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Wooden Slab

In order to introduce the types of wood and their applications in industry, in this article, we are going to talk about wood slabs. As you know, wood has become more widely used in human life in recent years. In addition to the use of wood in industry, we feel the presence of wood in the interior design of homes in abundance, and this indicates the place of wood in people’s minds. For this reason, the industry in this field helps to increase the efficiency of this natural material for humans by making different types of wood. To get acquainted with the applications of wood slabs, reading this article will definitely help you. So do not miss this article.

What Is a Wooden Slab?

At the beginning of the article, we should introduce wooden slabs so that you can understand their efficiency. In vocabulary, slab means sheet or board. In fact, wood slabs are a set of wooden boards of different thicknesses that are stacked on top of each other. The wood used is obtained from a variety of trees. The most important feature of wooden slabs is the natural unevenness on the sides of the wood, which is easily visible. The boards are not made evenly when cutting the sides, which is why there is unevenness, and this, of course, will make the appearance of this wooden slab much more beautiful.

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Wooden slab in finland

How Is a Wooden Slab Made?

As you can see, wooden slabs are cut directly from all trees. How to cut tree trunks will vary depending on the equipment we have, but typically carpenters use integrated longitudinal and transverse logs to cut tree trunks to make wooden slabs.

The point that we need to make about the process of making wooden slabs is that despite the unevenness of the sides, the surface of the wooden boards should be smooth to make this wooden product so that we can put them on top of each other. Therefore, having this in mind, carpenters make the cuts and integrate them. Since in the drying process, the thickness of the wood is completely changed and as a result, more unevenness may be created inside them, we cannot prepare the wooden slab raw and straight, but we must allow the wood to lose moisture and then smooth their surface. In fact, polishing wooden boards is absolutely necessary for making wooden slabs, but the sides of the wood remain uneven and edged.

Finally, the thickness of the cuts is determined by the type of performance of the wooden slab. In fact, the cutter knows for what purpose the wooden slab will be used, so at the beginning of the work, he will completely determine the thickness of the cuts.

Methods of Drying Wooden Slabs

As mentioned, the most important step in making wooden slabs is drying the wood sheets. If we use them raw, the dimensions of the wood will change during the loss of moisture, and as a result, the wooden slabs will lose their beauty. Therefore, drying it is essential. There are two ways to do this:

– Drying wooden slabs in the traditional way

 The method that has been used for a long time is called the traditional method in which the wood is dried slowly in the air. As a result, it will take longer for the wood to dry. The thicker the wood is, the longer it takes to dry.

– Drying wooden slabs by industrial method

 But in the industrial method, carpenters will use drying ovens for this purpose, and as a result, the wood will dry in a shorter time. The most important disadvantage of the industrial method for drying wooden slabs is the effect it has on the color delicacies of the wood. If you want the wood to look like its natural form, you need to let the wood dry slowly in the air.

Applications of Wooden Slabs

We suggest you search the pictures of wooden slabs on the internet to find out what they look like. As we have mentioned many times in this article, the most important feature of wooden slabs is the unevenness that can be seen on the edges of the wood. Certainly, this heterogeneity will have its own beauty. For example, wooden slabs are used to make coffee tables or dining tables, countertop tables and even conference tables. The roughness created on the edges of the wooden slabs makes it look more beautiful because this table looks like you will bring a completely natural tree trunk into the space of the house. So it gives a sense of freshness to the space and makes the appearance of your building look more natural.

Cost of Wooden Slabs

And at the end of this article, let us mention an issue that is very important for everyone, which is the price of wood slabs. Suppose you want to buy a table made of wooden slabs for your workplace or home environment. The most important factors that affect the final cost are:

– First, you need to check what kind of wood is used to make wooden slabs. Definitely, the higher the strength and durability of wood and the more attractive it is in terms of texture and color, the more the cost of wood slabs will be.

– Do not forget that the wood used to make wooden slabs must be very resistant to temperature and humidity changes and insect attacks. Definitely, if the best woods are used for this purpose, then the cost of your work will increase.

– The number of layers of wood used to make wooden slabs will be another effective factor in the price of this wooden product.

– It is also necessary to mention that the availability of wood for the construction of wooden slabs also greatly affects the cost of labor. For example, if imported wood is used, the cost of labor will certainly increase.

– And finally, the salary of carpenters to build wooden slabs will be another effective factor in the cost of wooden slabs.

Cost of Wooden Slabs

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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