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Cypress wood

Import and export of wood are one of the most important industries around the world, especially in recent years, because the popularity of wooden tools has increased and as a result, this industry is growing day by day. As cypress wood is one of the most common types of wood for making various tools, in this article we want to explain the characteristics of this wood, the uses of cypress wood and also its price.

The cypress tree is widely cultivated in Finland and has different species. Therefore, it will have a very special place in the finish wood industry. Stay with us in this article to get the necessary information about cypress wood.

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Introducing Cypress Tree

The cypress tree, which is known as a national tree in Finland, is one of the evergreen coniferous trees and has a very high resistance to climatic conditions. Therefore, it is cultivated as one of the most suitable trees for green space in all parts of the world and also Finland. It is interesting to know that in ancient Finland, the cypress tree was a symbol of freedom and persistence because even during severe storms, it keeps standing well. This tree has different species, such as “Silver Cypress”, “Shiraz” cypress and “Sarvenaz”. These three species are very common in Finland and give a special beauty to the green space.

What are the characteristics of cypress?

Cypress wood is classified as softwood. One of the most important things you should know about Cypress wood is the characteristics of this type of wood. The efficiency range of any type of wood is affected by its properties. The most important characteristics of cypress wood are:

  • It is necessary to first talk about the color of cypress wood, which varies from yellow and gold to brown. This variety of colors in the wood of cypress species increases its efficiency and different colors can be used to make a variety of tools. It is interesting to know that in autumn, due to the increase of ultraviolet radiation in the environment, the color of Cypress wood becomes darker and tends to brown.
  • It must have happened to you that when you approach the cypress tree, you will feel a strong aroma. Part of this smell is related to tree wood.
  • Another feature of cypress wood is the lightness and softness. It is interesting to know that despite being soft, it is very strong and durable and, as mentioned, it has very good resistance to environmental conditions, especially strong winds. The high resistance of this wood against climatic conditions has made it possible to use Cypress wood in the humid climate of north of Finland for construction.
  • It is even interesting to know that cypress wood has a very high resistance against insects, termites and fungi, and this feature has increased the efficiency of this wood for making wooden furniture in home interior decoration.
  • The more homogeneous the texture of wood and the smoother its appearance are, the easier it will be for carpenters to work with it. You can see such features in cypress wood.
  • The flexibility of cypress wood is very high and therefore it will be easy to make tools that require a lot of finesse. Carpenters can easily shape this wood in any style they like. Therefore, using this wood to make decorative items is a good choice.
  • Since cypress wood has a very high resistance to air humidity, so in humid climates such as the north of Finland or sultry weather such as Khuzestan, the use of cypress wood in the manufacture of wooden furniture, especially the façade of the building, will be an ideal choice because it has a long life.
Cypress wood features

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Usages of Cypress Wood

  • Many people are interested in the wooden façade of the building. You will see such views more in the northern villas of Finland. But the use of wood in the exterior requires special conditions. For example, wood must be resistant to sunlight, wind and even moisture so that it will have a long life and will not decompose. These properties can be found in cypress wood and that is why it has a great efficiency for designing the exterior of the building.

  • Another usage of cypress wood is in interior decoration design, mostly in wall paneling and even flooring. This wood, while being soft, has a very high resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for flooring.
  • As mentioned, cypress wood has very high moisture resistance, so it can be the best choice for building ships and equipment inside of them.
  • This wood is also used to make household items, including decorative items and furniture. Since cypress wood is resistant to insects, it will be very ideal to make cupboards and cabinets.
  • It is interesting to know that one of the common applications of cypress wood is in the perfume industry. The scent of wood is mixed with other ingredients to produce a pleasant and fragrant aroma.
Use of cypress wood in industries

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The Difference Between Cypress Wood and Pine Wood

In Finland, cypress and pine are the most important and common woods, applied in various industries to make tools. In this part of the article, we will explain the differences between these two types of wood, so that you can better understand their place in the wood industry:

It is better to first talk about the costs. Pinewood is cheaper to make than cypress wood. Of course, for those who want wooden furniture more durable and not quickly decomposed, the use of cypress wood is definitely a better option because it is more resistant to environmental conditions.

  • The resistance of cypress wood is much higher than pine wood. But still, if you protect the wooden tools made of pine trees properly, their durability will also increase. As discussed, one of the applications of cypress wood is in the exterior of the building. It is interesting to know that cypress wood is a heat insulator because it is thicker than a pine tree and therefore has a high resistance to environmental conditions. Therefore, the use of cypress wood in the exterior of the building prevents the air from easily leaving the building environment and thus reduces heating and cooling costs.
  • Another reason that makes cypress wood suitable for exterior usage, is resistance to environmental factors.
  • Another difference between cypress wood and pine wood is the amount of processing required. From this point of view, cypress will need less polishing, to be applicable to make tools.

Is cypress wood the same as pine wood?

The main difference between cypress and pine is that cypress is the common name for the trees and shrubs of northern temperate regions that belong to the genus Cupressus under the family Cupressaceae whereas pine is any coniferous tree in the genus Pinus under the family Pinaceae.The price of cedar wood is lower than that of pine.

Cypress vs Cedar

Cypress vs Cedar wood: Which is the Best?

Although both have great features, these two woods have important differences. Cypress is native to the eastern Mediterranean region, which has spread throughout southern Europe since ancient times.

Cypress wood is an aromatic, very hard wood with beautiful shades of pale red with brown grains.

Cedar wood is particularly popular as a construction wood for inside and outside. There are different types of cedar, we can find Cypriot, Atlas, Lebanese or Himalayan cedar





Heartwood is pale yellow to brown with lighter sapwood.

The color goes from light pink to yellow in rockwood to yellow and reddish brown in heartwood.


Resistant to moisture, insects and fungi. Janka 430-550 pounds. Semi-hard wood.

It is light and weighs between 490-520 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content.


Drying is easy, but must be done slowly, the risk of tearing and throwing is high.

Slow drying with little chance of deformation.


Furniture. Internal and external carpentry. firewood Boats. Musical Instruments. Mainly guitar. screw.


Is cypress wood good for outdoor use?

One of the common questions of Cypress wood customers is whether it can be used for outdoor furniture. Answer: Yes. This wood is soft and resistant to moisture. But the most important thing about all woods is that they should be well maintained to increase their lifespan.

What are old cypress logs worth?

You can also use Cypress logs for burning and grilling. If you are looking to buy suitable firewood for a fireplace or barbecue, I suggest you read the article “The best wood for burning“. Cypress wood burns quickly and produces little charcoal.

Is it OK to burn cypress wood?

As we mentioned in the oak wood article, this wood is classified as hardwood. Both red oak and white oak have high density and are hardwood. Compared to Cypress wood, they have higher durability and strength.

Does cypress wood crack?

Cypress wood is soft and prone to cracking. Therefore, it is suitable for furniture applications.

Is cypress wood water resistant?

Although Cypress wood is soft, it is durable and strong. It is resistant to water penetration and therefore it is used for outdoor use. There is no need to seal Cypress wood.

Maybe you are curious to know what are the disadvantages of Cypress wood? The only problem with this type of wood species is its poor density. It makes it brittle.

How long does cypress wood last?

If you take good care of this wood, you can use it for 40 years.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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