How Much Does Ebony Wood Cost? Supply And Export Of Ebony Timber 2023

Price of ebony wood

Undoubtedly, the place of wood in the world industry cannot be ignored, especially in the present era when people have become more interested in wooden furniture in home interior decoration. Each wood has its own characteristics and it is interesting to know that ebony wood is known as “Black Gold” among all types of wood. This will probably be strange for you because we used to know oil as black gold, but if you keep reading this article and you know the characteristics of ebony wood and its functions, you will understand why we call it gold.

Ebony is the wood of a tropical tree found in Africa and parts of Asia, especially Ceylon and India. Black Ebony is one of the most valuable and expensive types of wood in the world. This wood is rare and endangered, which is why it is expensive. The darker the ebony wood, the more valuable it is and the more expensive it is. 

Stay with us until the end of the content to tell the exact details about the growth of the tree, the use of wood and its costs.

Introducing the Ebony Tree

Ebony is a short and thick tree. The leaves are in groups of three and without buds. The fruits are dark brown and bean-shaped.

In ancient times, kings used scepters made of ebony and drank their drinks from ebony vessels, believing it would ward off the poison.

The longer the life of the tree, the darker it is. Usually, when the wood is 50 years old, it is cut. The heavy, hard, black wood of this tree is called ebony. It is a kind of wood that is hard and black. In the past, it was used in ornamental works, brushes, making piano keys and knife handles, and fine carpentry.

Types of ebony wood include the following:

  • Ceylon ebony
  • African ebony
  • Gaboon ebony
  • Macassar ebony
  • Pale moon ebony
  • Coromandel ebony
  • Mauritius ebony
  • Moon ebony

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Introducing the Ebony Tree

The ebony tree grows in which countries?

This tree, named after its wood, grows in India, Sri Lanka, East and West India and parts of West Africa. The trunk of the real ebony tree, which grows mostly in Sri Lanka, is thick. Its skin is shiny like black coal and the wood between the skin and the pulp is white.

Characteristics of Ebony Wood

  • The most important feature of ebony wood is its color. The core of the wood, also known as the inner wood, is completely black, but the outer layers or outer wood are light brown. This difference in color on the outside and inside of the wood makes it distinctly attractive, and for this reason ebony wood has a special place in the whole world
  • Ebony wood has also straight-grain texture. Of course, very small curves may be observed in some of its species.
  • As mentioned, this tree has black wood, but its blackness is very bright, shiny and attractive.
  • One of the most important characteristics of ebony wood is its very high hardness, which is almost twice as hard as oak. It is interesting to know that carpenters, when working with ebony wood, only by touching it, can realize how hard it is.
  • The resistance of ebony wood to insects and termites is very high and this feature has led to high efficiency of ebony wood in industry, especially for the manufacture of wooden household appliances.
  • Although ebony wood has a hard texture, it will be very easy to polish. This means that when the wood is affected by the blade or sandpaper, there will be no trace of tearing, cracking, breakage or pores. So carpenters can easily use ebony wood to make all kinds of tools without worry. In the opposite, softwoods do not get polished well and break easily.
  • The texture of ebony wood is completely smooth and shiny and there are not even any holes it it. This is considered as a very important option in choosing wood for making some items such as furniture.
  • If we want to point out one of the most important and main properties of ebony wood, we must mention its strength and impermeability to water. The density of this wood is higher than the density of water, which is why if the devices made of ebony wood fall into the water, it will easily sink, but this sinking will not cause water to penetrate into the wood texture. As a result, the usage of ebony wood in aquarium design is quite common.
  • Certainly for all carpenters and activists in the wood industry, it is very important that the dimensions of the wood do not change due to humidity and temperature fluctuations. Since the density and hardness of ebony wood is high, be sure that the dimensions of the wood used in the equipment do not change.
  • Of course, working with ebony wood will be a little difficult because it is very hard and has high density. But still it will be worth using it in various industries.
  • Before any type of wood is utilized in the industry, it must first be completely dried and the moisture of the wood must be removed, because if wet wood is used in the manufacture of equipment, it loses its moisture over time, and this causes dimension changes, breakage and even rot of the item. Since the length of the fibers used in ebony wood is also short, so when drying, care must be taken to not create cracks inside it.
  •  It was explained at the beginning of the article that the texture of ebony wood is black and very shiny. This gloss is due to the oil inside the wood. As a result, the same oil will create limitations for carpenters during work. Therefore, ebony wood does not have good adhesion and experts in the wood industry should use other methods for joints.
  • It will be interesting for you to know that ebony wood can be easily softened with steam and as a result can be changed in any shape we desire. Therefore, the wood can be bend easily by steam.

Features and applications of ebony wood

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The Cost of Ebony Wood

Ebony wood is known as one of the most expensive types of wood in the industry, and perhaps one of the most important reasons for this high price is the different and special color of the wood. Of course, the characteristics of this wood make it special and increase its scope of function, which also will raise the price and will increase the cost of equipment made with ebony wood. Certainly, the application of this wood in various industries makes it possible to produce a variety of tools with very high quality, in numerous colors, and that is why the number of customers for wooden tools, made of ebony wood is increasing every day.

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Applications of Ebony Wood

Ebony wood is used to manufacture all kinds of musical instruments because they have high resistance and the color of the wood and its texture will make musical instruments more beautiful.

Other usages for ebony wood include making chess pieces, drawing rulers, decorative items, sports equipment, marquetry, mosaics, and so on.

Is ebony wood rare?

Ebony is one of the woods that is in constant demand in the wood industry. The high demand and slow growth of this tree has made its price more expensive than other woods. This has made this wood rare.

One of the most common questions about this product is “Is ebony wood still available?”

In answer to this question, we must say that ebony wood is in danger of extinction and is only available in Sri Lanka and India. Contact us to order this wood in different sizes. Why ebony is endangered? Excessive use of this wood has caused us to face a shortage of this wood worldwide.

Is ebony wood expensive?

The reason why this wood is expensive is its dark color and its rarity. 

How do you tell if ebony is real?

One of the questions that customers ask our experts is how we can distinguish genuine ebony wood. Because ebony has a heavyweight. View its weight only to buy original Gabon ebony wood.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

Is ebony waterproof?

Yes. Ebony wood has a high resistance to moisture and water

Is ebony good for furniture?

Ebony is a wood of choice for making high-quality, durable furniture items that would last very long. Since it is strong and looks really good, it is the perfect choice for making domestic use items. However, the high cost and rare availability of few types of ebony make it not so suitable for general use items. 

How do you clean ebony wood?

Over time, wood becomes dirty and sticky. You can use lemon to clean Gabon ebony wood.

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  1. Ebony wood was used in 18th century France. It was mostly used in the field of interior decoration. If you pay attention, it has brown and black lines and is used for cabinet cover

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