Which Type Of Wood Is Better For Construction? 7 Strong Wood For Building

Types of Wood Used in Construction

Wood is one of the oldest elements and materials used by humans in the construction industry. Suitable types of wood in the construction industry are presented with different characteristics. This type of material is one of the types of elements that are desirable for use in areas that are prone to earthquakes and are exposed to harmful environmental factors. The use of different types of wood in every industry is different and they differ from each other in terms of durability and resistance.

What Type of Wood Is Suitable for Building a House?

Different woods are used to build different parts of the building. Woods such as pine, cedar, poplar, hemlock, teak, oak and maple are desirable elements for the construction industry. Regarding the selection of suitable wood for construction, it should be noted that the selected wood has sufficient resistance against various physical and chemical factors such as moisture and insects. A building in which wood is used as a type of main material must have a favorable match in the climate of the desired location and can withstand the ambient temperature and climate changes well.

Care must be taken in choosing the type of wood so that it has a good fit with the desired user and can ultimately provide satisfaction to the builders. Compatibility with the environment and insulation of wood are other important features for using wood in the construction industry.

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What Type of Wood Is Suitable for Building a House?

What Wood Is Used for the Walls?

The suitable wood for the construction of walls should be considered as thermal insulation and can show good properties as suitable insulation.

The mechanical resistance of a wall depends on the type of wood chosen. The desired wood should have good elasticity and be able to show high strength against impact.

Good wood should show good ability in terms of surface finish and should have good paintability and polishing.

The acoustic properties of wood are another characteristic of this type of material.

The wood chosen for building the wall should show high resistance against the attack of harmful living organisms.

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What Wood Is Used for the Walls?

Application of Pine Wood in Construction

Pine wood is one of the popular materials for the construction industry, which is considered one of the natural elements in industrial works. Although this wood is expensive, it is used more than other types of wood for building houses due to its obvious properties. One of the most important characteristics of pine wood is that it has flexibility and in terms of elasticity for shaping and bending, it also shows favorable characteristics.

This type of softwood is also used in making cabinets, furniture and construction timber. Pinewood resists moisture and is suitable for framing in buildings, among other materials. Another use of pine wood is its use as flooring, which is less fragile than other woods.

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Application of Pine Wood in Construction

Application of Cedar Wood in Construction

Cedar wood is among the softwoods whose appearance is red-brown and the light lines in it are visible. This wood has a lot of softness and is noticed because it has a uniform texture. At the same time, cedar wood is classified as a type of aromatic wood and resists various environmental factors such as decay. Insects cannot easily cause damage to cedar wood, so this element is widely used in various industries.

The long life of cedar wood and its stability in terms of dimensions have made it possible to use it in different parts of the building. In addition, this wood is one of the types of wood that does not warp and is considered a good element for use in roofing and fencing.

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The Use of Poplar Wood in Construction

Spruce wood or poplar wood is also one of the types of wood that is known for having a uniform texture and is known as a non-resin type of wood. This wood cannot be easily painted and its use in construction is mostly for making doors and windows. Among other cases, poplar wood is used in making interior decorations. The light weight of this type of wood is considered more than its other prominent features, and it is also used in making ladders. One of the disadvantages of this wood that should be considered is that it will not show much resistance against the factors that cause decay.


Application of Hemlock Wood in Construction

Hemlock wood is one of the types of wood that is considered in the construction industry for the construction of floors, frames and sheaths. This wood can have good strength against abrasion and its resistance to this factor is high. At the same time, due to its low price and availability, it is considered a suitable alternative for hardwoods. This wood has a beautiful appearance and can be dyed and will show a good polish in the end. It is possible to work with strong tools on this wood and you can also work on it by hand. There are different types of hemlock wood, each of which has its own use in different industries.

One of the most important disadvantages of hemlock wood is that it cannot resist decay, and it will also be damaged by factors such as insects and their attacks.

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The Use of Teak Wood in Construction

Since teak wood is a kind of oily wood, it shows high resistance against factors such as decay. In addition, if it is attacked by insects, it will not be damaged.

The appearance of teak wood is beautiful and it is known as one of the heavy and durable types of wood. This wood is considered for use in the interior and exterior parts of the building because it is not impervious to water and moisture and can have good strength. The oily substances in teak wood make this type of wood resistant to other factors such as acid and abrasion. Among other important compounds in teak wood, we can mention the high amount of silicon in it, which makes it resistant to termites.

Teak wood does not crack when in contact with metals and is one of the types of wood without knots.

It can be taken into consideration in building construction for exterior use, in wooden structures, for outdoor flooring, as well as in the construction of swimming pools and saunas.

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Application of Oak Wood in Construction

Oak wood is one of the types of wood that is known for its high resistance and good strength. This wood has a high diversity in appearance and exists in different color ranges in nature. One of the features of this wood is its compact texture, which is easy to polish. Oak wood is one of the ideal choices where long-term use is considered.

Oak wood has good resistance to absorbing moisture and that’s why there is no possibility of insects growing in it. Oakwood and its special features can be used in construction to make cabinets and shelves, as well as to produce all kinds of furniture.

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Application of Maple Wood in Construction

Maple wood can be mentioned among the types of wood that have various species. One of the special and prominent features observed in this wood is its high hardness, which makes this element widely used for making flooring and wall coverings. The special and impressive beauty of this wood is one of the reasons why it is widely used. The texture of maple wood is dense and its surface is hard. One of the important features of maple wood and the reason for its widespread use is its lightness.

The elastic ability as well as the good flexibility of maple wood makes it easy to work with. After finishing, this wood will have a very beautiful and attractive appearance and will bring unique beauty to different parts of the building.

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