7 Reasons For Buying MDF Furniture – Wooden furniture vs. MDF

Reasons For Buying MDF Furniture Reasons For Buying MDF Furniture
Today, furniture performs a major role as an important and fundamental tool in the design of various decorations.
The most important issue in environments such as home and workplace is definitely its decoration, and the sofa and its various models can directly affect this section.
MDF furniture is one of the most widely used types of furniture. MDF furniture is one of the wooden products that is very easy to design and make.
Most people do not go for this furniture when they want to choose it because MDF furniture does not resist humidity.
Yes, it is true that MDF does not resist water and moisture, but designers have made it water resistant by using laminate coating in the construction of MDF furniture.
In the rest of this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using MDF furniture in interior decoration:

Advantages of using MDF wood for furniture

We consider the difference between solid wood and MDF with natural wood veneer, which are the most important and natural materials in furniture production, and we try to understand their advantages and disadvantages.

  • High resistance to insects.
  • Production and supply in different thicknesses.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • MDF furniture provides a uniform coating.
  • MDF furniture is stronger than plywood and chipboard.
  • Recyclable products are used in MDF furniture.
  • It has a very good price and is a very economical option MDF furniture is much cheaper than wooden office furniture.

Advantages of using MDF wood for furniture

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Other advantages of buying MDF furniture

  • MDF furniture is a material that is easily shaped. For this reason, they have been the most used wood materials in furniture.
  • High environmental compatibility.
  • Excellent resistance to moisture.
  • Temperature changes, mechanical stress.
  • Long-term operation.
  • MDF sheets have the best processing, so they are the favorite material of modern designers. Carved kitchen facade, massive panels, columns and cornices; All this is MDF.
  • The appropriate ratio between hardness and thickness of MDF boards can be from 4 to 22 mm.
  • The surface of this material is smooth, uniform and dense, which makes the subsequent external processing sheets be very light.
  • MDF may have all the advantages of wood, but it costs less and is more durable.

MDF furniture and insects (termites)

A termite is an insect that targets furniture and eats wood and destroys it.
MDF furniture due to the fact that chemicals are used in it; Insects do not attack it and it is resistant to them.

Disadvantages of buying MDF furniture

  • Low resistance to water and moisture.
  • Edges that are not protected by acrylic or metal strips are especially susceptible to this.
  • It quickly absorbs moisture, swells and changes shape over time.
  • Sensitivity to scratches.
  • It is not recommended to use products containing abrasive materials as cleaners.
  • With continuous exposure to steam, the surface made of MDF may become dull and therefore slightly discolored.
  • When a scratch appears on the facade, it is difficult to paint over the damaged part. You have to paint the entire surface completely.
  • Over time, materials lose their strength and elasticity. Kitchen furnishings start to loosen.

Disadvantages of buying MDF furniture

Tips for increasing the durability of MDF furniture

  • The tree does not need much maintenance until it is turned into furniture. Of course, such furniture is afraid of fire and sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • If your house has skylights, do not place your sofa in the vicinity of sunlight.
  • Keep MDF furniture away from fireplaces and heaters.
  • Use a professional steam cleaner to clean MDF furniture. Steam cleaner, which causes moisture to penetrate into the sofa, reduces its life.

Is MDF sofa better or wood?

The most important comparison between wood and MDF is in its final price. MDF has a lower price than wood.
To maintain MDF furniture, you need to take care, but wooden furniture does not require much care.
You should know that to have high-quality solid wood furniture, you need to allocate enough budget.

the strength of MDF is better than wood?

Due to the increase in demand for furniture due to the increase in population, the slowness of production time and durability takes its place among the types of expensive furniture. Today, natural wood, which is often preferred in classic and luxury furniture, is among the preferences of users with its heavy structure and durable strength. Furniture made of natural wood is usually handmade. Especially patterns are given by carving processes.
At first, natural wood is raw and after cutting, engraving and adding design and pattern with CNC machines and passing through the painting process, it enters the market as a final product.
MDF products:
These products, which are often preferred today, not only reduce the cost of furniture production but also speed up the production line. Being lighter, and easier to carry, they offer more durable products.

as a result

MDF or medium density fiberboard is a widely used type of wood product. MDF is made of wood particles that are glued together and compressed.
The main material of MDF is wood chips, which can be changed into any shape and design, and for strength, a cover of the thickest material can be created on it.
 In recent years, this product has become a substitute for wood in furniture making in many cases.
One of the advantages of buying MDF furniture is its reasonable price compared to wooden furniture.
MDF is a very strong, dense and adaptable material for desks and other furniture. MDF provides a unique combination of performance and value and can be the best choice for your furniture.

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