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Mesquite Wood

Among the types of trees that are widely used in the wood industry, it is not bad to have a look at desert trees. Mesquite wood is one of the trees that grows mainly in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and has great tolerance to such weather conditions. That is why it is called a desert tree and it grows mainly in plains, streams and even slopes of dry areas. In this article, we are going to talk about the characteristics of mesquite wood and its uses in the wood industry.

The Habitat of the Mesquite Tree

Let us talk about the habitat of mesquite wood at the beginning of the article. As mentioned, this tree has great resistance to dry, tropical and subtropical climates and can even tolerate soil salinity. Therefore, it is the best plant for desert areas, plains and areas with hot, dry and low water climates. The mesquite tree grows naturally in Iran, South Africa, the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, Latin America and Australia. The high resistance of this tree to weather conditions has made it known as a long-lived tree, so experts are committed that the mesquite tree will have a useful life of more than a thousand years. Its height varies from 10 meters to 20 meters and its branches are grayish-white in color.

Examining the Characteristics of Mesquite Wood

Mesquite wood is known as one of the most widely used woods in the wood industry for making tools and designing decorations. The characteristics of this wood determine the scope of its efficiency, which we will discuss further.

 Durability and life shell of mesquite wood are very high and it is in the group of heavy wood.

  • The resistance of this wood against the attack of insects and diseases is very good, and for this reason, the range of its efficiency has increased for making all kinds of wooden items, and they even go for mesquite wood in boat making industry.
  • If you see a cross-section of a mesquite tree, its color will definitely be very attractive to you. The outer part of the mesquite wood is lemon and honey-colored, but as we get closer to the inner part, its color ends up being brick red and caramel. The stark difference between the color of the outer and inner wood has doubled its appeal.
  • The resistance of mesquite wood to temperature changes is very high and it will tolerate well from minus six degrees Celsius to plus 50 degrees Celsius. For this reason, it is known as a resistant plant for desert areas, because in these areas, the weather is extremely hot during the days and extremely cold at night, and for this reason, the wood is also resistant to temperature changes and does not crack or break. As a result, the application of mesquite wood in construction will also be a very suitable choice.
  • Mesquite wood gluing capability is excellent. If it is necessary to connect the wooden parts through glue, there is no limit in this field, but during the execution of the work, we must make sure that the entire surface of the mesquite wood is completely smooth so that the adhesion can be done well.
  •  As mentioned, mesquite wood is in the group of hard and heavy wood, so it will be a little difficult to work with it. Very strong tools should be used to cut it. Of course, when you divide the wood into small pieces, you can work with this wood with simpler tools and it is even possible to easily sand and polish the wood.
  • It is interesting to know that when the mesquite wood dries, it reaches a degree of stability and strength that is not comparable to other woods and it becomes very strong in a way that it can withstand the greatest pressures well.
  • Be sure to see pictures of mesquite wood up close or on the Internet. In this case, you will see fine, wavy and intertwined large spots, which makes the mesquite wood more beautiful.
  •  It should be noted that if you expose the mesquite wood to sunlight, its color will change and darken due to ultraviolet rays. That is why it is said that if you don’t want any change in the color of mesquite wood, you should not put the wood in an open environment to dry it.

Examining the Characteristics of Mesquite Wood

Examining Mesquite Wood Function

Due to its very special characteristics, mesquite wood has a wide scope of use and this tree can be used for various tasks in the wood industry:

  • One of the most important uses of mesquite wood is in the boat-making industry because it has very high resistance and durability. Therefore, especially in fisheries, mesquite wood is used for making launches. Of course, not all parts of the launch are made of the same type of wood. Based on the degree of importance and efficiency of the launch, they should go for the right wood. For example, mesquite wood will be used in very important parts where a lot of pressure will be applied.
  • Also, this wood is used for making boxes and cigarette sticks, agricultural tools, making building beams, designing decorations including doors and windows, making vertical beams, gutters, and also for making handicrafts.
  •  It is interesting to know that you can also go for mesquite wood for small turning works.
  • Another use of mesquite wood is for paper production. Of course, because mesquite wood has a high degree of strength and resistance and is very suitable for making tools and even for building, as far as possible, such high-quality trees are not used in the paper industry.

Examining the Characteristics of Mesquite Wood

Is Mesquite Wood Suitable for Making Furniture?

In choosing wood for making furniture, we must pay attention to the strength of the wood. Since mesquite wood has very high resistance and strength, it will be a good option for making furniture, especially because the design and colors in it multiply the attractiveness of the wood and make it a very valuable wood for making decorative and home interior items such as furniture.

Is It Possible to Make Mesquite Firewood?

It is interesting to know that mesquite wood is also used for the production of charcoal, in addition to its many uses in the wood industry. When exposed to fire, this wood burns evenly and does not create any sparks. Therefore, you can use this wood for heating the house and for cooking without any problems. The interesting thing is that if you prepare your food on mesquite wood, it will have a sweet smoky and very delicious taste.

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