What Kind Of Wood is The Flower And Plant Stand Made Of? Types of Wooden Vases

Flower And Plant Stand

We only live once. Because of this, when we open our eyes, we take steps to make each day more enjoyable. The way to make everyday life more enjoyable and brighter is to improve living spaces.

Plants and flowers help you create a very stylish image for decoration. Do you want to add a new texture to your home or just fill an empty corner of your room aesthetically? In such a situation, plants and flowers can come to your aid.

Decorative arrangements are one of the things that add color and freshness to living spaces. Vases in which flowers and plants come to life again make the room in which they are located look much more beautiful.

However, although you can find wonderful flowers in striking colors, classic ceramic or earthenware vases may not create the dramatic effect you’re hoping for.

You have to be a little creative and find original ideas for plants that you plan to place in the corner of the house.

One of these ideas is a wooden stand for flowers and plants. Vases, which have an important place among home products and furniture, are made to match different decorations.

The pot has ergonomic features that provide the user with the place where the plant grows. Excess liquid that increases during irrigation collects in the lower part of this product. Therefore, damage to the plant due to contact with large amounts of water is prevented.

Different Kinds of Vases

Decorative folding wooden vase

Our first vase proposal that allows you to create beauty in your home is a decorative and stylish product. Thanks to this flower bed, which has a layered structure, you can gather your many flowers.

You can easily use this product in the living room, balcony or terrace. With this flower holder that is easy to clean and use, the beauty of your home will increase!

Decorative folding wooden vase

Simple wooden vase

One of the types of pots that allow you to decorate your flower garden with pleasure is a wooden flower pot.

This is a vase that you can increase the height by adding on top of each other and creating different shapes with your creativity. You can plant your most beautiful and eye-catching flowers in flower beds and place them on your balcony, terrace or garden!

Decorative wooden rope, wall shelf vase

One of the wall vases without a base is the decorative wooden rope wall vase. This vase is actually a product in which you can place a library, a vase, and various decorative items.

If you want, you can use this flower bed in the balcony, living room or kitchen to display your magnificent flower bed!

Since the flower bed is high above the ground, it can prevent many accidents. For flowers that are in danger of falling over or you want to keep them away from your pets, you can use hanging types.

Wooden decorative vase base

It’s time for a different, modern and decorative flower pot! The harmony of wood and flowers fascinates everyone. This vase with 4 decorative and practical shelves has an eye-catching appearance. This flower bed, where you can display the number of different flowers according to the size of the vase and flower, can be used both indoors and outdoors. So, displaying your most beautiful flowers is much easier and more impressive!

Long base wooden vase

The next product is the kind that enhances the glamor of a beautiful flower pot!

A standing wooden vase that lifts the vase from the ground with its legs gives a decorative look to the house. Thanks to the multi-legged wooden vase, you can gather the flowers you want. You can also create different, modern and unique images with leg pots of different lengths!

What Kind of Wood Is Used to Make Wooden Vases?

Teak wood

Teak wood is also a type of wood that is known for its strength and durability. Teak trees, which have many characteristics, are also used in the production of wooden vases today. This wood is resistant to water, which makes it a good option for a wooden vase.

Teak wood, which is used in the production of wooden pots, is very hard. This wood can be grown in its native land of Indonesia and neighboring countries. One of the most essential characteristics of a tree that can be grown in Indonesia is the growth stage for several years. This tree has an average cutting age between 85 and 120 years.

Teak wood for plant stand

This tree, which has an average height of 30 to 45 meters, has mostly orange and caramel colors. Teak is light and durable, but its most attractive feature for plant purposes is that teak is relatively water resistant. This means it will hold up well if you plan to leave it outside, or if your plants leak when you water them.

Last Word

In the days when we spend a lot of time in our homes, we can say that the interest in balconies has increased with the arrival of summer. Without a doubt, flowers are one of the best ways to beautify open spaces such as balconies, gardens and terraces!

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