7 Best Wood For Building A Dry Sauna (Cheap And Waterproof) Price 2023

What Is the Best Wood for a Dry Sauna? A dry sauna is one of the types of structures that are used in the design of villas and large spaces today.

Different materials and elements are used to build this type of structure, and wood is one of these options. In fact, the element of wood is used to create a suitable cover for the body and floor of the pool, and the selection and installation of high-quality wood is one of the most important things that must be considered for building a durable and resistant sauna.

How to Build a Sauna

In fact, the suitable wood for a dry sauna should be selected from a type that has few knots and high resistance to moisture.

In this way, resistant and high-quality wood will not be damaged and corrupted by moisture and other environmental problems. Another thing that should be noted about the wood used in the dry sauna is that the selected wood should be used naturally without using any kind of color for covering. In this case, the health of the wood will be preserved.

At the same time, those types of trees are suitable for use in the design and construction of a dry sauna, which do not contain any type of gum, because wood with a lot of gum increases the possibility of allergies and headaches. Woods that create a pleasant heat and aroma in the environment should be considered desirable elements in the construction of the sauna.

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Best wood for sauna floor


Eucalyptus is one of the rare options used in sauna construction, but it has many advantages due to its distinguishing features. As one of the wood types that is rarely used, this wood is strong and durable, and it is widely used in other industries such as cabinet making. If we want to compare eucalyptus wood with teak wood, we can say that there are many similarities between these two types of wood, but eucalyptus wood is sold at a cheaper price. This wood is a type of hardwood and as a result, it can show good resistance against factors such as decay. Features such as high durability and stability have made eucalyptus wood widely used for a space like a sauna.

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One of the types of wood suitable for building a dry sauna is cedar wood. One of the distinctive features of this wood is its lightness and high flexibility, which makes it resistant to various conditions. The beauty of cedar wood makes the environment have a special beauty and a natural and pleasant aroma. Cedar wood has natural heat, which makes it a suitable option for building a sauna because the natural heat from this wood will not cause burns. In fact, cedarwood is one of the most popular options for building saunas in luxury spaces.


Poplar wood

Another type of wood chosen for building a dry sauna is poplar wood. This type of wood is noted for its high resistance. In this way, you can easily use poplar wood to build a dry sauna structure. Since it is easy to work with this wood, it is used in the construction of dry saunas with different designs. With this type of wood, you can create a special space with a bright yellow-white color. Poplar wood is preferred over some other woods in the design of dry sauna due to its reasonable price. Since it does not have any kind of knots, poplar wood is considered in creating a luxurious and special effect.


Douglas fir is a high-quality and softwood that is used to make dry saunas. It is also used to produce a wide range of products, including outdoor wood flooring, classic and office furniture, kitchen cabinets, wood veneers, and boats. You need to make a hole on this wood for dry sauna connections. It has high durability and is the best option for dry sauna.

pine wood

Pinewood is softer than hardwoods and is the best option for building a dry sauna. This is a cheap and economical option. If you want to have a dry sauna with strong wood and the price is right, this is the right option. The color of this wood is dark and if you are a fan of this color, it is the best option.

pine wood

pine wood barrel sauna

finnish finland pine wood barrel sauna: A barrel sauna with Finnish pine wood is one of the most pleasant ways to relax after a day’s work. Barrel saunas made with pine wood offer proven medical and health benefits to their users in addition to the sensation of relaxation.

Most of these barrel saunas are made with a diameter of 180 cm and a maximum capacity of 6 people.

barrel sauna with Finnish pine wood


Thermowood, which is prepared by using the heating process and making chemical changes to the structure of the wood, is an ideal option for building a dry sauna. This wood leads to the creation of color contrasts in the intended environment and is a good option for a space where there is a tendency to use dark colors. Thermowood has high resistance due to structural changes and the hardness of this type of wood improves after the process.

This modified wood is suitable for the construction of all types of saunas due to its stability in dimensions. Thermowood can be used as soft and hardwood and it is easy to maintain. In fact, this type of processed wood has a good efficiency in modern and contemporary spaces, and due to the lack of deformation, it can be used in the sauna space.

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Thermowood Best wood for sauna

Hemlock wood

One of the distinctive features of hemlock wood that makes it suitable for building a sauna is the absence of gum in it. This wood does not create an unpleasant smell and has high durability. It is easy to work with hemlock wood, so it is considered for the construction of various structures. Of course, it should be noted that the resistance of hemlock wood is such that it is a good choice for building a home sauna. The wood of this tree is characterized by its cream color and uniform texture. The use of hemlock wood in a space like a sauna causes the heat to spread evenly in the environment, for this reason, it is known as a functional element for use in the sauna.

Alder wood

Another type of wood that is widely used in the construction of dry saunas is alder wood. The color of this type of wood is reddish and the texture is pleasant and beautiful. This type of wood is considered a worthy choice in the construction of the sauna space. In fact, the features of alder wood, such as its resistance and water repellency, have made it one of the suitable choices for sauna construction.

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Cypress wood

The cypress tree, which is a coniferous type, has more softness than broad-leaved trees, and for this reason, it is considered a good choice for use in areas with high humidity. One of the most important characteristics of the cypress tree is that it emits a pleasant aroma against the heat of the environment, and that is why this wood is one of the preferred choices among other types of wood in the construction of a dry sauna. The resistance that has been observed from cypress wood introduces it as one of the good woods.

In fact, cypress wood has high strength and durability against various factors such as insects and fungi. Another important thing that makes cedar wood suitable for building saunas and facades, as well as for decoration, is that it can be processed very well. For this reason, carpentry operations can be performed with appropriate delicacy on this wood and achieve the desired result.

Any type of wood chosen for the sauna should be properly insulated. In fact, woods that are durable and strong and their use is economical are known as a favorable option for use in the sauna structure. Woods with high resistance that are not easily deformed against various environmental factors are prioritized in the construction of structures such as saunas.

What kind of wood is used for sauna benches?

Cedar is the most popular choice for dry sauna seating. Laminated plywood is another option for making sauna chairs.

Can you use treated wood to build a sauna?

To make it long lasting, the materials used in the manufacturing of saunas and wooden hot tubs must have high moisture resistance and be less prone to decay. That is why the best option is heat-treated wood.

Do you need to seal sauna wood?

Use some kind of sealant to preserve the sauna wood. There is a type of dry sauna waterproofing sealant that you can purchase. If you use cedar wood, it does not need sealant, because this wood has a protective oil.

What is the cheapest wood for sauna?

Spruce and pine wood is the cheapest wood for building a dry sauna. Finnish white pine is a great and affordable option for sauna benches.

Can bamboo be used in sauna?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, and is a renewable resource that is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwoods. Taken care of properly, this light yet strong material will serve your sauna needs for years to come

What are the inner walls of the sauna made of?

The ceiling, walls and floor of the sauna are made of wood. Of course, it is important that the wood is resistant to moisture.

Sauna wood suppliers

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