Selling all kinds of Cedar Wood [Properties & types]

Familiarity with cedar tree

Cedarwood is one of the most widely used types of wood in various industries and especially in Iran has a special place. Certainly in the current living conditions where human beings are involved in technology and apartments and towers have replaced courtyard houses with large gardens, the more we can add natural materials to our living environment, the more freshness, tranquility and energy of living and even working we will have.

This is why the popularity of wooden furniture has increased in recent years, and even most people want the wood to have its natural color and no artificial colors to be applied to it. In this article, we will explain the characteristics of cedar wood, its properties as well as uses of cedar wood. Follow us in this article to get enough information in this regard.

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Introducing the Cedar Tree

If you have ever seen a cedar tree up close, the size and height will definitely be very attractive for you, especially since it is taller than a pine tree. The cedar tree was first found in the mountains of the western Himalayas and the Mediterranean region and has since spread to other parts of the world. Red cedar, Lebanese cedar, Spanish cedar and Turkish cedar, are the most important types of cedar tree species, which are used especially in the wood industry. Of course, another point that we should mention in the introduction of the cedar tree is its second name, which is “Kenar”. In Iran, in the Khuzestan region, you can see a lot of Kenar trees. Not only the wood but also the leaves and fruits of the cedar tree are usable. As you know, Cedrus is obtained from the leaves of the Kenar tree and the fruit of this tree is very tasty and delicious.

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Characteristics of Cedar Wood

Now it is time to get acquainted with the characteristics of cedar wood because, as we have stated in various articles, to use any type of wood, we must be familiar with its properties to know in which industry this wood will be suitable. Among these, the most important properties of cedar wood are:

  • It is better to go to the color of cedar wood first. The color of this tree changes from red to brown and the reason for this color change is the impact of ultraviolet rays on the body of the tree as well as climatic conditions. Certainly, the environment in which the cedar tree grows will not only affect the height and diameter of the tree but also its color.
  • Cedar tree has very high strength. As described in the previous section, the cedar tree is known as one of the largest trees in the world. This means that the wood is very thick and as a result, it will be possible to work with this wood in different industries.
  • Another feature of cedar wood is the polishing capacity. Of course, the results have shown that the possibility to properly saw or grate cedar wood is low, but the ability to polish and apply different delicacies on wood is very high.
  • Also, cedar wood has a very high ability to be painted, and as a result, the color of the wood can be changed depending on the type of device. Of course, carpenters and activists in the wood industry believe that if you let the natural color of wood be preserved in the equipment, not only the attractiveness and beauty of the equipment will increase, but also the freshness and tranquility of the environment will increase.
  • One of the most important things that should be considered in the usage of wood in various industries is the ability of wood to glue. Unfortunately, some types of wood do not have this capacity, and for this reason, we are limited in using them to make various tools. Fortunately, cedar wood does not have this problem and it has very good adhesion.
  • One of the factors that make cedar wood attractive is its attractive texture and unique color. Cedar wood has a great variety of colors and therefore can be used in the manufacture of various equipment and tools. Especially because it is a good option for making decorative items.
  • One of the effective factors for the superiority of cedar wood among other types of wood is its very high resistance to pests and weather conditions. Some people complain about wooden cupboards because after a while they will see insects entering the wood texture and destroying it. But there will be no such problem with cedarwood. Furthermore, as cedar wood has very good resistance to environmental and climatic conditions, it is also an ideal option for the exterior of the building.
  • Of course, it should be noted that cedar wood does not have enough flexibility, and therefore in the wood industry, this issue must be kept in account while working.
Benefits and uses of cedar wood

Applications of Cedar or Kenar Wood

In this article, it was explained that the Kenar tree is known as one of the oldest trees in Iran and has a wide range of cultivation in areas such as Ahvaz. The cedar tree, in addition to being able to achieve a very good position among the trees for green space and fruit production, has very high-quality wood with many features and capabilities and that is why it has been used in the wood industry from the past to the present, especially in Iran.

  • One of the most important uses of cedarwood is for mosaics.
  • Another application of cedar wood is to use it to make all kinds of musical instruments, especially guitars.
  • In general, cedar wood is known as one of the best types of wood for designing the interior decoration of luxury buildings due to its very attractive texture and various colors, and in recent years it has gained a special place in this field.

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Price of Cedar Wood

Definitely one of the questions that will come to your mind now is the cost of cedar wood. It is very interesting that in order to determine the price of cedar wood, it is necessary to pay attention to the exact part of the tree trunk from which the wood was extracted. But in other trees, this is not a point, and in general, wood will cost the same for each part of the tree. Due to the fact that the wood inside the tree is much more resistant, if the cedar wood is removed from inner parts, the price is more expensive than the ones which are obtained from the outer layers. This may cause some people to go for the wood of the outer layers of the tree, but do not forget that the outer layers are less resistant and to choose the wood, you must pay attention to the type of equipment to be made. Therefore, according to what has been said, using inner layers of cedarwood is a much better option, especially for making tools that need more care. In addition to being resistant to environmental conditions, the wood of this part is also more resistant to pests and fungi, and also the device will be more beautiful.

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What is the price of cedar wood?

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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