Can You Use MDF For Wall Paneling? 3D MDF Wall Panels Ideas In 2022

MDF wall paneling
Wall panelings are useful and decorative products that are made of many high-tech materials such as wood, MDF, melamine, and polyurethane and it provides you with various decorative possibilities.
In addition to durability, they can also be used for sound and heat insulators. Moreover, thanks to their unlimited versatility, they can be used in many different decoration styles.
MDF wood panels are a practical choice, especially for high-traffic areas. Because the walls are often dirty and scratched. You can have panels to protect walls in areas such as entrances, stairs, and hallways.
Wall covering panels are one piece, usually flat and rectangular, many of which are connected together to cover an entire wall.
It is very easy to install like other coating products.
One of the most used wall panelings is MDF wooden wall paneling.
What is MDF wall paneling?

What is MDF wall paneling?

These products are made of MDF wood and are usually connected to each other in the form of panels, thus covering the surface of the wall.
Wall panelings have a variety of designs and colors, that’s why you can easily use them in many places to complete the design of interior decoration.
MDF wall paneling has a reasonable price and is considered an ideal option for use in commercial, office and even residential environments.
It has more weight compared to PVC models and shows very high resistance to sunlight and heat.
The structure of MDF panels gives them specific flexibility and makes it possible to give a beautiful look to the walls in the decoration of rooms and buildings.
Maybe this is their advantage over natural wood, but in other ways they are not inferior and if you turn to the pricing policy, MDF panels are much cheaper than wooden products.

Why we should use MDF wall panelings?

Panels are not only decorative but can overcome many technical problems. For example, it hides damaged walls and allows you to hide radiators or ugly pipes. Sockets can also be hidden by panels. It is also an effective solution to problems such as humidity. It also helps you to organize the cables of electronic devices.

How is MDF wall paneling installed?

To install the MDF wall paneling, the desired dimensions must be checked first; Then, to implement the MDF wooden wall paneling, the pieces of MDF should be cut in appropriate sizes. After cutting Mdf pieces in appropriate sizes, they should be installed on the wall with the help of glue.
MDF panels are installed on wooden and metal surfaces with a special profile.
With this installation method, there is no need to complete the wall to install the panels, and you can also fill the crack between the wall and the panels with an insulator or hide the electrical wiring or communication cables there.

Methods of installing MDF wall panelings: MDF panels are installed either on the frame or directly on the wall using glue.

How is MDF wall paneling installed?

Tips for taking care of MDF wall paneling:

MDF may be a more economical choice. However, you can always achieve the best appearance, of course with wider options. In the following, we will discuss the care tips for these wall panelings:
Make sure the paneled walls are not exposed to direct sunlight.
Clean it with a soft cloth and mild soapy water, do not let the stain remain for a long time.

Advantages of using MDF wall panelings:

Wooden wall panelings have a very long life and you don’t need to spend extra money to paint the building repeatedly.
Long life.
  • Higher strength than other samples.
  • Variation in design and color.
  • Suitable flexibility for installation in places that are arched.
  • Strike and pressure resistant.
  • Impermeable to insects.

Advantages of using MDF wall panelings:

Disadvantages of MDF wooden wall paneling:

  • Low resistance to moisture.

Can MDF panels be used in the bathroom?

Using MDF wall paneling for the bathroom is not a good choice. Because the bathroom has a humid environment and the resistance of MDF against humidity is very low.

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