Is beech wood good quality?

کاربردهای چوب راش در صنایع مختلف

The variety in the texture, structure and color of the wood has increased their function and some of them are even suitable for building scaffolding and exterior and interior decoration. It is enough to get acquainted with the types of woods and their characteristics so that we can better understand their range of application. In this article, we want to introduce beech wood, its characteristics and functions.

Introducing the Beech Tree

The beech tree is one of the shade trees that has grown very well in the heights of Mazandaran and Gilan. It is interesting to know that beech tree is known by different names in different parts of northern Iran. For example, the beech tree in Mazandaran is known as “Mars” and in Noor as “Chelar”. In fact, the native names of the beech tree are very diverse and in different regions it is called by different names. Generally, the beech tree is widely found in the northern forests of Iran and it provides a major part of requirements in the construction of furniture and even the exterior parts of buildings like doors and windows. Of course, it should be noted that beech wood has a very high diversity and is also found in Europe, the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan and Mexico.

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What are the characteristics of beech wood?

Characteristics of Beech Wood

  • Beech is typically a pale cream color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Veneer tends to be slightly darker colored, as slicing the veneer usually requires the wood to be prepared with steam, which gives the wood a more golden tone. Flatsawn surfaces tend to be very plain, while quartersawn surfaces exhibit a silvery fleck pattern.
  • If you have ever seen beech wood closely, you may have noticed that its various species are mostly cream, but sometimes it is also found in pink and brown. But the outer layer of beech wood is darker in color. When we cut the beech tree transversely, we can notice the difference in the color of its inner and outer texture.
  • In terms of texture, beechwood has a smooth, fine-grained structure.
  • If we want to point out one of the most attractive properties of beech wood, we must explain the pattern of wood in different cuts. If a radial cut is applied to the beech wood, the pattern will be in the shape of housefly wings, and if a tangential cut is applied to it, we will see a spindle-shaped pattern on it, which is in the form of small red vertical spots.
  • In addition to appearance, it is not bad to have a look at the strength and durability of beech wood. This wood has very high durability against abrasion and this makes the life of wooden accessories made of beech wood longer.
  • Although beech wood has many different species and this causes a difference in its weight, but in general beech wood has a medium weight.
  • Despite the high strength and durability of beech wood, it is very flexible and there will be no restrictions for carpenters to perform different designs and patterns on it.
  • Another feature of beech wood is its ability to be polished, which gives a lot of options to carpenters and activists in the wood industry.
  • The resistance of this wood against moisture, heat and sunlight is very high and this feature increases the range of its functions, so it will be used to make doors and windows.
  • It is necessary to know that beech wood is in the group of softwoods. You may think that being soft means that the wood is weak, but this mentality is totally wrong. Beechwood, while very flexible, has too much durability and strength and therefore it is a good choice for implementing various designs, carving, engraving and even for a variety of handicrafts.

Beechwood is also highly resistant to insects and fungi attacks. Therefore, this feature will be an advantage for using it in home appliances.

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Benefits of beech wood

The Most Important Usages of Beech Wood

Once you become familiar with the properties of beech wood, you will find that this wood has a special place among craftsmen and has various usages. Among the most important uses of beech wood are:

– The most important use of beech wood is in furniture making. As the wood consists of various colors and has very beautiful designs on its texture, in addition to increasing the durability and strength of furniture and wooden items, it gives them more beauty and this will make the furniture more attractive.

– Beechwood is also used to produce simple and curved plywood.

– Other uses for beech wood include making musical instruments such as the piano. As we have mentioned, the beauty of beech wood increases its efficiency. Therefore, when this wood is used in musical instruments, it will increase the beauty of the instrument along with its strength.

– We can even use beech wood to make all kinds of toys and baby accessories.

– Since the strength and durability of beech wood are very high, so it will be a good option for the interior and exterior decoration of the building. This wood is even used to make parquet.

Beech Wood Price

Certainly, the issue of the cost of beech wood is very important for everyone, because this wood is supposed to be used to make various tools, and finally, if the price of the product goes too high, it may go over the customer’s budget. In general, furniture, made of beech wood is cheaper than walnut wood, but do not forget that the type of tool, the degree of delicacy used in it, the species of the beech tree and many other factors will affect the price of beech wood. Therefore, it is better to go to reputable stores to buy beech wood furniture to make sure that they provide an original quality. Do not forget that the higher the quality and durability of the wood used in home furnishings and decorations are, the longer they will last, and it is at this time that you will realize the price has been really economical. We have often encountered customers who, because of purchasing cheap wooden furniture, have been forced to replace or repair them in a short time. In fact, as much as you spend, you will have quality material. Especially when you are going to use wood for interior and exterior decoration design, it is better to prefer quality over price.

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The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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