How To Make A Wooden Arbor Plans? Update 2023

The Best Wood for Making Wooden Arbors

You may have seen villas or houses with courtyards that have wooden arches designed for a part of their green space, and this arbor has a canopy on the one hand and lets people gather together, spend hours and socialize. On the other hand, it is a place for plants to grow. Creeping plants can easily grow on these wooden poles and create a very beautiful atmosphere. These wooden arches are called arbors.

If you are thinking of a very beautiful and impressive design for your building or yard, we suggest you read this article, because it may be possible for you to make a wooden arbor, and in this case, you can create a very beautiful view for your own house and even design your villa.

What is a Wooden Arbor?

In general, the word arbor has French roots and means grass or plant. In fact, after the installation of the arbor, the creeping plants grow on it and create a green roof for your outdoor space, this type of roof is known as the arbor. So as you can see, instead of building a gazebo in the corner of your yard, garden and villa, or even roof garden, you can use an arbor. Arbor is usually designed in yards that have a specific entrance because in this case, this entrance will look like a green tunnel and will multiply the beauty of the space.

If you have large gardens in your yard and patio, where plants grow, especially vines plants, you can install wooden arbors in parts of the yard and let the plants grow on them. In such cases, you will have privacy or a canopy in the corners of the yard, and due to the growth of plants on the arbor, your green space will expand further inside the yard.

Wood arbor designs

The Best Wood for Making Wooden Arbors

Various materials such as wood or metals can be used to make arbors. But green space designers believe that wooden arbor is superior to the metal arbor, and the reason for this superiority can be summarized in several cases:

  • Metals heat up during the day and cool down at night due to temperature drops. This is especially true in summer and winter. Therefore, it will cause serious damage to the creeping plants that grow on the arbor. But wood is very resistant to temperature changes and does not pass heat. Therefore, plants that grow on wooden arbors will not suffer from burns or frost due to the cold arbor.
  • Certainly, installing wooden arbors will be easier than metal arbors, because to make metal arbors, metals and welding equipment will be required, and this will definitely be more expensive, but in the case of wooden arbors, not only is the labor cost affordable, but also installation is easier.

Also, since wood is a natural substance and plants grow on it, if you use a wooden arbor, your green space will be more spectacular and will look like a forest tunnel.

If you have also decided to use a wooden arbor for the yard of the building, the patio or the roof garden, we suggest that you go for Plast wood. There are several reasons why Plast wood is known as one of the best web types for wood arbor:

  • Plast wood, due to the combination of wood and plastic, has a high resistance to temperature changes and you will be sure that it will not crack and break.
  •  Plast wood also has a higher degree of strength and durability than other types of wood. Therefore, the weight of the plants on it will not break the plast wood.
  • Certainly, the growth of plants on a wood arbor provides the conditions for the growth of fungi and insects. On the other hand, when we water the plants, spraying water on the wooden arbor will cause it to rot. But such problems will not occur in Plast wood. In fact, it is safe to say that Plast wood will not be damaged by moisture as well as pests.
  • One of the woods used in the construction of the arbor is cedar wood. In addition to being widely used in perfumery, cedar wood is used as a popular material for making wooden arbors. You can see cedar arbor plans in the photo below.

To install a wooden arbor, follow a few tips

Definitely, in order to design a wooden arbor for outdoor and roof garden, we must consider the necessary standards so that in addition to beauty, the presence of a wooden arbor does not pose a problem for people:

  • In the first step, you must consider the height of the arbor. The most suitable height is between 8 and 10 feet. In this case, you can easily walk under the wooden arbor and it will be possible to keep the creeping plants on the wooden arbor.
  • Pay attention to the connections of wooden columns and horizontal beams that are intended for wooden arbors. These columns and beams must be firmly connected to each other. Especially if you are going to sit under a wooden arbor or park your vehicle under it. Because strong winds cause the wood to shake and there is a possibility of falling. But if the installation is done correctly, there will be no problem.
  • Pay more attention to the location of the wooden arbor. If you know your outdoor plants need more moisture and shade, the wooden arbor should also be placed exactly where the sun does not shine directly on the plants. Otherwise, in the short term, you will see the leaves burn and the plants die

What is the difference between an arbor and pergola?

Pergola is another type of landscaping wooden structure that can be used both as an independent element and attached to the walls of the house. Structurally, the pergola is made of 4 or 6 or more columns with a mesh roof.

Arbor and pergola have many similarities, the most important of which is that the structure is shaded.

Structurally, the pergola often has more columns than the arbor. The pergola roof structure is more complicated, stronger and heavier than the arbor.

The pergola can be used as an alternative to the gazebo, as a structure for longer rest of the users. Arbor is used for gardens and parks.

Pergola is derived from an Italian word meaning wooden canopy.


The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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