3 The Best Suitable Wood For Wooden Toys (Durable, Harmless And Hypoallergenic)

Best Suitable Wood For Wooden Toys

What you should know about wooden toys. Choosing wooden toys for kids is a great way to encourage their creativity and help them play the way they want to play. Buying wooden toys is a great way to encourage creative play. Children do not need different toys. The only important and essential point is that these plates are not made with industrial glues and chemicals.

what wood is used for wooden toys? Stay with us until the end of the article to introduce you to the best wood for making toys.

What Wood Are Children’s Toys Made Of?

To make wooden toys, you can use natural wood and finger joint plates. The best wood for toys is quality hardwoods such as maple, birch, oak, beech, walnut, spruce and ash.

What Wood Are Children's Toys Made Of?

Maple; Wood suitable for making toys

Maple wood is the best wood for making toys. The maple tree is one of the most impressive trees on the planet. Maple is one of the broad-leaved trees, it falls in winter, and it is native to East Asia, especially Japan. Maple trees grow in forested areas and in acidic soils. The color of its wood is creamy white with a more or less pearlescent luster. Maple wood is one of the most suitable woods for making wooden toys.

This wood is a suitable option for toddlers. For more information about other uses of this wood, I recommend reading the maple wood article.

Note: Maple is hypoallergenic and safe.

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Birch wood; The second suitable wood for making wooden toys

Birchwood is a suitable wood for the production of wooden toys for children. The wooden toy made with birch species is not dangerous for children. This is completely natural wood. Birchwood is a beautiful wood for high-level carpentry work, to design artifacts and children’s toys.

The main origin of the birch tree is in the lands of North America. This tree is categorized into 9 different types of yellow, white and sweet birch with a wide variety. This beautiful wood is widely used in cabinet making, interior decoration design, furniture making and even door and window industries.

Birch wood wooden toy

Birch wood is similar to maple wood in terms of texture, the density of wood, the density of wood layers and weight of the boards. These two woods look very similar. Birch wood is cheaper than maple. Birchwood is a wood with a light color.

One of the common types of wood used in making wooden toys is beech wood. Rush is incredibly durable. It is natural and compatible with the environment. European beech and Russian beech are very popular. Contact our experts to order beech wood products.

Read this article to learn more about the characteristics of birch wood.

Oak wood; The best natural wood for wooden toys

Oak wood is one of the most important woods in the world. Unlike other woods, oak wood has many different colors. Oak wood is relatively semi-hard and semi-heavy. This type of wood is used in rainy places due to its resistance to humidity. Both red and white oak woods are suitable for wooden toys due to their high strength, reasonable price, and good dyeability.  It is a highly malleable material. If you want to know more about oak wood, I recommend reading the oak wood article.

Is MDF the right wood for making wooden toys?

Some people believe that MDF is suitable for making toys. But it is not so. MDF is not suitable for toy making. MDF are made with very dangerous chemicals and glues. If children put the toy in their mouth, it is very dangerous.

Formaldehyde is one of the most dangerous ingredients used in wood glue. Formaldehyde is easily absorbed by the human body through digestion, breathing and skin and is very carcinogenic. Among the symptoms of formaldehyde gas emission in the space are complications like:
wheezing, cough, nausea, burning eyes, breathing problems, burning throat, fatigue, runny nose, etc. Our suggestion to the manufacturers of wooden toys is to use formaldehyde-free wood glue to connect wooden parts of wooden toys.

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What is the right color for a wooden toy?

Here are six reasons why you should buy wooden toys:

  1. wooden toys are safer Wooden toys are designed without small parts and are made without using toxic chemicals that could harm children. Even better, they don’t run on batteries!
  2. Wooden toys are suitable for children of all ages. Many wooden toys, such as wooden block sets or wooden puzzles, have a lasting appeal that your kids will be playing with for years to come.
  3. Wooden toys are durable. Many plastic toys are made from cheaper materials and have a shorter lifespan than wooden toys.
  4. Wooden toys stimulate creativity. Creativity is a vital skill for kids. Later in life, they need creative play to teach them to think differently, develop problem-solving skills and help their brain reach its full potential.
  5. Wooden toys are eco-friendly. Wooden toys made from certified, sustainably sourced wood are a much more eco-friendly option than plastic toys.
  6. Wooden toys are both relaxing and stimulating. The presence of natural colors in nature calms children’s minds and body.

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What is the right color for a wooden toy?

What kind of wood is safe for babies?

Some woods cause allergic reactions in people. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful in buying wooden toys for your children. Paying attention to this point, it is necessary to use approved wood. Ask the seller what kind of wood is used in making wooden toys. Maple, cherry, birch, oak and fir are safe for babies.

Are wood toys sanitary?

Wood is the least dangerous material in the production of toys. It does not absorb moisture and does not have bacteria. For this reason, wood is the best material for the production of toys for children.

last word

Without a doubt, wooden toys are more valuable than plastic toys. It will be safer and more attractive for children to hold a natural substance. Any wood can be used to make a wooden toy and if the wood is natural, it will certainly not be harmful to your child. Maple wood is the right wood for making children’s toys. But this wood is not available in all parts of the world. That’s why it is more expensive.

The safest wood for making wooden toys is hardwood. Hardwood is long-lasting and durable. Children are used to chewing their toys. For this reason, it is recommended to use hardwood. This is the question of many people: what wood is used for children’s toys? In this article, we introduced resistant and safe woods. We hope it was useful.

You may be interested to know that you can prepare all kinds of wooden toys for children at home. Search the Internet for your plan, get the materials you need, and follow the tutorial. Just open your browser and search: easy wooden toys to make. You can order best wood for kids toys from our company.

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