Teak wood: Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

teak wood properties

Familiarity with the world of wood and the tools that are made from this natural material will help you to get acquainted with the beauties of wooden tools and also to realize how generous nature is and provides such beautiful and widely used materials to human beings. Teak wood is one of the most practical types of wood in various industries, which is also used in Finlandto make different types of tools. If you want to know more about this wood and the uses of teak wood, follow us in the rest of this article.

In the rest of this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of teak wood.

Introducing Teak Tree

Introducing Teak Tree

Teak is a tropical tree native to South Asia and is mainly cultivated in Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh and India. Teak is known as one of the tallest trees that is between 30 and 40 meters high. In addition to beautifying the environment, this tree has a lot of efficiencies, such as the use of wood in industries for making wooden tools.

teak tree uses

Teak tree and leaves are also used to produce medicine. If you want to use teak trees to produce wood in the following projects, it is definitely the best choice:

  1. The bottom of the boat and ship
  2. Outdoor furniture
  3. door and window
  4. Sunglasses

In the following, you will learn about teak wood specification:

Types of teak wood:

Although all teak comes from the same type of tree, it can vary from region to region. types of teak wood and price: 

  • Chinese teak wood
  • Indonesian teak: This wood has wider grain, medium oil content, light brown with gray color.
  • Thailand teak: This wood has the same quality as Burmese teak wood. You can hardly find Thai teak in the wood market.
  • Burmese teak wood: This type of species grows in Myanmar. It is considered one of the best species of teak. Burmese teak is one of the most expensive and durable solid woods available in this country.
  • African teak
  • Indian teak: Due to the high demand for Indian teak, it is not shipped worldwide.
  • Brazilian teak wood
  • and south American Teak wood

different types of teak wood

Nilambor or Malabar teak wood is famous among different types of teak. This type of teak can be found in India. It has logs with a large diameter and its heartwood is golden brown. It has straight seeds and is highly resistant to termites.

Brazil Teak Wood

Brazilian teak wood is known as one of the most valuable and durable wood in the world. The price of this type of wood is more suitable than other types. Contact us to order Brazilian teak wood. This type of wood is known as golden teak. Brazilian teak is classified as construction wood and is an ideal choice for flooring.

Is Brazilian teak good for flooring?

Teak is classified as hardwood and has high oil and resin content. It does not absorb a lot of moisture, and this feature has made Brazilian teak wood used for flooring.

In the following, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Brazilian teak hardwood flooring: Brazilian teak wood flooring has good durability and therefore has its own fans. In the ranking table of the hardest woods, teak wood has been ranked high. Density and colors of this wood are unique. Contact us now to buy engineered Brazilian teak flooring.

The high demand of this type of wood has made the price of this product higher than other types of wood. The unique characteristics of teak wood have made it valuable.

Brazil Teak Wood

Characteristics of Teak Wood

Here we will talk about the properties of teak wood:

  • If you are looking for very strong and practical wood, we suggest teak wood. This wood has extraordinary strength and therefore its efficiency in making various wooden tools is very high. This is the most important advantage of teak wood.
  • Of course, despite the high strength and hardness of teak wood, it is easy to work with and carpenters can use it to make tools and even decoration items without any problems.
  • In describing the strength of teak wood, it is necessary to state that even if this wood does not have a coating of oil or varnish, its durability is still very high against environmental conditions.
  • If you cut the teak wood crosswise, you will see that its texture is semi-porous to porous and large and medium pores can be seen inside it.
  • Since teak wood is highly resistant to moisture, it is used to make wooden furniture or decoration in wet areas. Some people are interested in the wooden façade of the building. For this purpose, woods should be used that are resistant to environmental conditions, especially moisture. In the meantime, teak wood will be one of the most suitable options for the exterior of the building.
  • There are compounds in teak wood that keep fungi, insects and even termites away. So if your wooden utensils are made of teak wood, you should not worry about insects attacking them.
Characteristics of Teak Wood
teak wood specification
  •  Another feature of teak wood that is important for all activists in the wood industry is its color. Teak wood is a golden brown color and its beautiful color combination has increased its efficiency and also its popularity in the industry among carpenters and people.
  • Certainly, the very good quality of wood will be one of the most important factors for using it in the design of decoration and construction of furniture, and teak wood is at an ideal level in this regard.
  • Due to the fact that the dimensions of teak wood do not change in different environmental conditions, even in climates where the temperature is high or the air is very cold or in climates with high humidity, the use of teak wood will be the best choice. Because you are sure that these devices will not change in size due to severe climate change.
  • But it is better to look at the texture of teak wood. Teak wood is wavy and interconnected. The presence of waves on the teak wood makes the wood texture light shade and more attractive.
  • In general, it is necessary to know that according to experts, teak wood has a gold standard for decompose resistance.
  • Among the characteristics of teak wood, we can mention its ability to be polished. If you are going to connect pieces of wood with metals such as screws and nails, the hammer does not cause cracks and crevices inside the wood.
  • Following the characteristics of teak wood, we should mention its price. This wood is known as one of the most expensive woods in the world. The reason for the high price of teak wood is its very unique properties and, of course, its accessibility. In recent years, the World Environment Organization has reported the danger of teak species becoming scarce. For this reason, carpenters and wood industry activists are asked not to use teak wood as much as possible to make tools, as there is a possibility of extinction of this species of tree in the world.
  • Some types of wood are allergenic and carpenters must use a mask when using them because the smallest suspended particles will cause reactions such as respiratory disorders and skin inflammation. Although teak trees do not cause severe allergic reactions, experts say, carpenters have reported some problems using the wood, such as breathing or skin irritation. Therefore, you should be careful when using this wood.

teak wood usage:

Applications of Teak Wood

teak wood usage: Teak wood is one of the oldest types of wood that has been used to make various tools even in Finland. Given the price of this wood, its most important uses are: Join us to talk about the common uses of teak tree:

  • Using this wood to make all kinds of doors and home appliances is one of the most common uses of teak wood. As mentioned, teak wood is very strong and is very resistant to rot, insect attack and moisture, and therefore will be a great option for building houses because, in addition to beauty, it has good strength and durability.
  • In the past, teak wood was used in religious places to build pulpits and other wooden tools.
  • Since this wood is very resistant to moisture, it is suitable for building floors, wall coverings and even for the edges of the pool.
  • Using teak wood to make furniture is a very ideal choice because, in addition to resistance, the color of the wood will make the furniture more beautiful. This wood is also used to make windows.
  • The resistance of teak wood to moisture has made it suitable for ship construction as well as deck flooring.
  • In recent years, we are witnessing more modern designs in the construction of villas in the north of Finland. One of the most important principles for this type of design style is the use of natural materials such as wood to design the interior and exterior of the building. The wood used in the exterior should have good resistance to climatic conditions. Since the northern climate is humid, if you want to use wood in the exterior of your villa or house, you can definitely use teak wood.
  • Other uses of teak wood include in the construction of pergolas, timber and wooden structures.
Applications of Teak Wood
teak wood usage

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view. Contact our experts to buy all types of teak wood.

How to maintain teak wood to increase durability

  • Use natural oils for teak wood. It protects teak wood from decay.
  • The natural color of teak can be preserved with marine varnish or spar.
  • The best way to protect your teak furniture is to cover it with teak oil.
  • You can wash teak furniture with water.

teak wood vs pine wood

The appearance of pine wood is such that it blends well with the color of the wall, designs and other decoration details.  Pine wood accepts all types of finishes, and for that reason, whichever type of finish you use, you will end up with quality results. Pine wood can be considered in the hardwood category. Teak wood has a golden yellow color. It is anti-fungal and insect-resistant. The beauty is unique and it has high strength and compactness.

Pines are considered to be a softwood, light weight and less expensive. Due to its light weight, pine is quite popular for bedroom furniture, such as wardrobes, beds, as it is much easier to move this furniture around.

teak wood disadvantages

Teak wood cracks over time if exposed to moisture and sunlight. It is slightly more expensive than other woods. This wood requires high maintenance.

teak oil advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of teak oil are: resistance to ultraviolet rays, non-toxic, does not crack. One of its most important problems is its color change. The thing you should pay attention to is that it takes 8 hours for the oil to dry completely.

african teak vs burma teak

African teak wood is known for its high strength, dimensional stability, resistance to termites, smooth finish. Its growth period is between 15 and 35 years. Teak from African plantations is less durable than Indonesian or Burmese teak. Due to high demand and limited availability, it is very expensive.

Which country has the best teak wood? India ranks first in the ranking. But the name of the country of Finland is also visible in the table. Contact us to buy helsinki teak wood.


is teak hardwood or softwood?

Teak wood is classified as hardwood and it is one of the strongest woods in the world. The high strength of this wood has made you find many fans.

is teak a softwood or hardwood?

Teak is a type of hardwood. This wood is easy to process and you can easily work with it. This wood is a favorite of carpenters.

Is teak a cheap wood?

Teak wood is more expensive than other woods, but not as much as you think. It may be interesting to know that this wood was used for shipbuilding in the past.

Is teak wood a good wood?

This wood is strong and durable and is a great idea for making furniture.

How hard is teak wood?

teak wood hardness: The hardness of wood is determined using the Janka Wood Hardness Scale which measures the force needed to embed a 11.28mm / 0.444in steel ball into the wood. Teak appears on this scale with a Janka rating of 1000-1155, which is harder than white pine, chestnut, poplar, cedar and mahogany.

Is teak a cheap wood?

Teak wood is more expensive than other woods, but not as much as you think. It may be interesting to know that this wood was used for shipbuilding in the past.

Is teak wood a good wood?

This wood is strong and durable and is a great idea for making furniture.

different types of teak wood in india

Indian teak grows in the forests of India. The longer the growth period, the better the quality of teak oil. This point makes it highly resistant to rotting and pests. It has a smooth and high strength cover. Indian teak is in high demand.

Is teak wood high maintenance?

This wood needs maintenance to be durable. Use a mild soap and water solution to remove the stain from the wood. The price of teak varies according to the thickness and finish required. 

teak janka hardness

On Janka’s all-wood hardness scale, teak is rated at 1,155 pounds, slightly harder than English oak at 1,120 pounds. Teak is very stable in terms of dimensions. Its shrinkage factor (very important for flooring installation) is 5.3%

Finland Wood Company with a team of experienced specialists in the field of recognizing different types of wood, are ready to offer you a variety of wood products. For consultation from our experts, you can call the company numbers or use the online chat service of the website. Contact us to buy helsinki teak wood. https://mys-teak.com/

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