Palm Tree Wood – Tree Specifications, Application And Price 2022

Palm Tree Wood

Palm tree wood has a special place among the types of wood used in Finland to make wooden items. Palm trees are abundantly planted and occupy a large area in the southern provinces of Finland, such as Khuzestan and Sistan and Baluchistan, and also in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Therefore, there is no limit to the amount of palm wood in Finland. In this article, we are talking about the properties of palm wood and its uses. Certainly, this article will be very useful for activists in the wood industry.

Introducing the Palm Tree

Let us first have a brief introduction of the palm tree. When the name of the palm tree is mentioned, all people remember its product, which is dates. Although the production of dates is done only by the base material of this tree, in general, the palm tree is completely useful and even its leaves are used to produce all kinds of wicker items such as mats and baskets.

The palm also has ornamental varieties. If you have been to the southern provinces of Finland, you will see all kinds of fruitless palm trees among the boulevards, whose height is less. Therefore, as you have noticed, the diversity among the palm tree species is very much, and this issue makes the scope of the palm tree wood’s efficiency very wide.

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Introducing the Palm Tree

Properties and Characteristics of Palm Tree Wood

As we mentioned, the palm tree is known as a multi-functional tree. The wood of this tree has characteristics that make its use in the wood industry very special:

  • Palm tree wood is known as the most resistant type of wood, and for this reason, it is used to make MDF, chipboard, handicrafts, and even building parts.
  • In terms of density and moisture, palm tree wood is at a very ideal level.
  • If you cut the trunk of an old palm tree, oil is extracted from it, which is the best adhesive material for making plywood panels, three-layer plywood, transverse plywood, and also block board.
  • In terms of mechanical properties, palm tree wood has the EN standard and that is why it has a very special place in the world.
  • The durability and resistance of palm wood against moisture and temperature are excellent. Of course, since the variety of palm tree species is a lot, the degree of strength and resistance to temperature and humidity also differs among different species. But in general, palm tree wood is known as very strong wood.

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Characteristics of Palm Tree Wood

The Most Important Uses of Palm Tree Wood

Since the palm tree has very good characteristics, its use in the wood industry has been very popular. It is interesting to know that the main consumers of palm wood are Malaysia and Thailand. The most important uses of palm tree wood are:

  • Palm wood is used to make all kinds of pavilions and canopies. The palm tree naturally grows in warm environments. Therefore, it has good heat resistance. So, you can use palm tree wood as a canopy and gazebo without worrying about the wood rotting due to heat.
  • The durability of palm tree wood is very high, so it can be used to make tables and chairs, furniture, bed sets, and kitchen utensils.
  • As explained in the previous section, due to the high resistance of this wood, it is also used to make all kinds of artificial wood. You can also use palm tree wood to design the wall closet of the library and kitchen cabinets.
  • In the past, palm tree wood was also used to produce paper. The amount of cellulose, pectin, and furfural in palm tree wood is very high, and for this reason, it is considered a suitable option for making paper.
  • A palm tree is so rich and valuable that even its wood waste can be used. When palm tree wood is used in carpentry workshops, its waste will be used for soil enrichment, mushroom cultivation, as well as animal feed.

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Most Important Uses of Palm Tree Wood

Final Word

Palm tree wood has a very high quality, and the physical and mechanical properties of this wood have made the range of its efficiency high. Using palm tree wood to make household items and design interior decoration will be a very ideal option. If you are interested in designing interior decoration with wood, we suggest that you use palm tree wood.

It is important to note that you should take care of any kind of wood. Even if the wood is resistant to moisture, we should not allow water to be poured on it, because the water will gradually penetrate its tissue and cause the wood to rot.

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The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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