Pecan wood; Types, Appearance Characteristics, Application (Flooring, Furniture And Price 2023)


Pecan wood grain is smooth, sometimes wavy. Medium texture, with a little natural shine.

It has porous ring to a semi-porous ring. The pores of pecan wood slab are large. How long is pecan wood? In terms of rotting, heartwood is non-durable to perishable and also very susceptible to insect attack.

Can furniture be made from pecan wood?

Pecan wood can be used for making furniture, cabinets and flooring. It is interesting to know that this wood is also used to make wooden handles of tools, ladder steps and dowels.

It is also used for sports goods and we can say that it has its own fans. Because pecan wood is very hard and belongs to the category of relatively heavy wood. Has good flexibility.

Pecan wood

What is the value of pecan wood?

One of the common questions about this is how much is the price of pecan wood in the world market? This wood sells for $100.01 – $200.00.

Is pecan a hardwood?

Yes, this wood is classified as hardwood. Its weight is heavy.

Is pecan a hardwood?

What is the color of pecan wood?

  Heartwood tends to be light to medium brown, with a reddish hue; sapwood is a paler yellowish brown. Colors range from blonde to gray in the sapwood to dark reddish browns in the heartwood.

Is pecan good for hardwood flooring?

Pecan wood is one of the most beautiful types of wood. This wood is one of the best materials for wooden floors. It has high resistance to moisture. For this reason, it is a good choice for outdoor decoration.

Is pecan wood suitable for smoking?

Pecan wood is one of the woods used for grilling. A special taste and aroma fills the space when burning. For this reason, it is a suitable wood for grilling.

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