Sale of Alder Timber – Order Alder Wood Cut in Different Sizes (Price 2023)

Alder wood

Alder wood is mainly found in the Pacific Northwest. When this wood is cut, it is white in color. But after cutting, its color changes and becomes light brown with yellow or red color. The texture of this wood is relatively even. Alder wood is one of the woods that can be turned easily. This wood can be sanded easily. You can paint the alder wood and apply polish on it. Alder is a relatively soft hardwood of medium density that has low bending strength, shock resistance, and stiffness.

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So far, we have explained briefly about alder wood. Stay with us. We are here to talk about alder species, and applications of alder wood in various industries.

Alder tree

Today we’ll talk about a tree from the deciduous forests of Northern Europe and Asia. Alder The scientific name of Alnus glutinosa belongs to the family Betulaceae, which includes more than 30 species of trees and shrubs. Its area of distribution is mainly in the colder parts of the northern hemisphere.

This tree can live 120 years and has a height of 30 meters. Do you want to know all the secrets, concerns and features that make it special? Keep reading to know all about it.

This perennial tree can live more than 120 years. Although they reach a height of 30 meters, they are generally fairly clean trees. Its crown is pyramidal and its branches are thin. Often cut down for firewood.

As for its leaves, they are simple. We can find it in different sizes from 6 cm long to 5 cm wide. Although it is a deciduous tree, its leaves can remain on the tree through the winter. Unless there is a lot of wind or rain that causes the tree to completely fall. It has green leaves on both sides, although in spring and summer the underside is lighter.

It flowers in August and September and matures in March and April by laying eggs.

Learn more about alder wood

Structure: Alder is a group of mature woody trees. It is sporadically porous. Its pores are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. The rings of the year are special. The special rays are seen as strips and sheets in the special part. The rays appear in the form of dark lines in the vein. There is no obvious color difference between the interior and exterior wood. Spontaneous spots are seen in the vein. The textures of spring and autumn are inseparable in certain lines.

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Learn more about alder wood

Color: Light brown or pinkish-white, close to white. Alder that is cut and left in the air turns yellowish-red. As it dries, it changes color to rusty red.

Features: light, soft and loose wood. It is easy to divide. Less flexible. It lasts underwater. It does not last at all if the humidity changes. In such places it should not be used. Easily destroyed by insects and micro-organisms. It has a smooth and shiny surface. It is very well painted and well varnished.

Weight: Air-dried, specific weight of alder is approximately 0.60 g/cm3.

Where should we use it? It is used as solid, plywood and cladding. The most widely used one is plywood production. It is used in model making, shoes, toys, cigarette boxes and packaging, carving and carved work. This cover is also used in furniture production.

The wood of the alder tree rots in contact with the humidity of the air. Therefore, immediately after cutting, it is dried or placed in water. The strength of this wood increases several times after contact with water. Therefore, alder wood was used to build anchorages during the industrial revolution. Also, many areas of Venice are built on alder wood.

Alder wood is relatively soft and can be seen from medium to light weight. The conditions and environment in which the alder tree is grown has a great influence on the quality of the wood obtained from it. Red alder wood is more used in wood industry.

Alder tree wood is used to make veneers, multi-layer boards, mining piles, sofa coils, wooden molds, flooring, wooden dishes, etc. Furniture made with alder wood has a reasonable price.

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black walnut wood

Black walnut wood is unique and is used for furniture, interior decoration, and weapons. The resistance of black walnut wood against decay and insects is very high. It is also known as American walnut. This wood species is found in abundance in North America. The price of each board of black walnut in the world market is between 10 dollars. Call for more information. Black walnut wood is more expensive than ash, maple and cherry.

In the following, you will see pictures of black walnut wood slab:

black walnut wood slab

Next, you will see wooden furniture made of black walnut wood.

handmade walnut furniture

high end walnut furniture

high end walnut furniture

Alder wood is used in what cases?

Furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, shutters, molding, panel stock, turnings, carvings, and kitchen utensils.

Alder wood is used in what cases?

Is Oak stronger than alder?

Oak and alder are both hardwoods. But oak wood is stronger than alder wood.

Is alder wood waterproof?

Yes. Alder wood is highly resistant to water.

Where to buy walnut wood?

If you are looking for dark walnut wood, we are ready to ship products as the largest supplier of American walnut lumber. Our company is located in Finland. We ship worldwide. So contact us now.

This type of wood is very valuable and has a reasonable price. We ship your orders according to the size you need.

last word

Alder wood belongs to the birch family and is highly durable. There are at least 35 species of these trees distributed throughout different climates around the world. Some people believe that Alder wood is characteristically similar to Cherry wood, though much more sustainable and economical.

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