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Ipe Wood
The Ipe tree with the scientific name Tabebuia Ipe, including about 100 different plant species, grows in the rainforests of Brazil and Bolivia.
With a height of about 30 meters and a diameter of 140 cm, this tree is considered one of the stout trees, and its wood is classified as hardwood.
Fragrance: Ipe gives off a pleasant fragrance. Its fragrance will be pervasive after working in an environment.
The hardness and strength of this wood is so much that it is called iron wood and it is compared with steel and concrete.
It is one of the hardest woods in the world. The high hardness of this wood has caused it to damage cutting machines. For this reason, high quality tools should be used.
Ipe Lumber Supplier

The most important uses of Ipe wood

Due to the high hardness of this type of wood, it is used for making outdoor furniture, (urban furniture) flooring for the interior and exterior of the building, flooring materials, ship decks, exterior views, covers, tools, and other items.

Thermo Ipe wood

A type of hardwood produced in South America is the Brazilian Thermo Ipe. Thermo Ipe wood is highly resistant to decay and insect corrosion, and in this point, it has received the highest rank from the Forest Service Products Laboratory. The strength of this wood is so high that it is very difficult to burn it.
Thermo Ipe wood is a forest species that is also known as iron wood or Brazilian walnut wood. This wood is resistant to all kinds of destructive factors. In fact, the top rank of resistance against decay and various insects is assigned to this wood.
The resistance of this wood is completely natural and it is known as one of the most durable woods against chemicals and any threats.
Ipe is one of the hardest and heaviest woods in the world. The density level of Thermo Ipe wood is very high and due to its high resistance, it does not catch fire quickly in case of home fires.
If this wood is exposed to ultraviolet rays, it will be silver over time.
Its color is medium to darker brown. This wood is a good substitute for teak wood.
Thermo Ipe wood

Application of Ipe wood

For ship deck construction, siding is very practical; Because it has a smooth and no slipping surface and it is very comfortable to walk and stand on it.
Ipe can be used as a wooden floor and due to its features such as high hardness and dark color, it is an ideal option for outdoor flooring. It has a long life outdoors.
It is resistant to abrasion and long-term use.
This wood is naturally resistant to fire as well as to factors such as rotting, termites, natural and unnatural materials.
Its durability is much higher than composite materials and it protects itself against factors such as scratches and slips.
The storage location of Ipe wood is very important and must be under control. Of course, when the wood is completely dry, it will not rot in any way, but if there is moisture, care must be taken in its storage conditions.
Thermo Ipe wood is one of the best woods for use in harsh conditions.
Application of Ipe wood

Advantages of Brazilian IPE Thermo wood

  • Resistant to termite, rot, and fungus.
  • no knots.
  • High resistance to scratches and slips.
  • More durable than composite materials.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Maintenance without a problem.
  • The degree of fire resistance is A.
  • Great for wooden decking, benches, and tables.
  • From an economic point of view, it is competitive with composite decking options.
What is the price of Ipe wood?
The price of this type of wood varies based on market demand and inventory, but we assure that the price is competitive with other companies. You can buy this wood at a reasonable price from Finland Wood Company.

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