Red Oak Wood: Which Is Better Red Or White Oak?

Red Oak Wood:

Red oak trees, although cultivated elsewhere, grow naturally and almost exclusively in North America.

It grows widely in mixed hardwood forests throughout most of the eastern United States. The red oak is a type of fast growth oak that can reach 20 meters in 10 years. Northern red oak or champion oak are other names of red oak. Red oak can live more than 300 years.

The trees are very tall. Many subspecies grow from north to south, all of which are classified as red oak. Some of these grow is in the high parts of the mountains, while others grow is in low altitudes with different characteristics. Therefore, there are significant differences in red oaks according to the regions where they grow.

Red oak is considered a very stable tree both for domestic use and for export, this tree species are more than white oaks. The Latin name of red oak is Quercus rubra.

The most important uses of red oak wood

The most important uses of red oak wood

Due to its beautiful color, properties, design, and veins, oak wood has been highly regarded by carpenters and furniture designers after clean machining.

Red oak is available as saw wood and veneer in various grades and sizes.

This wood is ideal for making furniture and flooring.

This group of wood species with their environmental characteristics plays an important role in many export markets

The main background of use are furniture, flooring, doors, architectural joinery, format and kitchen cabinets. It is also used in some construction applications.

Types of red oak wood:

Below are some common types of red oak:

  • Quercus velutina.
  • Quercus kelloggii.
  • Quercus pagoda.
  • Quercus coccinea.
  • Quercus falcata.
  • Quercus palustris.
  • Quercus phellos.

Oak exists in different types and color ranges, and this color difference depends not only on the main species of oak, but also on the growing conditions of each tree.

Characteristics of red oak wood

In general, red oak wood is light brown. Red oak wood is generally direct and coarse-grained. The resistance of oak wood has made them more resistant to poisons than other trees in the forest and urban environments.

Red oak can be painted and polished to a very nice surface.

It is less resistant to water because it has an open structure, and the open capillaries of red oak can absorb water to several inches into the wood.

Thicker wood 4/10″ and 4/12″ can be obtained in relatively small quantities from specialist suppliers, but is commonly used in the hardwood industry in sizes from 4/4″ (25.4 mm) to 4/8″ ( 52 mm) is produced. Red oak inclines easily with steam and also absorbs glue well.

American red oaks have good strength and this is related to their weight. Red oak wood is hard and heavy, has medium strength, stiffness and high resistance. In addition to being hard, it is also stable when dry. Easily holds polishes and color.

Characteristics of red oak wood

Disadvantages and problems of red oak wood

The reason oak wood changes color over time is that it is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and oxygen gas. This makes the color of oak wood opaque.

Information about the rate of growth of red oak forests

According to FIA data, the growth rate of American red oak is 2.62 billion cube meters, which is 18% of the total US hardwood inventory. American red oak trees grow 60.6 million cube meters per year, with a total harvest of 31.9 million cube meters per year.

The pure volume after harvesting increases by 28.7 million cube meters every year. Red oak growth rates in the United States is equal or exceed harvest rates in all states except Texas.

The difference between red oak and white oak

Red oak or white oak? which one is better?

  • Red oak grows faster than white oak. White oak grows at a medium speed and slowly.
  • Red oak has a hardness of approximately 1290. White oak flooring is harder than red oak and the degree of hardness is approximately 1360. White oak is slightly harder and more durable.
  • Red oak and white oak are two types of hardwood.
  • White oak is more expensive than red oak.
  • The main difference between red oak and white oak is that red oak has a pink color that varies from white to light amber, while white oak has a darker gray color that is almost yellowish.
  • Another difference between red oak and white oak is that the white oak matures at 75 feet while the red oak matures at 80 feet.
  • Red oak leaves are 4 inches narrower, while white oak leaves are 4 to 6 inches wider.
  • The main difference between red oak and white oak is that red oak wood has a pink color, which is slightly lighter, while white oak wood has a yellow color, which is darker.
  • Also, red oak is harder than white oak, while white oak is harder than maple.

Which Is Better Red Oak Or White Oak?

Is oak wood soft or hard?

Oak wood is one of the hardwoods. In terms of scratch resistance and surface resistance, this type of wood is better than woods such as walnut, alder and fir.

Can you use oak wood for outdoor space?

Oak wood has good resistance to water absorption and for this reason, it is used to build ships.

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