Rosewood or Purple Balsam

Rosewood or Purple Balsam

In this article, we will talk about a very beautiful, unique and magnificent wood called “Purple Balsam” or “Rosewood”. This tree is originally native to India and is considered one of the most important elements in the economy of this country. If you read this article carefully, you will get acquainted with the characteristics of rosewood and its applications, and you will understand why the existence of this tree is of economic importance for India.

What is Purple Balsam or Rosewood

As mentioned, rosewood or purple balsam is originally native to India. A magnificent deciduous tree that is about 18 meters high. It is interesting to know that this tree, in addition to its high-quality wood, is also a great option for green space in terms of beauty, which is why it has been used in green space in the United States.

Purple balsam trees that also grow in Brazil and Madagascar are of excellent quality. It is interesting to know that the diameter of this tree is 6 meters.

In a nutshell, there are three common types of this wood, including Indian, Brazilian, and Madagascar. The color of Indian wood is purple and it is mostly used to make musical instruments such as guitars. But Brazilian rosewood is of a much higher quality and on the other hand is more scarce than Indian purple balsam, so it will be more expensive. Since Madagascar rosewood has a greater fragrance than other violet types, it is illegal to cut it. Now you know why purple balsam is also known as rosewood because its Madagascar species smells exactly like roses.

What is Purple Balsam or Rosewood

Characteristics of Rosewood

  • It seems that one of the most important reasons that have made this wood very popular in the world is its color range, which can be seen from dark to light colors. Purple balsam is mostly reddish-purple, but some varieties are also available in brown and orange. On the other hand, there are very dark streaks on the trunk, which makes beautiful patterns on the wood and increases its beauty.
  • The color difference between the inner and outer wood of the purple balsam tree is another important feature. The inner wood is dark in color and the outer layer is a pale yellow, which looks like a border between the outer and inner parts.
  •  Those who work with Rosewood believe that this wood is very fragrant and even when it is used in the manufacture of wooden tools, its smell will remain in the space for many years.
  • If we want to talk about the texture of purple rosewood, we must say that the rosewood is one of the straight, scattered vascular trees, with a completely uniform texture. If you look closely at the wood of this tree, you will see that there are large and medium holes in it.
  • Purple balsam wood is considered in the group of hardwoods, but fortunately, it is very easy to polish it, but depending on the final purpose, there may be a little difficulty in the polishing process. For example, making some tools will require more delicacy, and as a result, this will increase the difficulty for the carpenter.
  • The paintability of Rosewood wood is very high, but due to the very beautiful colors that are naturally present on the wood, it is better to let the wood have its natural color. In this case, the equipment made with it or the façade that is designed with this wood will have a remarkable beauty.
  • As the last feature of purple balsam, we must say that due to its oily texture, it dries later than other woods. For this reason, this issue must be considered in the manufacturing process. Carpenters and artisans, on the other hand, must keep this in mind when drying wood, so that the process will take place without damaging the wood.

Rosewood Applications

The most important uses of purple balsam or rosewood include making furniture and musical instruments, building flooring, making cabinets, modeling, doors and windows, making all kinds of decorative items, marquetry and other items.

Rosewood Applications

The Price of Rosewood

It will definitely be costly to purchase items made with rosewood, especially if Madagascar purple balsam is used. Also, the price will be different depending on the amount of wood used in the device, the amount of delicacy to polish it and the market price at the time of importation.

Brazilian Rosewood

Color and appearance: Brazilian rosewood can be seen in different colors. It varies from dark chocolate brown, light red-brown or light brown with purple tones. Brazilian rosewood has a uniform and slightly rough texture. There are medium-sized holes in the texture of this wood.

Amazon Rosewood

Color and Appearance: Amazon Rosewood is reddish brown or orange in color with darker veins. The outside of the wood has a light yellow color and it is completely distinguishable from the inside of the wood. Amazon rosewood is very similar to Brazilian rosewood. It has a uniform and slightly soft texture with pores and apertures


Why is rosewood so valuable?

Rosewood is an endangered tree species. For this reason, this wood is more expensive than other woods. This wood is used in the furniture industry and making musical instruments. If you want to know the types of wood for guitar body, I suggest you read this article: Best Wood For Guitar Body

Which country has the best rosewood?

Brazil, Honduras, Jamaica, Africa, India and South China. You can order this valuable ornamental wood from our collection. It is interesting to know that Madagascar has banned the export of this wood. Both CITES and Madagascar have banned the export of rosewood and ebony, but there appears to be no end to the illegal trade, and the fate of nearly 40,000 illegally-exported rosewood logs seized in Singapore, Kenya and Sri Lanka in 2014 is still uncertain.

It is interesting to know that South China has extremely valuable species such as rosewood. This wood species is very valuable because of its red color.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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