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The color of the wood is very diverse and this variety makes wooden items attractive. Maybe when you go to wooden furniture stores, the variety of colors you see among them will be very beautiful and you will decide to have this wooden furniture in your interior decoration environment. Some people are very fond of redwood to the extent that they even decide to design all the wooden furniture in their homes with redwood. In this article, we talk about the types of trees with redwood color and also their effect on the beauty of the house.

Introduction of Redwood

As it is clear from the name of this wood, the interior color and textures of redwood are red. If you look at the trees that have redwood, you will see layers of different red colors with light to dark tones inside the wood, and this is what makes them beautiful. It is interesting to know that redwoods are not uniform. Rather, some of them have very beautiful designs and colors, which makes these woods more beautiful and special.

Introduction of Redwood

The color of redwood is completely natural, and as a result, there will be no need to paint it. But unfortunately, some activists in the wood industry paint ordinary wood in a completely natural red color in such a way that people cannot notice that it is artificial. That’s why we recommend going to reputable stores to buy redwood or get help from experts who specialize in this field so that you can choose the best redwood color items.

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Types of Redwood

As explained in the previous section, the red color in the wood of trees has a lot of variety, and based on this variety, redwood is divided into different categories:

Types of Redwood

  • Light red wood

Trees such as cherry trees, jujube, and yew tree are among such trees whose wood color is light and you do not see dark tonality in it.

  • Red-brown wood

If you want items such as tables, chairs, and furniture to be reddish-brown, you should go for trees such as maple, pistachio, Judas tree, walnut, and pear.

  • Golden-red wood

The third category of redwood is the wood that is seen in red-golden color. The attractiveness and beauty of these woods are very high and that is why their price is higher. Trees such as acacia and some species of the yew tree are seen in golden-red color.

Introducing Some Trees with Redwood

Introducing Some Trees with Redwood

Introduction of walnut wood

One of the most expensive redwoods is walnut wood because it has a fine texture and beautiful patterns can be seen in it. This wood is in the relatively durable wood group and its color is reddish brown. In terms of structural features, we must say that walnut wood is semi-heavy and semi-hardwood and has a very high resistance to pressure, bending, and stretching. For this reason, this wood is used to make furniture, musical instruments, sculptures, mosaics, and inlays.

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Jujube wood

The jujube tree grows in valley environments. This article will surely be interesting to you that when trees grow in high altitudes because the ultraviolet rays of the sun are more, the color of the wood and the color of their leaves change to purple. This is why jujube wood will vary in color from bright red to reddish brown. Based on the height at which this tree grows, the tonality of the red color varies in them.

In terms of structure, jujube wood is completely smooth, straight, and without knots, and it is known as a very high-quality wood for making decorative wooden items such as sculptures. The strength of the jujube tree is higher than that of the walnut tree because its wood is completely hollow and it cannot be easily hollowed out.

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Judas tree wood

One of the most beautiful woods that can be used for industrial wood veneers is Judas tree wood, whose color is reddish-brown.

Yew wood

This tree has a very special wood. The color tone of the wood of this tree varies from light red to dark red. Very beautiful and interesting textures can be seen inside the wood of the yew tree and this issue makes it more beautiful. In addition to its beauty, yew wood has very good resistance to weather changes. For this reason, it is used in the construction of railway structures, flooring, and even garden fences. This wood can also be used in the design of the covers for other wooden items.

Final Word

Undoubtedly, wood that has a red color is more attractive to all people, and that’s why they like to design the interior of their home from this wood. If you like to have furniture with redwood in your home, we suggest you visit reputable stores to buy furniture with redwood as well as wall designs to make sure of the originality and quality of redwood. Also, the structural features and resistance of redwoods to humidity and air temperature are different, and you should consider your climate when choosing wood for interior design.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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