Which Type Of Wooden Flooring Is Best? Wooden Or Laminate Flooring?

Wooden flooring

If you have been following home decoration design in the last few years, you may be familiar with the place of wooden flooring in buildings. Wood, as one of the types of natural materials, has always been popular among people and because of its special attractiveness, it is used in home decoration design. Different types of wooden flooring in terms of material, color and design allow you to use them in different parts of the building. But some people will be hesitant about using wooden flooring because they are aware of some problems with wood, such as getting swollen or its vulnerability. It is better to read the rest of the article carefully so that you can make a better decision for this purpose.

Tips for Choosing Wooden Flooring

Different types of wood are utilized for wooden flooring, which will lead to different strengths. Therefore, you should consider a few points before choosing the wood:

  • In the first step, you must determine the humidity of the environment. For instance, in the northern part of Finland, where the weather is humid, you must go to a type of wooden flooring that is very resistant to moisture and does not rot, get swollen and be attacked by fungi, over time. Moisture resistance will vary, depending on the type of wood. Some of them are very sensitive but others have a high degree of resistance. For example, thermowood is known as one of the best woods for building flooring because, in addition to high impact resistance, it is also very resistant to moisture.
  • Another issue in choosing wooden flooring is the resistance to scratches and breakage. Because, as soon as you walk on the floor, your weight will put pressure on the wood and if the wood is not strong enough, it will crack and break. Or imagine a device falling on the ground from your hand. If the wood is not resistant to scratches, the top layer will be destroyed with the slightest impact.
  • The color of the wooden floor is also very important. The smaller the area of your building is and the less natural light it receives, the lighter colors you should refer to because the dark floor makes the environment look duller and smaller.
  • You should also measure the area of the building to know exactly how much wood you will need to cover it.

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Wood flooring buying guide

Advantages of Wooden Flooring

Various materials are being used to cover the floor of a building, including wood. Wooden flooring has a lot of advantages, which makes it have a special place among people and designers:

  • The first advantage of wooden flooring is the beauty of the interior decoration of the building. As the woods have a very attractive natural appearance and the color is also very special and impressive, they will double the beauty of your interior decoration. Especially because of being compatible with both traditional and modern decorations. Whenever you want to change the style of home decoration design, you don’t have to worry about wooden flooring to not adapt to the new style.
  • Wood is also a thermal insulator. So it will make your building warmer. This is especially true for buildings located in cold climates. Ceramic flooring is very cold during the winter and makes it necessary to have more heating appliances inside the house. But wood, because it can prevent heat loss, will help keep your building warmer.
  • Wooden flooring is much easier to install. All you have to do is use the required materials depending on the type of flooring and stick it on your previous flooring.
  • Since wood is obtained from the heart of nature, so wooden flooring will increase the tranquility of the environment because it gives a sense of naturalness to family members.
  • The useful life of wooden flooring is much longer than other floorings.
  • On the other hand, wooden flooring is environmentally friendly. If you decide to change this type of flooring after a few years, you can use its timber to make disposable pallets, or it can be turned into sawdust and used in various industries.
  • Wooden flooring does not harm the human body in terms of health, so the application of wooden flooring will be the healthiest type of flooring from this perspective.
  •  If you use high-quality wooden flooring, it is resistant to impact and if the device falls to the ground, it will not break or crack.
  • Wooden flooring, which has very high quality and durability, is also resistant to the growth of pathogens, including fungi and mold.
  • Due to the beauty of wooden flooring, if you want to sell your building, this issue will attract the customer’s attention.

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Application of wood flooring

Disadvantages of Wooden Flooring

In addition to the advantages mentioned for wooden flooring, it is not bad to look at its disadvantages, which include:

  • Making noise when walking on the floor
  • Getting swollen because of being vulnerable to moisture
  • Color change of some types of wooden flooring due to sunlight
  • High cost of some types of flooring
  • Getting scratched (some types of floorings)

Different Types of Wooden Flooring

As mentioned, different types of wood allow you to choose the best wooden flooring based on your budget and the function of the building. In the following, we will introduce different types of wooden flooring and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them:


The most common types of wooden flooring are parquets, which are made of natural wood and then glued to the floor with special adhesives. When the installation of parquets is done, a gloss varnish is used on them, which makes them more beautiful. The application of parquet will definitely make your building more beautiful and of course, you can use any style you want to design your home decoration. On the other hand, the useful life of wood parquet is very long and if it is damaged, it will be possible to repair it. But do not forget that you should pay more attention to the maintenance of parquet floors, because they are easily damaged by sharp objects, and if they are exposed to direct sunlight, the color will fade, over time. Also, in most cases, parquets get swollen due to moisture, so if water spills on them, you should immediately dry the parquet.


Another type of wooden flooring is laminate, which, unlike parquet, is not obtained directly from wood, but compressed wood fibers. After the laminate is produced, some veneers are placed on their surface that have the pattern of natural wood, and as a result, it gives a natural appearance to your building. The variety of laminates is very high and on the other hand, even if you want to change your house, you can easily remove the laminates and move them to a new environment. Laminate is also more resistant to moisture than parquet.

Is wooden floor better than laminate?

Wooden flooring is more durable than laminate flooring. Both require proper care. One thing you should pay attention to is that if there is a stain or damage to the laminate, it cannot be repaired. But the wooden floor will be repaired again. The cost of laminate parquet for installation is much lower compared to the installation of wooden parquet.

What wood flooring is best?

Hard wood is usually used for the construction of flooring. Woods such as oak wood, cherry wood and maple are the most suitable wood for flooring indoors and outdoors. Bamboo wood and sparrow’s tongue are good choices for making wooden floors.

Is wood floor cheaper than tile?

Tiles are cheaper than wooden floors. Wooden and ceramic floors have good resistance to water. But it is important that your wooden flooring is waterproof. It means that wood species resistant to moisture have been used. However, it needs maintenance to extend its life.

Are wood floors high maintenance?

Natural wood parquets are a completely organic product, and their cell structure reacts immediately in combination with water, causing swelling and cracking on the wood surface. It is recommended not to use any kind of water directly to clean the wooden parquet. Wooden parquet can be easily damaged. If you have pets, be sure to use parquets with stronger boards. Species such as Brazilian walnut wood , bamboo and maple wood that are more resistant to animal claws.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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