The Best Wood For Burning On Wood Burning Stoves And Fires

What is the best wood for burning?
When we go to nature, we all like to make a fire with wood and prepare our food and tea on this fire. Therefore, it is very important to know the appropriate wood for the fire. It may have happened to us many times that some woods were not ignited with a match and this matter has troubled us. If we know what wood is suitable for a fire, we will do better when we go out into nature or if we are going to collect firewood for our cottage or villa. Join us to introduce you to the best firewood.

The best woods for fire

In general, woods are classified according to degree of humidity, softness, and flexibility. Just these few factors are very important for using wood in making wooden items and designing decorations, they are also considered as the main criteria in choosing wood for fire. Woods that are hard because they burn slowly will be great for charcoal because they last longer. So if you want to use wood to produce charcoal, you should definitely go for hardwoods.
A mistake that some people make is that when we hear the name hardwood, they think that it is very hard and resistant. But this notion is wrong. All hardwoods are not necessarily stronger than softwoods, but other factors such as the way the wood fibers are placed together, the density of the wood, and the age of the wood will also affect its strength and resistance. In contrast to hardwoods, which burn slowly and make very mild heat, there are softwoods, whose heat is much higher, but their disadvantage is that their lifespan will be shorter. Therefore, the charcoal obtained from softwood is short-lived, and if you use it twice, it will be completely destroyed.
The best woods for fire

What steps should be taken to prepare the appropriate wood for fire?

But definitely one of the most important issues in preparing the appropriate wood for fire is that a series of projects must be completed from the time the wood is harvested to the time it is ignited in fire, so that this wood can be used for fire and it ignites well and creates an excellent flame. In such conditions, mild and durable heat will be created.
So we can’t go for green wood. Greenwood is actually wood that has not yet been dried and has just been harvested. Because green wood has a lot of sap and therefore a lot of moisture, this wood does not catch fire easily and even if you can light it, it will go out very quickly. Therefore, drying wood is one of the most important processes for preparing wood for fire.
What steps should be taken to prepare the appropriate wood for fire?
When a tree is amputated and the wood is divided into different pieces, these pieces contain sap and cannot be used.
The method of drying wood is different depending on the age of the tree, the type of tree, its moisture level and also the environmental conditions. Some wood should be dried in the shade, but if some are exposed to sunlight, no damage will be done to them and the wood will dry easily. The wood cutting season and the prevailing weather conditions also affect the drying time of the wood.
For example, in the north of the country, where the climate is humid, we need more time to dry the wood because the number of sunny days in the northern regions is less, and on the other hand, the humidity of the air slows down the moisture gradient from the wood tissue to the atmosphere.

Therefore, wood moisture will gradually be lost.

Which wood should we use? Greenwood or dry wood?

One of the questions that have arisen for you is whether to cut trees or use dry wood to get the appropriate wood for fire. As you can see, greenwood takes a long time to dry. Therefore, those in the industry who are thinking of producing charcoal, go for green wood because they will go through a work process to produce charcoal. But if you have gone to the nature and are looking for the appropriate wood for a fire, you should definitely choose dry wood because this wood catches fire faster and you can use it as firewood.
If it is important for you that the wood is easily broken into pieces and this work does not require a lot of effort, we must say that the tissue of the wood, as well as its hardness, are two very important factors on the cutting of the wood. Of course, wood that has a very intertwined tissue and a large diameter is hard to break into pieces.
Therefore, we cannot be satisfied with the moisture level of the wood, but all factors must be considered.

What kind of wood is not suitable for fire?

As we said, almost all of us like to ignite wood when we go to the heart of nature. In this case, we will use this fire for food and the smell of fire will fill the space, which is very pleasant because the aroma of wood and even its burning connects the human soul to nature. But you need to know what kind of wood is not suitable for fire? In general, wet and not dried wood, very soft wood, buoyant wood on water and poisonous wood are not suitable for burning at all.
What kind of wood is not suitable for fire?
For example, if you burn poisonous wood, the poison in it will be released into the atmosphere and may even cause you to be poisoned due to lung instigation. Therefore, do not go to such wood and do not cook food on poisonous wood firewood. An interesting thing to mention is that some people go for big wood because they think that if they bring a few big pieces of wood, it will be enough to prepare firewood and there will be no need to collect wood. But you have to consider that the bigger the wood, the more smoke it produces and the fire lasts less. So if you want to create a longer-lasting fire, go for smaller woods.

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