Mahogany Wood Vs. Teak (Properties And Price 2023)

What is mahogany wood?

Maybe you have just decided to buy wooden furniture for your home interior decoration. For example, you may want to add new furniture to the house or buy wooden decorative items. But the question is: How much can you trust on what is on the market?

and how can you make sure that the best wood is utilized to make the product? For example, do you know what exactly the usage of mahogany wood is or which items are produced with it? Did you know that not every type of wood can be used to make items such as furniture or decorative items? Follow us in this article to know more about the characteristics and applications of mahogany.

Introducing Mahogany Wood

Mahogany, a flowering tree, is one of the most common types of trees for wood production in various industries and is native to the United States, Florida, Cuba, the Bahamas and Jamaica. This tree is evergreen and very tall. It is interesting to know that due to its beautiful flowers and special wood color, it is known as one of the most beautiful trees for green space all year round. If you want to get acquainted with the properties of mahogany, stay with us for the rest of the article.

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Familiarity with the uses of mahogany wood

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Specifications of Mahogany

  • In expressing the characteristics of Mahogany wood, it is better to first go to the color of the wood. One of the reasons that have increased the popularity of mahogany in industry, especially for making interior decoration items, is the color of the tree, which varies from red to pink or even the color of trout fish. But as the tree ages, its reddish color deepens and changes to reddish-brown.
  • In terms of texture, mahogany is categorized into small, medium and grain textures. The way the grains are placed on the wood varies from straight to wavy and curly, and this also increases the efficiency of this wood for making various items. In fact, the order of the grains in the texture of mahogany varies in different species.
  • If you look closely at mahogany, you will see streaks that are straight, wavy or intertwined, which makes it very beautiful

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what is mahogany

  • On the other hand, it is necessary to know that mahogany wood has a natural radiance and this is an advantage in making furniture, especially decorative items in home interior decoration. For other woods, it is necessary to use polish oil, but this wood looks naturally shiny.
  • As you may know, some types of wood cause allergic reactions. But this problem has not been reported for mahogany and this wood does not cause respiratory problems.
  • If you are looking for a very strong and durable wood that you can use to make tools such as furniture, you can go for mahogany wood and in addition to beauty, use its resistance in making tools.
  • Some types of wood change dimensions or even get swollen due to environmental conditions, so when you are going to buy a wooden device or use wood in decoration, you must remind the seller about the climatic conditions of the area where you will use the wood. But there is no such problem with mahogany wood. In other words, this wood is very resistant to dimensional changes over time, and since it does not get swollen, it is one of the best options for areas with very high humidity.
  • As working with mahogany wood is very easy for carpenters and activists in the wood industry, it has a special place among them and its application is increasing every day.
  • As mentioned, mahogany is in the group of hardwoods and has a very high resistance. Among these properties, we must mention the high resistance of mahogany wood to rot.
  • As the dimensions of mahogany do not change due to environmental conditions, you can be sure that cracking does not occur in the items made of this wood. This is important for everyone, especially if mahogany is supposed to be used in interior decoration, such as doors and windows.
  •  Due to the characteristics of mahogany wood, performing operations such as cutting, shaping, sanding and turning, is very easy on this wood and you will not have any problems such as cracks and fractures.

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The Most Important Functions of Mahogany

  • One of the most common applications of mahogany is in the furniture industry. This wood has a very attractive color and texture, and in addition to beauty, it also has high strength and durability, and this feature makes it a good option for making furniture. Especially those who want to buy furniture for areas with sultry weather, such as the north of Iran, should look for moisture-resistant woods, among which we can mention mahogany wood.

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Applications of wood mahogany
  • Since this wood is very resistant to moisture, it is used to make interior decoration, wall paneling and cabinets. It is interesting to know that the resistance of this wood to moisture is so high and it will be the best choice even for making the interior space of boats. Other uses for mahogany include making musical instruments such as piano, violin and guitar. Definitely, the use of high-strength wood with an attractive reddish-brown color will make the instrument very stylish and special.
  • In the wood industry, mahogany wood is also used to make decorative wooden items, frames, mirrors and ornamental parts.
  • Definitely, if the color of the wood used in the interior decoration is natural, it will be more attractive. For this reason, people are looking for wood with special colors such as mahogany. Using this wood to make frames, windows and doors of the building makes the interior space very beautiful.
  • This wood can also be utilized to make kitchen appliances.
  • Mahogany wood can also be used to make decorative items by carving and engraving. As mentioned, this wood has a very high degree of hardness; but, at the same time, it can easily be processed in both hand and machine tools.

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What are the disadvantages of mahogany wood?

  • Mahogany wood is very hard and makes the cutting process more difficult. Any shape cannot be designed on this wood.
  • Does mahogany darken with age? The color of the mahogany wood is red and it has a special color. But with the passage of time and sunlight, it loses its color and becomes darker. Therefore, this wood is not very suitable for flooring.
  • The price of this wood is more expensive than other woods.

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Is mahogany wood the most expensive?

Is real mahogany expensive? Mahogany is one of the most expensive and beautiful woods in the world. Yes, this wood is the most expensive wood in the world. Its price is more expensive compared to other woods such as oak. It is interesting to know that maple wood is more expensive than mahogany.

The price of mahogany wood is about 6 dollars per board. Some companies sell it for $28. The price of this wood is different in each country. But its price ranges from 6 dollars and above for each board.

Mahogany wood is highly valued because it is in the durable commercial lumber category. The rarity of Philippine mahogany wood has made it more valuable.

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What are the disadvantages of mahogany wood?

philippine mahogany price

Image result for philippine mahogany price
It is not even close to being a Mahogany, botanically speaking, and it comes from an entirely different part of the world (Southeast Asia). Philippine mahogany is a term that generally refers to a number of wood species native to Southeast Asia. Philippine mahogany is not actually a type of mahogany.

philippine mahogany price

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Is African mahogany a good wood?

African Mahogany or Khaya spp is a hardwood that originates from Africa. Boats, flooring, furniture, cladding, decorative works, cabinets, window frames, plywood and musical instruments are among the applications of this type of wood. African mahogany is one of the most beautiful wood species in the world. Its color darkens with age.

mahogany wood price

The price of mahogany is different. It usually sells for $6 to $28 per piece in the global market. The price of mahogany can vary depending on the type and quality as well as the place of purchase.

Which is better teak or mahogany?

The important issue in purchasing wood is its durability and strength. When the only question is the durability of the wood, teak is the first in line. Teak wood has higher durability than mahogany wood. Teak is a suitable option for building facades, boats and ships, as well as flooring.

which is better teak or mahogany

Which is more expensive, teak or mahogany?

The price of teak is higher than that of mahogany. The hardness of teak is more than mahogany wood. Teak wood is more durable than mahogany wood

Is mahogany a luxury wood?

Mahogany wood is more expensive and yet the most luxurious wood. It is often used to decorate expensive furniture.

is mahogany wood expensive?

Mahogany is the most valuable wood. The price of this wood is equal to teak wood. It can be said that wood is expensive.

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Is mahogany furniture expensive?

If we want to compare furniture made of pine wood with mahogany wood, we can say that mahogany wood furniture is more expensive than pine. There is no accurate information about the price of furniture made with mahogany. The size and design must be specified. Mahogany wood is a great option for making home furniture.

Why is mahogany illegal?

Following the path of ivory, in 2003, mahogany was listed on the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) as a species in need of strict regulation to prevent its extinction.

Price of mahogany wood per board foot

Contact us for price of mahogany wood per board foot.

Is mahogany water resistant?

It has high resistance to humidity. Therefore, this wood is resistant to water and is a suitable choice for environments exposed to humidity.

Note: this species of wood is in danger of extinction. For this reason, its buying and selling has become stricter than before.

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