Thermowood Cladding Review & Prices In 2023

Thermowood Cladding

There are many devices whose outer layer is covered with wood veneer. For example, cabinets inside the kitchen can be designed with wooden cladding in the most beautiful way. Woods are different in terms of color and pattern, and depending on your taste, you can choose wood cladding for home furnishings or even decoration. The strength of wood is also very important, which is why thermowood cladding is the best choice for wooden furniture and even home decoration. The purpose of this article is to get acquainted with the method of producing thermowood cladding and its features and applications. Stay with us.

How is Thermowood Cladding Produced?

As you know, wood is a natural substance that is sensitive to moisture and temperature changes. Although some natural woods are very resistant to moisture, temperature changes, and even fungi, this rule does not exist in all types of wood. So the best solution is to choose thermowood.

To make a thermowood cladding, raw wood must first be placed in furnaces with a temperature between 180 and 220 degrees Celsius for a certain period of time. You probably will be confused now! Because the wood burns at high temperatures. But it is necessary to know that in this furnace, which applies high temperature and pressure, vacuum conditions are established. Lack of oxygen will prevent the wood from catching fire. It should be noted that the increase in temperature occurs quite gradually until the oven temperature reaches 180 degrees Celsius. Then, based on the color of the final cladding, the temperature range will be determined. The higher the temperature is, the darker the color of the wood will be. The woods must be kept at this temperature for a certain period of time so that the moisture will be removed completely. Then the temperature will gradually decrease. For this purpose, water vapor should be used step by step to avoid breakage and crack due to heat shock. Thermowood, now, has a very high resistance to environmental conditions, and even if you use thermowood cladding for the exterior design of the building, you can make certain that it will not be affected by rain, temperature changes and the impact of the sun’s rays.

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Advantages of Thermowood Veneer

If you do a brief research on the internet, you will find that there are different types of wood veneers on the market and each of them has its own functions. But why do we suggest thermowood cladding?

As we talked about how to make a thermowood cladding, you may have noticed that this wood has very high moisture resistance and does not rot. Therefore, using this covering in environments where you are sure there is a lot of humidity will be the best choice. For example, thermowood cladding is used for kitchen cabinets because it will not rot after water spilling on the cabinet body.

Also, this wood has become resistant to temperature changes after being exposed to high temperatures and pressure. Therefore, it will not change volume over time. As you know, changes in the volume of wood due to expansion and contraction causes cracks, and this is a negative point. But the thermowood cladding is safe from this problem.

Another advantage of thermowood veneer is its resistance to the sun’s rays. Therefore, if you want to cover part of the exterior of the building with a thermowood veneer, there will be no obstacle for you. Because it is resistant to ultraviolet rays and the color will not change.

Although buying thermowood cladding is a bit expensive, but do not forget that it will be cost-effective due to its high durability. If the quality of the veneer is low, you may have to change it after a few years or in a shorter period, in which case you will have to pay again for new cladding.

Due to its high impact resistance, the thermowood veneer will definitely protect the underlying layers of the item against pressure and shocks. Also, the high resistance of the thermowood to impact will prevent scratches or breakage. Therefore, if a device hits the covers, no scratches will be seen on it.

Another advantage of thermowood veneer is its resistance to insects. Unfortunately, termites and bedbugs are among the most important pests that are enemies of wood, and if your appliances are made of raw wood, the risk of insect attack will increase. Using thermowood cladding will prevent such a problem for your equipment.

Thermowood is insulated against heat. So if you cover part of the interior of the house with thermowood cladding, energy loss will definitely be reduced, especially in winter, and this will help maintain the health of the environment.

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Thermowood Cladding Costs

Certainly, the price is very important to all of us when it comes to purchasing any building materials. But the main point is the quality issue. In fact, the more quality materials you use to build a house or equipment, the more durable they will be. Although the cost of thermowood veneer is much, it is more durable. This is very important in two aspects: Firstly, the durability of wooden furniture and even the façade of the building has increased and there is no need to repair them for many years. So, as the second point, we have helped to preserve the health of nature and prevent deforestation.

Thermowood Cladding Usages

Due to the advantages and features of thermowood veneer, the applications of such veneers are too many and they are used to make the exterior of the building, flooring, cabinets, pergolas, sauna walls, pool and Jacuzzi, benches in the parks, paneling and even used to make a dropped ceiling. It is even interesting to know that thermowood veneers are used for making furniture, the interior design of houses, especially kitchens, and even the design of bathrooms and toilets.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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