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One of the most important items in any home is the dining table. When we sit at the table to eat, firstly, there is no pressure on the joints and secondly, the shoulders and spine will be flat when sitting. As a result, we will not hump. Therefore, buying a dining table is one of the requirements. If you go to the market, you will see a variety of wooden, metal and also MDF dining tables. Some dining tables even have steel bases and a glass top. Most people welcome a wooden dining table. In this article, we will explain the features and benefits of a wooden dining table and explain what to do to make a good choice.

The Most Important Advantages of a Wooden Dining Table

As mentioned, most people are interested in using a wooden dining table. In order to better understand the reason for the popularity of this device, we will mention the positive features of the wooden dining table in this article, so that you can become more familiar with its special place among people:

– Wooden Dining Table Has a Unique Beauty

Go to a furniture and home decor store and ask the seller to put together a wooden, glass, metal and MDF dining table. We do not doubt that among these four options, the wooden dining table will stand out more. Wood is one of the best natural materials, on which carpenters and craftsmen can easily apply all kinds of designs and patterns. In addition, woods are numerous in terms of color and texture. Therefore, very beautiful woods are used in making different types of wooden dining tables. Especially if their natural color is preserved, it will give a special beauty to your home environment. The comparison of the beauty and charm of a wooden dining table with other types of dining tables will be good proof of this.

– Wooden Dining Table Designs Are Various.

As mentioned, carpenters can apply a variety of designs and patterns on wood through marquetry and inlays. While this is not possible in MDF and metal dining tables.

– The Durability of Wood is Very High.

Carpenters definitely use the best wood to make a dining table that is very durable and does not rot or be attacked by insects due to environmental conditions. According to what has been said, the durability and strength of wood are higher than artificial wood products as well as metals. For example, in the dining table, those types of wood are used that are insulated against moisture. So if a glass of water spills on the table, it does not get swollen. But this is not the case with MDF wood, and if water spills on it, the MDF gets swollen.

– Wooden Dining Table is Compatible with All Decorations.

It does not matter what the design of your home decor is; the Wooden dining table due to special designs as well as very beautiful colors in wood will be compatible with any style of interior design. But this does not happen with other types of dining tables.

– Wooden Dining Table Never Gets Old.

Wood is one of the most important natural materials widely used in human life, which has been widely used in various fields for human beings from ancient times to the present. Wooden furniture made for home or office decoration never gets old. Even if they last a long time, they still have their charm and shine like a precious objects in the house. But wooden artificial products are attractive for a short time, and after a few years, you will want to change them because these items of dining utensils or tables are old-fashioned.

What to Do to Better Maintain a Wooden Dining Table?

The wooden dining table is indeed made of the best woods that have a high resistance to changes in temperature and humidity and also to insects but do not forget that natural material is used in the construction of the table, and if you do not take good care of it, gradually its useful life is reduced and you have to go to carpenters or shops where you bought, to repair and replace it. In this regard, we will mention some important points for maintaining a wooden dining table:

Always spread very strong cellophane or a very nice and thick plastic tablecloth on your dining table, because if some food spills on the wood while eating, even if it is easy to clean, but gradually fat stains on the wood Will remain. In addition, spilling drinks on the table is problematic. Even the most resistant wood retains some moisture in its texture and therefore the wood smells over time.

Do not use strong detergents to clean a wooden dining table. Use a damp cloth once or twice a week to clean it. Do not forget that spilling detergent or water on the table will severely damage the wood texture.

– Another issue in maintaining a wooden dining table is to place the table somewhere that is not close to heating appliances. For example, placing it next to a fireplace or radiator can cause the temperature of the wood to rise sharply when the appliances are on. In addition to altering the volume of wood, this can increase the risk of fire.

Apply polish oil at least twice a year for your wooden dining table, because during cleaning, the oil is gradually removed from the wood. As a result, it both reduces the beauty of the dining table and makes the wood texture more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, apply polish oil on wood to prevent dust from penetrating the wood body.

What Is the Price of a Wooden Dining Table?

If you are planning to buy a wooden dining table, you will definitely notice the price variation between different types of tables. The most important factors affecting the price of a wooden dining table are:

– The type of wood used in the table in terms of thickness, degree of resistance to environmental conditions and the availability of wood

– Carvings used in wooden dining tables

– Table size

– Costs related to the carpenters’ wages as well as store costs.

Price of wooden dining table

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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