Outdoor Wooden Flower boxes ideas 2023

Introducing Different Types of Flower Boxes

Nowadays most houses have been turned into apartments and people are deprived of having a yard and garden, but with the help of flower boxes, you can create a completely green and fresh environment in your apartment. Flower boxes are boxes that are designed to plant a variety of flowers and plants, and due to their beauty, you can definitely use a variety of flower boxes, even for the interior of the building.

If you go to the flower and plant market and greenhouses to buy flowers and plants, you will have different types of flower boxes but the seller will suggest you use a wooden flower box. If you want to know why wooden flower boxes are superior to other boxes, reading this article will help you a lot.

Introducing Different Types of Flower Boxes

First, we need to examine the types of flower boxes so that you can understand the reason for the superiority of wooden flower boxes over other types. The most common types of flower boxes are:

Pottery Flower Box

As the name implies, such flower boxes are made of pottery. Arguably the most important advantage of a ceramic flower box is the natural drainage it will create in the potting soil. When you water the pot, extra water comes out of the body of the clay flower box, resulting in the best drainage. But the most important disadvantage of such flower boxes is the issue of low strength. It is enough to hit it with the slightest blow to break the pottery and you will have to change your box of flowers and plants.

Pottery Flower Box

Plastic Flower Box

If you are looking for a flower box with low price, lightweight, color variety and very high durability, a plastic flower box is definitely ideal for you. However, not only plastic cannot be a very good environment for plant roots to grow but also you cannot expect very attractive designs to be applied to plastic flower boxes. Therefore, such flower boxes are only suitable for terraces and balconies.

Plastic Flower Box

Concrete Flower Box

Another type of flower box made of cement and rebar is called a concrete flower box. These boxes are more suitable for urban green space because you cannot use them aesthetically at home or even on the terrace. Of course, those who have a yard in their home can place concrete flower boxes in a part of the yard or villa because they are very durable and resistant to temperature and humidity changes.

Concrete Flower Box

Metal Flower Box

As the name implies, metal flower boxes are made of metal. The biggest disadvantage of such flower and plant boxes is the sensitivity to moisture and rust in the body of the pot and on the other hand, severe temperature changes inside the metals. In winter, such flower boxes are very cold and in summer they are very hot. Certainly, such conditions affect the roots and therefore we cannot consider a metal flower box as a suitable environment for plant growth. These flower boxes can be used on city walls, but the inside must be well insulated.

Stone Flower Boxes

Definitely, stone flower boxes will give a lot of beauty to your home because various colors with beautiful designs can be applied to them. Beautiful and luxurious residential and commercial complexes that have been built in different parts of the city, use beautiful stone flower boxes at their entrance. Attractive designs in the stone make flowers and plants more beautiful, and on the other hand, the stone is more durable in environmental conditions. You can even use stone flower boxes for the roof garden and urban space.

Stone Flower Boxes

Glass Flower Box

Aesthetically, glass flower boxes are really special, but the durability is very low and we have to take great care of them. For example, you can use a glass flower box to place flowers and aquatic plants on the reception table or dining table. But in any case, it should be out of reach of children because the impact of a device on the glass will break it.

Wooden Flower Box

One of the best types of flower boxes is the wooden flower box. Wood is a natural substance so it is compatible with plant roots and does not damage them. On the other hand, it is thermal insulation, so during the cold and hot seasons, you will be sure that severe temperature changes and fluctuations do not occur inside the root environment, and in this regard, the health of the plant is maintained. A wooden flower box can be used for planting flowers and plants in the urban space, inside the terrace and inside the building. Most flower boxes are made of thermowood or plastic wood.

The Most Important Benefits of Wooden Flower Box

If you are thinking of buying a flower box for the interior of the building or the terrace and balcony, we suggest you compare all types of flower boxes in terms of advantages and disadvantages so that the best flower box can be made based on your geographical area, climate and type of flowers and plants selected. Having said that, the most important advantages of a wooden flower box are:

  • Wood is a natural and environmentally friendly material, so if after a while your wooden flower box has a problem and you decide to replace it, even if this wood is left in the environment, it rots quickly and as a result, does not cause any damage to the environment. However, the same wood can also be used to make disposable pallets.
The Most Important Benefits of Wooden Flower Box
  •  Considering that wood is an insulating material against time, so you can be sure that in any region of Iran where you live, a wooden flower box creates a thermal cover for the roots of the plant and prevents it from excessive heating and cooling. In fact, wooden flower boxes, on the one hand, due to their natural state and on the other hand, due to their thermal insulation, maintain the health of the plant roots.
  • The variety of designs and colors in wooden flower boxes is very high. If you go to buy different types of wooden flower boxes, you will find that there is a lot of variety in this field, and natural designs on wood will make the space inside your building more beautiful. In fact, a wooden flower box is also a decorative item.

Disadvantages of Wooden Flower Box

In addition to the advantages mentioned for the wooden flower box, we must also look at its disadvantages, which are:

Definitely, because we water the plants once or twice a week and the water remains in the soil environment, the wood will rot easily and in a short time, we may have to change our wooden flower box. Of course, this depends on the quality of the wood used inside the flower box. Woods that have a very low moisture resistance will rot sooner.

Some woods, in addition to being sensitive to moisture, are very susceptible to fungi and diseases. Therefore, when buying a wooden flower box, make sure that the type of wood used has a high resistance to pathogens because otherwise, the presence of a humid environment inside the wood will provide the conditions for the growth of these diseases and the roots of the plant will be seriously damaged.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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