Wooden Houses VS Houses Made Of Concrete And Bricks [Updated 2023]

Wooden Houses
Wood is the oldest material used since human existence. Archaeological explorations show us that 10,000 years ago, wood was used as the most basic building material.
Neolithic tall houses built around 6000 BC in Europe are a great example of this.
These wooden houses, which are one of the largest structures of that period, were strong houses that could accommodate 30 people.
Brick Homes vs Wood Homes
Since that time, the use of wood has evolved with the discovery of materials such as bronze and iron, and has not lost its popularity in furniture use.
A wooden house is excellent in terms of energy saving.
Property owners can choose different materials when they want to build a house. Cement is one of the options which its consumption is currently increasing. Concrete blocks are a quick and effective way to create a durable structure that becomes a house. Let’s check together what are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete houses. What are the characteristics of such structures?
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Advantages of building wooden houses:

  • Wood is a natural insulator material and is very effective in cold and hot insulation. In addition to protecting against heat, it also absorbs moisture from the air and eliminates the risk of moisture. In addition, thanks to the ability to absorb sound, it provides you with a warm, comfortable and luxury environment.
  • Compared to concrete, brick and stone houses, wooden houses require less planning and architectural work.
  • For this reason, it is made in a shorter time, more easily and with a lower budget.
  • In addition, it is a lightweight material that occupies less space compared to wooden, brick, concrete and stone houses. Therefore, it provides a wider space in a narrower space.
  • Wood is a sustainable and recyclable material. Wooden houses actively absorb carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere! Apart from its contribution to nature, you will not suffocate at home, you will continue your life by respiration clean air in a fragrant environment.
  • And considering all these features, of course it is much healthier than other houses.
  • You will be affected by weather conditions to a minimum level and you will be safe from diseases caused by humidity. You will have a quieter life in a noise-free environment.
  • The most environmentally friendly material in terms of renewables:
  • Since wooden houses are made of trees and trees are renewable resources without harming nature and with very limited energy consumption, if you want to build an environmentally friendly house, a wooden house will be the ideal choice for you.
  • Wooden houses are air insulators and another advantage is related to insulation.
  • When we look at home insulation, we see that wood works as an excellent insulator and provides benefits all year round. Wooden houses not only keep the heat inside, but also create cool air due to the respiration of natural materials.

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Advantages of building wooden houses

Long durability:

The most important advantage of wooden houses is their durability. Thanks to the long-lasting structure of wooden materials, you will live in these houses for a lifetime.
Concrete houses require much more maintenance than houses built using natural materials and are much more resistant to moisture and other natural conditions.
Don’t forget that even 800-year-old wooden structures are still used today, especially in Europe.
You can be sure that a house you build with high-quality wood will last much longer than a house built with concrete materials.

Resistant to natural disasters:

Wooden houses are one of the most resistant and strongest structures against natural disasters.
Thanks to statistics, we know that there are wooden structures that are not damaged in many hurricanes and earthquakes.

Fast manufacturing process:

One of the important advantages of wooden houses is the short construction stages.

In normal building construction:

For example, for a two floors independent house, this period may even take several years. However, the construction time of houses is significantly shorter when pre-cuts and frames are used.


And perhaps one of the most vital features is that wooden houses are very affordable compared to other construction. Especially for those who want to build a small cottage on their summer land or prefabricated wooden house, wood is one of the cheapest and most practical options.
The cost of building a wooden house is approximately 30% lower than the cost of building a reinforced concrete house.

What are the disadvantages of wooden houses?

  • Unfavorable weather conditions damage wooden houses.
  • It is necessary to take care of the wood so that it does not rot.
  • The fire risks of wooden houses are more than other buildings.
  • Bedbugs.
  • Wooden houses require frequent maintenance.

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disadvantages of wooden houses

How to protect wooden houses?

If you want your wooden house has a perfect durability, you should buy from professional suppliers. A properly built house can last for years without maintenance.
You should know that every tree has its own biological weapon against rottenness. For those who don’t want to do research, pine wood is the best-known building material.
Another point that you should pay attention to it is the complete drying of the wood. If you see the green part in your order, be ready for it to rot.
Of course, the protection of wooden houses in each geography requires different care, We cannot do the same care for a wooden house in Lebanon and a house in Slovenia.
Anti-ultraviolet rays measures are necessary for those who want to preserve the youthful appearance of wood or prevent discoloration in sunny countries. UV is also one of the main causes of wood aging. Only chemical measures are useful for this.
The most important thing is that you live at home. Airflow and heat from living inside the house protect it from moisture and thus bacteria and fungi. The biggest damage to your wooden house is caused by abandoning it. Wooden houses, of course, are one of the most popular house models of any era with their immortal styles.
The reason why wooden construction do not lose their beauty and attraction even in the age of technology that we live in is the countless advantages of wood material and its tissue, which can adapt to any age.
The main reason why people want to build a wooden house is that the wooden house has many advantages. These benefits not only satisfy the sense of profit but also bring peace and happiness to people.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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