Mindi Wood (Chinaberry Tree); The Most Durable Wood For Furniture

Mindi Wood
Mindi tree is very adaptable to all kinds of environmental conditions and grows in open areas.
Mindi wood is known by the scientific name Melia azedarach and more commonly known as white cedar or Chinaberry.
Mindi wood source is from northern India and China and has purple flowers.
Mindi plant was brought to Indonesia by traders from Netherlands. In Indonesia, it is called Mindi wood. Other names of this wood include white cedar wood, chinaberry, marindi wood, artificial sycamore and jringing. It is resistant to diseases and insects. Mindi wood has a density similar to red oak. This type of wood belongs to the hardwood category.
Mindi is naturally resistant to rot and fungus. Freshly cut Mindi wood looks close to fir in color and appearance, as it is yellowish in color with brown streaks.
This wood is resistant to twist and it it an excellent choice for wood covers.
Mindi wood can be used to make library shelves, cabinet covers and bed covers.

Features and advantages of Mindi wood

  • This wood has antifungal properties and is resistant to decay.
  • This wood is mostly used for small projects, although sometimes it is also used in making furniture or cabinets.
  • The outer surface of this wood is yellow and looks like fir.
  • It is similar in density to red oak.

Features and advantages of Mindi wood

What are the uses of Mindi wood?

Mindi wood has unique properties that make it resistant to all kinds of fungi and decay.
For this reason, carpenters prefer to use this type of wood in interior decoration. This type of wood is used to make cabinets. This type of wood is very easy to work with and easily processed. This wood dries in the fastest time, and for this reason, it is a suitable base for all types of wood covers.
What are the uses of Mindi wood? This wood is the most popular wood. This type of wood is used to make interior doors, chests, window frame shutters, boxes, furniture, etc. It is also a great wood cover. In some cases, it is also used for inlay work.
If you plan to have a wooden floor with natural color and high resistance, Mindi wood is a good option.
Mindi wood is one of the few types of wood that has an almost knot-free tissue. It has a very attractive appearance with a natural color that makes it ideal for use as window ornaments and interior doors.
What are the uses of Mindi wood?
The tissue close to the grain makes it the best option for all types of veneers. Mindi wood cover is durable.
Mindi wood has an appearance similar to fir wood. The color of the wood in its natural cut is light yellow with streaks of brown. When Mindi wood is exposed to light, the center of the wood begins to darken in color. Old Mindi wood begins to resemble the same colors as seen in cherry or teak wood. The tissue of Mindi wood has a strong grain pattern, but its coarseness and density is comparable to oak wood.


Mindi trees are a very stable product that apart from other benefits being used to make wood products. For example, the leaves of the Mindi tree are commonly used as a medicinal treatment that is effective in strengthening the safety system and lowering blood pressure.
Mindi wood is used to make all kinds of wooden products. This wood is very strong and is a recommended option for making furniture.
The price of this wood is very expensive and if you are looking for wood to make furniture at a reasonable cost, I suggest you use other options. We recommend not to use this type of wood outdoors. Rain and sunlight have negative effects on this type of product.
What has been your experience of using this type of wood? Share it with us in the comments section.
Mindi trees

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  1. It is interesting to know that it is considered one of the highest quality woods that has little waste. It is a favorite of carpenters

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