Thermowood Facade Order In Different Sizes With High Durability

How to install thermowood tiles

If you have recently decided to change the flooring of your house, or you want to choose the best flooring for your new building, we recommend wooden flooring. We have talked about the advantages of wooden flooring in several articles. In this article, we want to introduce “Tile Thermowood“, which is a very beautiful type of wooden flooring. Wooden products in buildings, in addition to beauty aspects, are a type of insulation as well. With these interpretations, using thermowood tiles, which is a new style of wooden flooring, will be a very good choice for outdoor. In this article, we will explain this type of wooden flooring.

An Introduction to Tile Thermowood

First of all, we need to talk briefly about thermowood flooring. If raw woods are placed in furnaces with a temperature between 180 and 220 degrees Celsius and high pressure for a certain period, these woods will be resistant to breakage, rot, moisture and pest attack. But you should know that vacuum conditions inside the furnace helps to prevent fire. In any case, this type of wood is considered the best material for the flooring and wall paneling of the building. Thermowood timber can be utilized for flooring in multiple ways, one of which is tile thermowood.

Tile is a thin rectangular slab of baked clay, concrete, or other material, used in overlapping rows for floor covering. When we want to make this type of tile thermowood flooring, first we cut the timber into 30 by 15 cm tile sizes and then we place these pieces on special plastic soles. Now when you are going to use these pieces of wood as flooring, its arrangement should be like a tile to finally have a ceramic or tile-like appearance.

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Introduction and review of thermowood tiles

Tile Thermowood Preparation Steps

But now this question arises: how will the thermowood tile be made? The steps are as follows:

  • First, it is necessary to prepare thermowood timbers, which as described, for this purpose will need vacuum furnaces with high temperature and pressure.
  • Then thermowood timber enters the carpentry and is cut into 15 to 30 cm pieces with special saws.
  • To install a thermowood tile, you need a plastic outsole. Note that the plastic bottom surface must be of a very good material because if it is made of old plastic materials, it is not hygienic at all and it has low quality. As a result, it will reduce the durability of your flooring. On the other hand, the plastic layer must be able to withstand the pressure caused by the placement of the wood and the pressure caused by people walking on the floor.
  • When installing the thermowood tiles, special screws with galvanized material will be used. With the help of these screws, thermowood is installed on a plastic pad. Note that the use of galvanized screws is very important to prevent rust and maintain the beauty of the appearance. The floor may get wet in any case. If the thermowood tile screw is not galvanized, it will definitely rust and need to be replaced.

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Thickness of Thermowood Tiles

Thermowoods are made in different thicknesses and as you know, even the type of wood that has been used to produce thermowood is different. Therefore, according to what has been said, the best thickness for making thermowood tile is about 20 mm, and its plastic outsole or pad should be 40 mm thick. Do not forget that the maximum thickness intended for thermowood tile is 25 mm and if this thickness increases, the wood will be more likely to break. Also, the plastic pad should not be more than 40 mm thick, because for screwing thermowood you will face limitations and problems on the bottom layer.

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Applications of Tile Thermowood

Tile Thermowood is used for flooring and landscaping outside the building. Also, if you want to design your terrace or balcony with a wooden façade, and on the other hand, you definitely want the floor to be washable, we suggest tile thermowood. The presence of a plastic layer under the wood ensures that moisture does not damage the floor. Although thermowood is highly resistant to moisture, this does not mean that it is washable and easily tolerates the remaining moisture underneath. That is why it is recommended to use thermowood tiles for outdoor space, for balconies and even next to saunas and pools where there is a lot of water.

Advantages of Using Thermowood Tiles

  • As plastic pads are used to install thermowood, you do not need to spend a lot of money for the substructure of this type of flooring.
  • Thermowood tile is also removable. If you change your building, you can easily move this type of flooring.
  • Thermowood tile flooring is always ready and you will not have any restrictions to install it. You just a few galvanized screws to easily install this type of flooring.
  • Another advantage of thermowood tile is its very high moisture resistance. That is why it is also used for patios, balconies, roofs and bathrooms.

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Tile Thermowood Price

Certainly, for all those who are looking for suitable flooring for their outdoor space, balcony or pool, the issue of the price will be very important. Thermowood tile may seem expensive at first glance, but due to the advantages mentioned for this type of flooring, and on the other hand, due to the very high resistance of thermowood tile to impact, breakage, moisture and rainwater, it has a very long life and you do not need to repair or replace the thermowood tile in a short period. On the other hand, this type of flooring is removable. If you have moved your house or building, you can easily remove it from the floor and move it to a new location. Given what has been said, the cost of buying a thermowood tile will definitely be reasonable.

Installation and Maintenance of Thermowood Tiles

If you are planning to use thermowood tile for flooring in your building, here are some very important points to consider:

  • The best thickness of thermowood tile is between 20 to 25 mm. The thickness of the wood should not be less or more than this amount.
  • To install thermowood tile, high-quality plastic pads and galvanized screws should be utilized.
  • Thermowood tile substructure should be done in a way that there is a possibility of airflow.
  • Thermowood has very high impact resistance, but due to the empty space between the ground and thermowood, if you apply heavy point pressure on it, the probability of breakage is high.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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