibers that is used in furniture and interior architectural applications.
HDF composite wood is a very durable material that can be used for many years without any damage.
MDF wood products can last to 10 years in a dry environment. MDF is a laminated natural wood product that can be used for 15-20 years and does not need to be replaced.
What is HDF-high density fiberboard?
The use of HDF in interior decoration
  • Flooring: The high density of this type of wood makes it a good choice for flooring.

Note: Of course, it cannot be used outdoors.

  • Kitchen cabinet: HDF kitchen cabinet has a high resistance to heat and moisture. This is a very good option for kitchen cabinets, but it is expensive.
  • Types of wardrobes: HDF is also a good choice for use in frames, boxes, shutters and internal shelves of fitted wardrobes.

The use of HDF in interior decoration

Difference between MDF and HDF

  • The production of HDF and MDF sheets have two different production processes, and it can be said that the difference between MDF and HDF is based on the conditions of the primary materials and more on the pressing conditions of these two types of wooden artifacts.
  • The density of HDF is higher than MDF and the volume of fiber used in HDF is higher than MDF per unit. Also, the amount of glue used in HDF is also higher.
  • The main nature of HDF is similar to MDF in terms of the type of glue, fiber and additives, but there are differences in the amount of pressure, heat and the amount of primary materials.
  • Considering the higher press pressure and the larger volume of fibers in the production of HDF, it can be said that the resistance of HDF to moisture is higher than that of MDF, and this is only due to the production process, primary materials and press pressure.
  • HDF, like other fiberboards, cannot be installed as a floor covering in outdoor areas because it absorbs moisture.
Table of specifications and differences between MDF and HDF
Mdf Hdf
Cost effective Its cost is more expensive than MDF
Easy to cut into shapes Cutting this wood is not easy
Available in various thicknesses.
You can use coating and paint You can use coating and paint
last word
In this article, we tried to examine the processing method, advantages and disadvantages of each wood (MDF and HDF). I hope this article has been useful.
HDF is a good choice for kitchen cabinets. Wall panels, wall shelves and beds are among the things you can use. These two types of wood are an economical option and you can use them instead of plywood.
Indeed, what is your experience regarding each of these two types of wood? Share it with us in the comments.

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