High Gloss Boards [High Gloss Sheets: Suitable For The Kitchen In Various Designs 2023]

High Gloss Boards
Today, cabinets are made using a variety of building materials in various styles, designs and colors.
One of the popular types of wood used in the construction of kitchen cabinets is high-gloss MDF.
High gloss sheet is one of the primitive materials used to make high-gloss MDF. High-gloss MDF is similar to Melamine MDF, except that it is covered with a plexiglass layer. Plexiglass is a type of plastic that is more resistant and its weight is less than glass. High-gloss is made of MDF wood and has a plastic and glossy cover.
Because the word High-gloss means high brilliance; Maybe when you hear the name of high-gloss MDF, you think of a glossy and white MDF, but this MDF is produced in different designs and colors, in matte, glossy, dark or light colors. and has many fans.
high gloss board

Applications of high gloss board in kitchen cabinets

MDF is an abbreviation of medium-density fiberboard. It is one of the most popular and widely used wood products, which is produced by dry method. Usually, the high gloss sheet is covered with plexiglass on one side and the other side of the sheet is covered with cheaper layers. This layer gives a glossy, transparent state to gloss sheets.
This cabinet has a different appearance and dazzles the eyes of every viewer. In the design of today’s kitchens, high gloss mdf is the first option and the most suitable model that is liked by everyone.

Advantages of High gloss MDF

  • Despite the shiny and glass-like plexiglass coating, these products have a great effect on the beauty of the environment with their modern and simple design.
  • Shows the space brighter due to having shiny surfaces and light reflection.
  • The weight of this material is lighter than glass, but its strength and resistance are greater.
  • The smooth and shiny surface of these cabinets makes them easy to clean, and the surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • The plexiglass cover of these sheets, in addition to their beauty, has a great effect in resisting the destructive effects of humidity and water, and for this reason, they are superior to ordinary MDF.
  • High gloss cabinets have a long service life.
  • With a bright appearance and a special and different coating than ordinary MDF, you will have a wide range of much more beautiful and diverse designs and colors.

Disadvantages of high gloss cabinets

  • Low scratch resistance and low stain resistance: this cabinet has a smooth and uniform surface and its resistance to scratches is low. Therefore, care must be taken in its maintenance.
  • Its inner layer is made of raw MDF, which does not have the desirable resistance against water and humidity.

Important points about high gloss cabinet maintenance

  • This cabinet has a smooth, uniform, shiny and glass-like surface. Therefore, fingerprints and scratches are easily visible on it. As much as possible, sharp objects should be prevented from hitting its surface.
  • High gloss cabinet is very resistant to dust particles and pollution. If a layer of pollution sits on it, it can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

What is the price of high gloss?

The price of high-gloss MDF is higher than normal MDF. Among the factors affecting the price of high gloss cabinets, the following can be mentioned:
One of the factors affecting the price of the high-gloss cabinet is the MDF type used in the core of the work and in the construction and execution of the cabinet.
The second most effective factor is the design of high gloss cabinets, which are available in the market in simple, colored or patterned designs
Coating type: high-gloss, poly-glass, acrylic melamine coating is effective in the price of this type of cabinet.
The cost of designing and implementing this type of cabinet are other factors that affect the price of high-gloss cabinets.
What is the price of high gloss?


Finally, the production quality of high gloss sheets completely depends on the quality of the raw material and the technology and accuracy of its manufacture.
And to control the quality of high gloss sheets, you can use the light of the flashlight. You can contact our experts to buy high-gloss MDF sheets.

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