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Wooden Furniture

You may have decided to change your furniture as the national holidays approach. When you look at the stores that supply all kinds of furniture, you will notice that in addition to the variety of fabrics, the material of furniture is also different. Most people prefer wooden furniture, but there is also metal furniture and even MDF. However, wooden furniture excels to other types of furniture in several factors, which we will talk about in this article.

The Superiority of Wooden Furniture Over Other Types

The most important principle in interior design is the use of elements that increase the tranquility of the environment. In fact, designers always emphasize that not only in choosing the style of interior decoration, but also in choosing their elements and colors, you should not only think about beauty, but also consider the issue of calmness. Any element that connects you to nature will definitely bring you more peace of mind. For this reason, the use of wood in interior decoration design and furniture is very popular.

Wooden furniture has a lot of variety in terms of design and color. On the other hand, the quality of wood used in furniture varies depending on the thickness and the degree of resistance to rot and breakage. In general, if you use wooden furniture that has the natural color of wood, you will definitely have more tranquility in your building. In addition, wooden furniture can be adapted to any interior design style. According to what has been said, if you are planning to purchase furniture for your home, wooden furniture should be your priority.

Types of Wood in Wooden Furniture

If you have read the previous articles on this website, you have noticed that wood is divided into two categories: softwood and hardwood. The mentality of most people is that softwood is very fragile and weak. But this idea is completely wrong and we should say that softness means the flexibility of the outermost layer of wood for engraving and carving on wood. In making wooden furniture, in addition to paying attention to the strength and durability of wood, the issue of performing delicate work and very tiny patterns on wood should also be considered. The types of wood used to make wooden furniture are:

– Cherry Wood

The cherry tree is one of the most common types of dark wood for making decorative items such as wooden furniture. Of course, this wood is also used for marquetry, making musical instruments, flooring, doors and windows. Since the wood of the cherry tree becomes darker with age, the craftsmen in this field determine the harvest time of the cherry wood based on their work goals. For example, if your wooden furniture is made of cherry wood and is very dark in color, it indicates that the wood was old. What makes cherry wood suitable for making wooden furniture is its very high hardness, high durability and flexibility. As a result, it will not be scratched or broken at the time of polishing.

– Walnut Wood

Another type of wood used to make furniture is walnut wood. This wood has a high degree of hardness and durability and on the other hand, is resistant to pests. Walnut wood is intrinsically bitter and as a result, insects are reluctant to eat it. As the strength of walnut wood is very high, it is a very good option for framing wooden furniture, especially because it has good resistance to stretching and bending.

– Oak Wood

Oak wood has a great variety of colors and can be found in red, white and black in Iran. As you know, there are different types of oak species in the Zagros heights. For this reason, oak wood is very plentiful and will be more affordable for manufacturing wooden furniture. In addition to the positive properties of oak, such as great beauty in terms of design and texture, resistance to abrasion and moisture, it should not be forgotten that over time it changes color and tends to yellow.

- Oak Wood

– Beech Wood

Beech wood has a homogeneous texture and a very high degree of hardness. So it is a very good option for making wooden furniture. When carving is to be done on the wood of furniture; beech wood will definitely be the best choice because it has a lot of flexibility and special delicacies can be applied on it. This wood changes from yellowish to brown and increases the brightness of the building environment.

– Maple Wood

Maple wood is suitable for making wooden furniture, building flooring and even for making kitchen appliances due to its high durability, good polishing and heavy texture. This wood has a light creamy color and there are very tiny patterns on it.

– Poplar Wood

Poplar wood is in the category of softwoods and has a very high resistance to moisture and weather conditions. On the other hand, its stability is very high. Also, the beauty of poplar wood is very special and therefore it is a good option for making furniture. But we should not forget that this wood is loose and fragile and we cannot perform marquetry works on it. As a result, poplar wood can be used to manufacture wooden sofas.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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