Russia’s Most Valuable Timber – Complete List Of Russian Timber 2022

wood produced in Russia

The Russian wood industry is a collection of industries related to wood harvesting and processing, which is one of the oldest parts of the economy.

Russia remains as one of the largest softwood exporters in the world.

If you think carefully about the physical map of Russia, it is clear that most of it is occupied by forests. Forest areas are dominated by coniferous trees. The most common of them is the numerous types of pine.

These trees grow in sandy soils, rocky lands, in cold and hot climates.

Due to the extent of these areas, many coniferous plants and pine species have been formed.

The most common tree in Russia among the pine family is larch. This is no ordinary tree. Although it has rose-like needles and cones, it is not representative of evergreen trees. The larch pours its needles in all season long. This happens like all deciduous trees. In fall, needle-like leaves become yellow and fall. In spring the tree is covered with young pale green needle leaves.

Russian imported wood has different types such as fir, beech, pine, oak, etc., and they are often white, cream brownish, or red. These woods, which are taken from different types of soft or hard trees, are cut at seasons of the year when the weather is suitable in Russia and exported to other countries in specific pieces in the form of timber, dry or non-dried and pollen.

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It is one of the most widely used wood in carpentry, with mechanical properties, hardness, density and strength.

The wood is fully painted and looks like redwood, lacquer almost never changes color.

Beechwood has the same characteristics as oak and is more “friendly” due to its natural pink shade.

Beech Russia

Fir wood:

Fir wood is considered as one of the examples of pine tree and it is considered as a soft wood with needle-shaped and evergreen leaves. This wood is very light and is used in various uses such as flooring, wall cover, furniture making, paper making, etc. The scientific name of fir wood is Abies alba, which is also known as Pine in English.

One of the prominent features of these trees, which is the main reason for the attention of professors and artisans, is its cheap price and its softness, which makes it easy to work with it.

What do you know about Douglas Fir Timber? Read this article for more information.

Fir wood Russia

Siberian pine:

Pine trees, known for their unique fragrance and magnificent beauty, are one of the most grown tree species in Russia.

What is Siberian pine and what are its characteristics?

Siberian pine is also known as golden pine. The region where it grows is the Siberia region of Russia. The structure of Siberian pine wood and its difference from other species is that it has a soft structure. Cases in which Siberian pine wood is used:

It is used in the production of stairs, exterior joinery, paneling, interior construction and in more than one building section.

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Poplar wood:

The Poplar tree is from the conifers family. A tree that grows in cold and temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, such as Russia, and is evergreen. There is a dark gray bark on the trunk of the tree, the branches are arranged around it, cracked and fall on the trunk.

The needle leaves of the tree, which are pyramidal in shape, are lined up on long branches and survive for years.

The most important feature of these durable leaves is that they are thinner and sharper than pine leaves.

The male flowers of the tree, which are yellow or red, are found in cones under the needle leaves on the previous year’s branches. Click to know the features, use of Poplar wood.


If you are looking for a very soft wood that has high flexibility during work, pine wood can be a good choice. Black pine is a type of pine from the pine tree family.

Larch trees has a length of 35-40 meters. In old trees, the body has deep cracks, and thick and brown bark. The needle leaves are 4-8 cm, dark green and hard.

larch Russia

Russian birch wood:

Birch is a plant that likes cold weather. For this reason, it can be cultivated mostly in the northern hemisphere.

The birch tree with its thin branches and white bark seems very beautiful in winter. The Russian birch tree is one of the deciduous trees. Today it is used in many regions of Russia where the birch tree grows naturally. This species is known for its very fast growth and because of this feature, it is used in areas such as parks and gardens and can grow up to 25 meters.

Although birch wood is used in cases such as furniture, carving, turning, and cover, its wood is used because of its strong structure.

Elaeagnus tree wood:

There are many species of Elaeagnus tree. Some species are seen as trees and some as grass. The flowers that sprout at the ends of the branches look like white patterns. It has a delicate structure. The Elaeagnus tree pours its leaves in winter and recovers in spring.

Therefore, this tree is included in the category of deciduous trees.

Elaeagnus wood has beautiful knots, which is loved by many fans in the wood industry.

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Application of Russian wood:

Russian wood, in different types, is easily portable and has the ability to be assembled from one place to another easily.

Considering the vastness and variety of Russian wood, each of them has unique advantages. In addition to the beauty of this type of wood, its durability has made it one of the most widely used products.

  • Pallet construction.
  • Flooring and wall cover.
  • Paper making and fiber making.
  • Types of cornices.
  • Construction and fencing.
  • False walls and molding.
  • Closet and cabinet making.
  • boat building.
  • Wooden view.

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Construction of doors, windows and wooden gazebos.


One of the most used and oldest woods used in the wood industry are wood exported from Russia.

These woods are often made from oak, beech, pine, and various species of trees native to this region. These woods are exported to other countries by cutting trees into portable timber.

The price of Russian wood depends on the type of wood, the thickness of the wood, and whether it is dry or wet. Russia is one of the influential countries in the wood industry that supplies high-quality wood from different trees to the market.

Russian wood, with its special characteristics compared to other types of wood, has been able to have many fans in the wood industry. Carpenters are always looking for the best and highest quality wood to make a variety of wooden products so that they can supply a high-quality structure to the market.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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