Buying Kingwood Lumber (Application, Specification Table And Price 2023)


Kingwood is an exotic, yet beautiful and durable wood. The color of this wood ranges from light brown to dark purple with light purple bands. It is interesting to know that Violet Wood or Banafsheh is also one of the other names of King Wood. Bright and shiny color, delicate texture is stunning. Kingwood is extremely hard and heavy.

It has a high natural luster and creates patina with age. Relatively rare, it can be used for inlaying, turning, and fancy accessories. This wood is native to Brazil.

Kingwood is widely used. One of the most used is the classic furniture industry. It is very suitable for inlaying on the sofa. This wood was the most expensive wood used to make furniture.

A small tree named Dalbergia cearensis grows in a region of Brazil. The wood obtained from this wood is known as King Wood.

Kingwood is a Brazilian. This wood is known as a real rosewood. It is used for parts of musical instruments, knife handles, wood signs and inlays.

What is the color of Kingwood?

 In this section, we are going to talk about the color and shape of this wood. The heartwood is purplish brown or red with darker black streaks. The sapwood is pale yellow and strongly separates from the heartwood.

What is the color of Kingwood?

Kingwood grains are usually straight or occasionally interlocked. It has a fine, uniform texture and high natural shine. This is what makes it special.

But what is important about this wood is whether it lasts. Yes, this wood has high resistance and is resistant to termites.

The high density of Kingwood makes it a little hard to work with. Due to natural oils and high density, its adhesion is difficult. It spins and polishes very well. When cutting, the smell of roses spreads in the air. The important thing about this wood is that it is allergenic. Kingwood is reported as a sensitizing agent. It can cause irritation to eyes and skin as well as eyes and face.

Common Uses: Inlays, veneers, tool handles, and other small turned and/or specialty items.

The Brazilian kingwood is the second most dense species of Dalbergia. The grains are usually smooth, although they can sometimes be wavy or interlocked. It has a fine and uniform texture and a high natural shine.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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