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Finland Thermowood

To have wooden furniture in the house increases the sense of freshness in it, because wood is a material from the heart of nature, and due to its special place in art, architecture, and industry, in recent years we have seen an increase in the use of wood in human life. At the same time, to improve the durability of wood, a series of processes are performed on it, so that a stronger and more durable material will be created.

Thermowood is a good example for this type of wood, which is widely used due to its very high strength. Finland Thermowood is also at a high level in terms of diversity and due to its wide range of advantages, it is used in different fields.

Buying Different Types Of Finnish Termwood
Different Types thermowood finland

What is Thermowood?

Have you ever wondered whether the wood obtained from the tree trunk is used raw to produce woodwork or any processes will be applied to it? Despite its beauty, wood is, unfortunately, a material that is strongly affected by environmental conditions and is vulnerable. Ignition, wood loss due to insect attacks such as termites, and even wood wear due to environmental conditions are just a few of the unpleasant things that happen to wooden items. It is at this time that we realize the importance of Finland thermowood. Thermowood is a type of wood that will be resistant to heat after performing some mechanisms on it. In fact, during the production process of Finland thermowood, raw timber is used and these timbers are affected by the thermo process. The steps for producing Finland thermowood are as follows:

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what colour is thermowood
what colour i thermowood finland

To produce thermowood, you need kilns with high pressure and heat, and on the other hand, there is a complete vacuum inside the kiln. It will come as a surprise to you that wood is very sensitive to heat and will catch fire in the furnace. However, the vacuum space inside the furnace is intended to protect the wood from burning and at the same time making it resistant to heat.

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The wood is placed inside the furnace. The process of increasing the temperature should be gradual because a sudden increase, and later decrease in temperature will cause cracks on the wood. According to the rate of increase in temperature, Finland thermowood is divided into two types: therm D and thermos S. If the temperature increase is between 180 and 200 degrees Celsius, thermo wood S will be produced and if it is between 200 and 220 degrees Celsius, thermo wood D will be produced. In terms of wood color, thermo D is darker than thermo S. When the temperature rises to the maximum value, it is time to gradually reduce the temperature, for which water steam is used.

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Finland Thermowood – Advantages

Definitely, the main purpose of the thermal process is its benefits in different industries. Here are the most important advantages of Finland thermowood:

  • As you know, the resistance of raw wood to environmental conditions is very low and It rots heavily in humid places. Of course, other environmental factors, such as high temperatures or sunlight, can also cause wood to rot. But during the thermos process and applying high heat circumstances on wood, the biological durability, and stability of the wood will increase. This resistance allows you to use Finland thermowood even outdoor, to build a pergola; because, after withstanding temperatures between 180 and 220 degrees Celsius, it will have a very high resistance to wind, rain, and sunlight.

Finland Thermowood – Advantages

  • One of the problems, using wooden equipment at home is the entry of vermin such as termites, bedbugs, and fungi. Fortunately, Finland thermowood has a very high biological resistance, and as a result, equipment made with this type of wood will be resistant to these micro-organisms.
  • It is interesting to know that during the process of thermo, all the gum inside it will be removed. The presence of gum is a nuisance for the wood industry. Therefore, when this material is not present in the wood, not only is it easier to work with, but the weight of the wood will also be less.
  • Another advantage of Finland thermowood is its color change. As mentioned, with increasing temperature, the color of wood gradually changes and tends to darken. As a result, these beautiful woods will be a better choice for making furniture and home decoration.


In addition to the advantages mentioned for high-temperature processed wood, it is important to know that these types of products also have disadvantages. Of course, it should be noted that the benefits of Finland Thermowood are much greater, and that is why they have a special place in the industry:

  • The first disadvantage of Finland thermowood is the reduction in its flexibility, which will make working with wood more difficult. This is especially important when you are going to do some marquetry. Certainly, when the bending strength of wood is less, less delicacy can be spent on wood. Also, when the flexibility of wood decreases, you will have limits in producing curved structures or, in general, gadgets that require a sharp change of angle.
  • Another disadvantage of the production of Finland thermowood is damage to the environment which is quite irreparable; because a large number of trees must be cut down and this will endanger the ecosystem.
Features of Finland Thermowood

Features of Finland Thermowood

When woods are exposed to high temperatures in special kilns during the thermo-heating process, they will acquire features that increase the efficiency range of wood for different industries. In the following, we will mention some of these features:

  • The dimensions of Finland thermowood is fixed and will not change during industrial processes.
  •  The moisture of wood is reduced when exposed to high temperatures and reaches a state of equilibrium.
  • Because the thermal conductivity of Finland thermowood decreases, so the insulation strength of the wood will also increase.
  • It is even interesting to know that Finland thermowood can hold air in its pores, so it will be excellent insulation against sound.
  •  All additional materials, including resin and gum, are removed from the wood.
  • Another feature of Finland thermowood is its reduced flexibility, weight loss, and consequently its lightness.

Other features of the use of thermowood in decoration

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to wash
  • Has a lighter weight than ordinary wood
  • The best sound and heat insulation
  • High resistance to moisture, heat, and cold

Thermowood; Softwood or hardwood?

Thermowood is classified into two categories: softwood and hardwood. Softwood thermowood has needle-shaped leaves and is green all year round. The price of softwood thermowood is very cheap and affordable. The weight of this type of wood is very light and has a high resistance. Poplar, pine, and cypress are among the trees used to produce thermowood. Hardwoods have broad leaves that turn green only in early spring. But over time in the fall, the leaves of this tree turn yellow. Walnut, maple, and oak are some of the items used to make thermowood.

Thermowood; Softwood or hardwood?

Finland Thermowood – Functions

The features of thermowood, gained through the process, have made it possible to be used in flooring, stairs, pergolas, doors and windows, swimming pools and saunas, and for interior decoration and even furniture. The quality of wood is excellent and desirable features increase the durability. That is why Finland thermowood is used even for outdoor architecture.

What are the different types of thermowood kilns?

Thermoforming kilns are suitable for large electric appliances, such as thermal cooking and high-temperature kilns. Small thermowood kilns can also be used as large electric cookoves, intended for heat-sreating purposes, and for a more detailed temperature, the thermowood kiln can be divided into three types: warmed, and even electric-powered. Electric thermowood kilns are suitable for large electric appliances, such as thermal flow kilns are intended to heat food, and for large electric cookoves.

thermowood kilns can also be used to control the temperature of a gas, and is called the boiling kilns. They are also called thermowood kilns, and electric water kilns, able to control the temperature of cooking gas, even if it is more warm.

How to use a thermowood kiln?

Stocking a thermowood kilns will control the temperature of the kilns, and they create electricity. A thermowood kiln is also called a high-pressure electric kiln, and can also be used as a boil kiln, to have a boating water or high pressure cooking, all of which are used to heat the food at a rate.

A thermowood kiln is a simple, easy-to-use kiln, that takes both energy and time to get it. The kiln burn gas should be heated up and above the ground temperature, for example, will instead be used on a kiln burn gas, wood or liquefied petroleum gas.

thermowood pergola

One of the most popular structures made with thermo wood is the pergola. Pergolas are made according to the location of its placement in custom dimensions and designs. Thermowood is one of the materials used in the construction of pergola. Being waterproof, high resistance to decay and wood pests are the features of Termwood pergola.

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Is thermowood any good?

Thermowood is one of the best types of wood for facade design and interior decoration. It has resistance and stability against harsh conditions. Thermowood is a product that brings all the beauty of natural wood along with the advantages of Thermowood and natural wood into human life.

How long does thermowood last?

Based on various calculations that have been done on this wood, the lifespan of Termwood has been determined to be about 30 years on average. This means that Termwood wood can last for about 30 years in different environmental conditions and under the influence of various factors, without any kind of problem or deterioration in appearance.

Do you need to treat Thermowood?

Termwood has good durability and long life, so it does not need maintenance. If you are using this wood for sauna, it is better to oil it.

Is ThermoWood finland fire resistant?

Termwood’s resistance to water, sun, wind, fire, and wear is much higher than ordinary wood. Termwood is a kind of resistant wood that was produced for the first time in Finland.

How do you clean Thermowood finland?

Using polish and toothpaste is one of the best ways to make the Thermowood surface shiny. For this method, you should rub some toothpaste with a cotton cloth on the dirty surface and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

Is thermowood environmentally friendly?

Since no chemicals are used in this process and this process is done only through heating and steam, we can say that Thermowood is compatible with nature; Because the wood used and the Thermowood process are both natural and do not harm the environment.

What is the price of Finnish termwood?

The Finnish Thermwood veneer costs approximately £2.24. Wood board thickness: 7 to 20 mm

It costs around £42.00. These prices are variable. Call for detailed information.

Finland’s largest wood supplier

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The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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