Best Wood For Guitar Body (Most Expensive, Cheapest And Most Durable)

When choosing the best electric guitar, you should consider the price of the instrument and the material it is made of.

There are many things to consider when it comes to the woods used to make a guitar.

The type of wood chosen for the body and neck of the guitar plays the main role in the sound of the guitar, so the manufacturers are careful in choosing the wood.

One thing that should be noted is that there are differences even between the same species of trees that grow in different areas, and these differences are usually in the form of appearance, weight, and density.
You should know the effect of the wood you choose on your guitar tone and not regret it in the future.
Not all woods are the same because each has a different sound due to its different weight and density. But the best forest electric guitars are mahogany, alder, maple, oak, rosewood, ash and walnut.

This post discusses why wood is important and how it affects tone, sound, and prices. I will also share the best wood for making different electric guitar parts.


Ebony is most commonly used in guitar construction, but the choice of wood is a completely personal preference. Ebony, which is a hardwood, is darker than rosewood.
It attracts attention with its bass sounds. Due to its hard texture, it is preferred in making guitar keyboards.
It has dense parallel veins and is also preferred for its wear resistance.
Because it remains stable after drying, it is highly preferred in making guitar keyboards, but it is expensive.

Ebony wood for guitar

Indian rosewood

Indian rosewood is also widely used in making guitar fingerboards. It is used in almost every guitar model. Its price is lower than ebony wood. The best guitars in the world are especially made of Brazilian rosewood.
Rosewood is also used in making electric guitars and acoustic guitars. Maple wood, on the other hand, is widely used for both fingerboards and guitars.


Mahogany wood

Mahogany wood has a more bass sound. It brings out hard and full sounds. It is also very suitable for dark colors. On the other hand, alder is a type of wood that has bright colors and is not very expensive. On the other hand, ash wood is especially used in the production of guitars. It is good and of good quality. It remains stable after drying. It is an ideal type of wood carving.

Mahogany is one of the woods that is often used in making guitars. Among today’s classic guitars, the Gibson Les Paul Jr., Les Paul Special, and SG models are made of mahogany (including the neck).

It is a very heavy type of wood.
The bass sounds are very strong and have great stability.
It is a tree with high resistance and does not bend

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The main reason is that a tree species is durable. It has a lighter color than rosewood.
Its wood is quite hard and not flexible.


This is an inexpensive wood species with a light color.
It does not have a long shelf life.
Available in clean and beautiful colors as well as bright colors.
It is a type of wood known for being soft, light and flexible.


Since there was a shortage of Alder in the 90’s, there are even Fender guitars that gravitated towards Poplar wood. They were once produced with Poplar wood.

Poplar wood is a type of wood that is seen in large numbers in manufactured guitars and is expanding day by day. This wood, which has a soft sound characteristic, is used in the construction of the guitar body, although it has a soft sound. Its quality cannot exceed a certain sound range, so if you are thinking of buying a spruce body, think again.


Walnut wood is one of the woods used in guitar making. It is similar to mahogany in terms of sound characteristics.


Rosewood is one of the best woods for making guitars.
From the characteristics of this wood, it can be mentioned that it creates a warm, clear sound and separates the sound of the notes.

Cedar wood is one of the best woods for classical guitar body. This wood is used in the construction of the top of classical guitars.
Solid red cedar wood is one of the most sonorous and high-quality woods.

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